The Mighty Prince of the Umbaks

May 13, 2012
By , Houston, TX
Centuries ago, an ancient underwater race called the Umbaks built a kingdom beneath the dark blue sea. The Umbaks had numerous enemies but the kingdom they built was very strong and impenetrable. Due to the high level of safety in the kingdom, the citizens did not really worry about attacks from the neighboring kingdoms. Cho’Maw, the prince of the kingdom, was not satisfied with this peaceful lifestyle. Cho’Maw was considered the strongest Umbak that ever existed. Being the strongest Umbak, Cho’Maw was responsible for the defenses of the kingdom. Unable to resist his thirst for a fight, Cho’Maw had a habit of sneaking out of the kingdom to search for trouble with other neighboring kingdoms.

One day, Cho’Maw sneaked out of the kingdom to initiate a troubling fight with the Afuyhs, a neighboring kingdom consisting of a completely different race. He roamed the darkest alleys of the enemy’s kingdom causing ruckus all over the place. Only equipped with a long wooden staff and a cloak, Cho’Maw grew to be a powerful fighter because of the numerous fights that he has been involved in. Not only did he become stronger every fight, his arrogance also grew along side with his strength. He gained fame causing everyone to have an extreme hatred towards him. The news about the destruction Cho’Maw has caused eventually reaches his kingdom. The news infuriates Cho’Maw’s father therefore his father sends a messenger to Cho’Maw. Requested to return back to the kingdom, Cho’Maw prepares to leave the kingdom of the Afuyhs. On his journey back to the kingdom, Cho’Maw realizes that the Afuyh’s kingdom was empty and silent. Grinning to himself, Cho’Maw believed that the reason the streets were empty was because of his existence. He marched arrogantly through the streets because he thought he was feared by the Afuyhs.

Cho’Maw returned to find the “impenetrable” kingdom to be completely destroyed. Finding dead bodies of his fellow Umbaks, Cho’Maw was completely devasted. He quickly rushed to the location of the Palace to see if there was anything left to find. Disappointed, all he finds his father’s golden trident. Cho’Maw’s arrogance led to the destruction of his own citizens. Regretting his actions, Cho’Maw visited the Sacred Rock located at the temple. He reflected on the actions he has taken and the consequences that resulted from his terrible decisions. Determined to start a new life over, Cho’Maw takes his father’s trident and set out alone. Cho’Maw went through a transformation. He was no longer arrogant. He requested the king of the Afuyhs to permit him to stay in their kingdom. The king allowed him to stay as long as he did not start trouble. Surprisingly, Cho’Maw was able to abide by the king’s request and live in harmony with the Afuyhs.

One quiet day, a massive water golem attacked the kingdom of the Afuyhs. Not known for their fighting skills, the kingdom was defenseless. Cho’Maw, awakened by the screaming and yelling, rose up and asked what the chaos was all about. After being informed of the trouble the kingdom was facing, Cho’Maw grabbed his golden trident and immediately rushed to the location of the golem. Arriving at the scene, he realizes that he needs to take action quickly. Dashing to the front, he initiated the first attack to the golem. The other soldiers were worried about him because he was not well equipped and he did not have any defensive equipment. Cho’Maw was able to land numerous hits on the golem due to his quickness. The fight soon ends and Cho’Maw received no damages at all. Amazed at his skills, the king arranged a feast for Cho’Maw’s victory. From that day, Cho’Maw gained many friends and was declared a hero.

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