Unknown World

June 4, 2012
By Michellecioci BRONZE, Newmarket, Other
Michellecioci BRONZE, Newmarket, Other
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Once young and vibrant, flexible, resilient, sun kissed and free, now old and brittle, faded, weak, famine ridden by fatal disease. She lay motionless and still as colours and sounds, not of nature but of technology. paralyzed her body. People all seemed to wear the same things and interact in foreign ways in this strange new place. Their mouths moved and opened in different ways allowing sounds to be emitted as gestures were communicated by others signaling messages were received.








She retreated to the shelter of a surface with four wooden legs; curled up and protected from their alien ways. Disoriented she attempted to play back the movie of actions which had brought her to this strange place. She remembered they managed to take her from her home. At that she was lost in the idea of the warmth of her mother. Warm fur, thick like wool, protecting her from the elements. The thought coaxed her to sleep, relaxing her from her adrenaline ridden state.

Two doctors spoke protected by the glass. “I’ve never seen anything like this before…” One said.

“We can confirm she was taken at the age of 2. Despite stunted development, we can predict she is 12 years old” The other doctor responded in a text-book manner. Both stood speechless at the surreal image that was displayed in front of them.

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