The Shaddow

June 5, 2012
By Anonymous

It all happened last week at the movies when they came alive! I had seen that movie a million times. However, this time it was different. I felt some one breathing down my neck. I thought it was the sweaty oaf sitting behind me that kept spilling his Mtn Dew all over me whenever some thing that was supposedly scary happened. However, when I turned around there was a dark eerie shadow, crouched down and out of breath. He just simply looked up and said, “Run you don’t have much time, I’m not the one you should be worried about. For you see I am just another victim.” I asked who was after him and he shook his head and waked away, but he looked like he was jumping though.

When I looked down, I saw that I was sitting atop the Washington monument. That’s when I remembered how the shadow was jumping; it must have been jumping along the clouds. With no idea how to get down I decided to jump onto another cloud. If everything that the mystery phantom (which I am now calling it) was true then I am in a whole lot of trouble. I was sort of tired when I got on that cloud, its was weird because I was fully awake when I was jumping. I knew I should have been running- er- jumping. It was so peaceful that I just stayed there. I had forgotten everything that the mystery phantom ha told me, until a rolled over and there was a skeleton in my face. I woke up in a way and saw all the victims first taken by this cloud then departured by who ever I am running from.

I took a very risky move, I jumped off the clouds entirely plummeting to the ground. For a minute i felt like a bird soaring through the air, for a moment I felt free. When I turned around I saw another version of myself. It was completely opposite and a pessimistic, maybe it was a negative version of myself was the movie developed like an old picture would have been. When I landed I was on a pile of cotton candy and J-ello. My negative version was saying how it sucks landing on airy sugar and dead animal. The negative version of me is so annoying and I just want to push her off a cliff. but I was scared that if she died so did I.

I was wondering why everything was all of a sudden so happy then I realized I was in the child s movie that was playing down stairs. When I looked down I realized that I was a teddy bear. I ditched my negative version and jumped out of the little hole in the screen. When I did I turned back into a human and saw the mystery phantom and he told me that the one who was after me was my negative version and that they would corrupt me and he started turning back into a person and it was my math teacher. Talk about a weird day. Now im afraid to go to the movies though, I’m good with books for now on.

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