Big Brave Sister

May 3, 2012
By Mercedes1Benzie BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Mercedes1Benzie BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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My four year old little sister Odalys peered at the never ending darkness of the hall; at least to my sister it seemed like it. She stood there staring at nothing but the darkness for a few seconds before glancing at the rest of my family in the living room. I tried my best to pretend that I did not notice her lingering at the hall entrance, waiting for someone to go with her down the hall to her room. I knew that it was mean of me to not go with her, but I was hoping that she would overcome her hear of the dark. At least that’s what I was hoping. When my sister was little she described what darkness looked like to her.

Each time that she peered into the hallway at night she saw dark looming shadows coming from the dark, and just as she was looking into the hall, she thought she saw two of the shadows waiting for her. My sister did not want to go alone in the hall, and really wished that someone would go with her. She then realized that she would have to walk by herself once she was older, so she thought why not start now. She looked into the hallway and could not believe her eyes; she saw the shadows and other figures looming at the farthest of the hallway. The figures looked like monsters that would most likely be under your bed but have come to life. At least to my sister it seemed they were alive.

My little sister took a deep breath and I could not help myself turn towards her. She was so focused that she did not see me staring. She took a step into the hallway and seemed to hesitate, but then all of a sudden she went running into the hallway, and I knew that if she did this one time then she would be going to her bedroom at night by herself. Odalys said that when she was running to her bedroom, she heard these voices coming from every side of her. She even saw the tall shadows and monsters that were hidden in the dark, waiting for her. Once she was deep into the hallway they started closing in on her, and she was so nervous and scared that she was about to scream, but she knew that if she screamed it would make one of my parents come with her and walk her all the way to her bedroom. Of course Odalys did not want that, she wanted to finish what she started. Odalys then stood her ground and tried her best to look brave and walked deeper into the hallway, the creatures following behind her. Odalys soon then started to relax while walking towards her door, and did not even notice the monsters disappearing from behind her, and as she reached her bedroom, she smiled triumphantly and knew that if she was able to do it, she would help anyone who was her age or smaller to help them overcome their fear of the dark.

The author's comments:
This story is about my sister when she was little and was over coming her fear of the dark.

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