Life in the Unexpected

May 24, 2012
By CarrieDavis BRONZE, Fairhope, Alabama
CarrieDavis BRONZE, Fairhope, Alabama
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My name is Regina Williams, and this is my story on how I became an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I'm just an average 15 year old (what society would call) nerd, dork if you will. Now, I'm not ugly like all the cliché nerds and dorks in the movies in fact in quite attractive. Nerds are just nicer. All of the popular people at Browne High School play sports, like basketball and football, my friends build robots. I, however, am a band geek.

My family, well let’s just summarize. I have no idea who my dad is he died when I was little. I have two sisters, Eliza and Lindy. Lindy is 20, junior in college. Eliza a senior in high school. And me just fresh meat.

Well, that's enough about me. Time to get to the real story.

Just when I thought my life was the perfect definition of average something happened.

It was a normal day in THE smallest city in the United States, good ole North Union, Massachusetts. Though I looked strangely better than I usually do. My hair was perfectly straightened and my eyes were getting bluer and bluer each day. My sister, Eliza, took me to school that morning. Nothing unusual, my mom had to leave early.

I did just what I do every day. But in third block that's when it all started.

I got called out of third block. I thought it was just some medical thing (asthma), but no. When I got to the front office there were two men in the snazziest looking suites I have ever seen. They asked me if I was Regina Jane Williams, and at that point I was thinking "you've got to be joking", questionably I answered "yes?" I had no idea who they were and why they wanted me, but mostly why me.

They said they were checking me out of school, and that I shouldn't ask any questions. I wasn't sure how the office ladies let them check me out. I didn't think we were related in anyway. When they escorted me out of the ancient building I saw the kind of car that when you see going down the road you think "that's the car I'm going to get kidnapped in one day" and at that moment I had that exact thought, but I thought that day was today...

The car had windows so tinted both ways that I could hardly see out of them. And in the car were two scary looking men with guns. I had no idea where we were going, and I wasn't allowed to ask questions, so I just closed my eyes and prayed; hoping that I might live. After almost three hours of driving we arrived at our destination. It seemed to be about as barren as Mars with wires that had so many watts in them every once and a while you would see electricity coming out of the rubber container that you see on telephone poles.

Once I stepped out of that car I knew my life would never be the same. The scary looking men with guns lead me into this empty, dim lit room. That's when I first met Mr. Daniels; you might want to remember him. Mr. Daniels came out of nowhere. He's the kind of man that looks like he means business.

He told me that the government had been observing me from afar. My first thought was "yeah right", but then he explained to me who my father was. I had been told that my father died in a school shooting, he was a professor at Clinton University. He was the best physics teacher on the east coast. But I guess I was lied to. My mother never talked about him; I assumed his death was just so dreadful she couldn't stand it. Apparently my dad was some special agent for the FBI. So much for being a professor.

Once, Mr. Daniels explained that my dad had some enemies I got the hint that I was in danger. Supposedly this dude Dr. Van der Woodsen has been after my dad ever since he killed Van der Woodsen's son for trying to assassinate the president. I don't know if I would consider him a terrorist just psychotic.

Mr. Daniels said that I should start training in case I happen to encounter Van der Woodsen. This is going to require more effort than marching band.

After my first week of training I was ready to face Van der Woodsen so he could kill me and put me out of my misery. Oh yeah and I was taken out of school and the people at the agency home schooled me. They are keeping me out of the field until I'm ready, but at this pace I don't think it's ever going to happen.

~6 months later~

Finally, I am able to assist the people who need it. It basically means I'm stapling papers and getting people coffee. Eventually, Mr. Daniels realized I was ready. All of my work paid off when I help bust a mobile meth lab. It was awesome I had my own gun and everything. I was assigned to be the body guard of Paul McCartney. There are a lot of crazy people out there. Once I even tazed this guy that plowed through the crowd and the police line. However my job became more surreal when I killed a person.
I was doing another drug bust with my partner at the time, Matt, and this guy was so high he had no idea what he was doing. He was chasing down Matt and tackled him. He started to beat Matt and he couldn't get to his gun so I had to step in. When I tried to pry this guy off of Matt he just threw me off. I tried tazing him, but it wasn't working. My last resort…was shooting him. I tried to shoot him in a spot that wouldn't kill him, but he ended up bleeding to death and Matt had to go to the hospital with a broken collar bone. From that moment I have never been the same. I don't regret it, but I do feel guilty.

It had been over a year and I was doing well, in my home schooling and work, but I missed having a regular life and friends. I asked Mr. Daniels if I could go back to school; he agreed, but I had one more assignment… to kill the man that killed my father. At first I was terrified about confronting Van der Woodsen, but after more evaluation and training I was ready. I took Matt and a squad that I personally picked. Madison because she was sly and stealthy. Patrick because he had muscle and no one could touch him. My last person was my secret weapon her name was Shelby. She was fierce with the kill of a fully grow lion on steroids.

We were on a plane a few minutes from Dr. Van der Woodsen’s mansion. I was on top of my game and ready to do this. When the door of the plane opened for us to drop I ran out with adrenaline pumping through my veins. Once we touched down we were ready. And so were they. Van der Woodsen’s men saw us coming the whole time. Luckily, I did a good job in picking out my team; we were able to make it in side without a problem, but we left a trail of blood trying to make it in. Supposedly, Van der Woodsen was at the penthouse playing poker with his ‘acquaintances’. At the door there were more guards. Easy. Once inside it was all downhill; I didn’t dare hesitate and miss my chance. I simply said, “My name is Regina Williams, you killed my father, prepare to die.” I had to try to lighten the mood with a Princess Bride quote I mean I was about to kill the guy. I know it may seem astonishing how smoothly this went, but I truly believe Van der Woodsen, although he knew we were coming, was ready for me and what was going to happen.

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