Just Another Day in the Office

May 24, 2012
By BruiserMac BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
BruiserMac BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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Walking into the store going to get some milk, Agent X was off after his last assignment. He was just going to the store to get his milk and bread. His last mission was not a total success but yielded good results. “Get over here X our cover has been blown,” said Agent Z. X was running over to where Z was they were heading to the extraction point. “X, I though you were going to get those files from the drug cartel,” said Z. “I did,” replied agent X. “What did the files contain,” asked Z. “They contain the names and locations of their next big drug transaction,” said X. “Well you sure did make a lot of noise for a stealth mission,” said Z. “Agent M has double crossed us! He was there with Gonzales planning their next move,” stated Agent X. “Looks like we are going to be in China next month,” said Z. Then he was headed home and thought about how Agent M had spotted him on that mission and told the compound they were there gathering information. When he came back to reality X had noticed something strange his house was surrounded by men in masks and there was Jerry just standing there in the bushes waiting for me to come out of the house unrenowned to them I was at the store so I did what all agents did when their house was surrounded by agents and a trigger happy drug king pin outside waiting to kill. I blew up my house and just drove back to the office where I awaited for my partner to arrive. Then we can plan our attack on the cartels next move in China. “What happened?” asked Z. “I was at the store and I came home to a bunch of hit men outside of my house waiting to kill me,” said X. “It was Jerry wasn’t it?” asked Z. “Yes,” replied X. The two agents arrived at the airport and prepared to board the plane when X got a call. It was Agent M he was calling Agent X. “What do you want trader?” questioned X. “I want you to know that those documents were used to throw you off the trail and send you to a location where no is going to be,” said M. “Why should we trust you?” asked X. “You should trust me because I have direct orders from the director of the CIA to correct your path. I was not working for the cartels when I was there I was undercover and needed a way to gain their trust so I pointed you out,” said M. “Where should we go then?” asked Z now listening on speakerphone. “You should go set up a pocket of vessels in the Gulf of Mexico that’s where the Columbians are sending their new submarines they stole from the Mexican government,” said M. O.K. we will be there, this better not be a set up,” said X. It isn’t. You will all understand why when it is over,” stated M. Agent X hung up the phone and proceeded to call the director of the CIA to confirm what M had said. Then with his confirmation X and Z told their pilot to fly them to the Texas air base so that they could set up their trap to catch these tricky drug smugglers. When X and Z arrived at the air base they called in the seal team to head the mission from the sea and try to scout ahead to find when they were coming because they were blind with only their information from M. “It is getting late Z told X we should probably cease operations in the gulf for the night,” said Z. “I have a feeling that they are going to make their move in the dead of night to avoid the border patrols main force. Tell the seal team to switch to night vision and go on high alert. I will meet them at the rally point. Keep operations running smoothly until you get wind of the smugglers crossing then take the helicopters to where we tell you they are and we will surround them from all sides,” said X. “I will,” said Z. If any of the sensors go off I will point you in the right direction for confirmation,” said Z. Both agents almost didn’t need to say anything when they leave each other but both agents heard in each other’s mind “Good Luck.” Agent X had arrived at the rally point and was patrolling the perimeter when he got a call from Z. “They are coming with full force I have detected 3 subs and 5 escorting ships. I am on my way,” said Z. Agent X was not far from the smugglers and raced to intercept them. When they got there the smugglers were heading full speed toward them then shots were fired. The skirmish had begun and agent X was on his underwater self-propelled submarine and he dove to the smugglers submarines to confront them. X swooped down and another seal and himself split the rope and caught the submarine’s propeller and another duo put the net underneath the sub to bring it to the surface. At this time the helicopters were there and raining good cover fire while the seal team and X wrapped up the rest of the submarines. X converted his underwater self-propelled submarine into a wave-runner and zoomed toward the lead boat and boarded it. When he got to controls he noticed no one was steering it and the only person on the boat was a U.S. citizen and right then X sprang into action and when to the bottom of the boat and saw Agent M, Gonzales and Jerry all trying to reach for help. “Going somewhere,” said X. All of them turned around and started to shoot at X until Jerry made his move and went for X. X turned around his cover and shot him in the chest and jumped for cover behind another box and then Gonzales threw a flash bang at X and disoriented him for a few moments until X saw them both running for the door to escape. X jumped up and continued to pursue them when X got up onto the deck and he was instantly hit in the head and knocked out of conscience. X was fading in and out until he was upright and being cared for by the doctor. “What happened,” asked X. Z replied, “ Agent M saved your life. He shot Gonzales before he could shoot you. Although I think that Agent M will not be joining us on the way back home,” said Z. “Why,” asked X. “He technically escaped us and is now heading back to take the place of Gonzales. We can now permanently keep tabs on the cartels form now on,” said Z. On their flight back home it was silent and not the quietest for X’s ringing in his ear. Agent X was home now and going into the store to get his bread and milk again. When he got a call, it was Z. “We need you in Virginia. Intelligence has provided us with some pretty big bomb threats and we need you to get on a flight to come here as soon as possible,” said Z. “I’m on my way,” said X. X walked out of the store for the second time and without his bread and milk and was on his way to another mission. Just another day in the office.

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