The Heartbreakers Civil war

May 3, 2012
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“Ring Ring” Adam woke up to the sound of his emergency phone. “Hello?” He answered sleepily. “Adam, get to the base it’s done now man you gotta see what I’ve done to it!” “Brody? Ugh fine I’ll be right there.” Adam replied and then hung up. He got up and got dressed then got in his ’74 Amx and headed for the base. Adam and Darren pulled up at the same time and walked in. Luke and Walter were already there and Brockman was on his way home from Nevada getting the last bit of supplies.

“Ok, guys I’m gonna show you a quick tour of our new base. I put most of it together so of course it’s going to be awesome.” Brody gloated. He showed them the weapons chamber and they nodded with approval. Brody then showed them where they will stay at their bunks. “Go pack up your things and be prepared by noon tomorrow. We have our first mission tomorrow night.” Brody said. Adam left for home in his ’74 Amx and packed up his things. Since the night was still young, he decided to do some target shooting with his bow. Darren drove up and they talked for several hours. Darren then left and Adam went to bed.

The next morning Adam and the rest of the Heartbreakers showed up to base and unpacked their things. Adam and Darren went to take control of making the garage right, Brody and Luke went over to the weapons chamber, and Brockman and Walter tested the new recruits. Adam and Darren loaded up the garage with the best and most advanced vehicles. Many of the vehicles were junky cars that they made go really fast and be armored without drawing attention to them.

Walter and Brockman were testing elite servicemen to decide who will be stationed on the Heartbreaker base. The tested a few hundred and didn’t come up with much. Very few people caught their attention. The new recruits consisted of: Lance Brolsma, Joey Truesdell, Spencer Shade, and Cody Harder. We all trained them in to defend the base and be surveillance experts.
Brody and Adam went outside and were approached by an old man in a hood. “My name is Doug Henry, I work for area 51 as a researcher and I desperately need your help.” They brought him in the base and listened to him talk. “We were working on a top secret mission. We were observing an orb that we found in Antarctica after a meteor shower. It harnesses enough power to run the entire world for hundreds of years. The downfall is that it could be turned into a weapon. When the “New axis powers” consisting of Russia, Cuba, China, Thailand, Iraq, Iran, Brazil, Italy, France, and Japan learned about this through spies, they’ve been after it. They attacked our base and attempted to steal it. They murdered everyone. I was the only one who survived and I hold the orb.” The old man handed them the orb and asked if they could safely hide it. Brody and Adam talked for awhile and agreed they would.

The old man asked them to go and attack the “New axis powers” as collateral for attacking us. “That’s not up to us, it’s up to congress.” Brody stated. “Congress is to corrupt now. If we don’t fight back they will just walk all over us.” The old man sharply replied. “The answers no and that’s final.” Brody said with stern look. The old man walked away.

The sirens suddenly went off inside the Heartbreaker base. Small explosions were going off all around the base. The Heartbreakers sprung into action and got on their turrets. The others were getting anti aircraft missiles and launching at the attacking planes. After a few hours the fighting stopped. Brody saw that it was the “New axis’s” planes. “Now we need to go to war.” Adam softly spoke. “No, it was a small attack and no one was hurt.” Luke fought back. The two argued fiercely. “I’m breaking off who’s with me?” Adam yelled. Brody, Darren, Joey and Spencer walked up and joined him. They left and set up their new base at the spare heartbreaker’s base Adam and Brody designed without the knowledge of the others.

Adam’s team was preparing to attack the New Axis powers when Brody was suddenly attacked. Walter started attacking Brody with swords. When Adam tried to help him he was attacked by Brockman. The fighting lasted over an hour before Brockman and Walter retreated. Brody suffered a bad cut to his calf. Spencer wrapped up his wound. They pondered on how to attack the Heartbreakers and decided against an open front. They finally agreed to a stealth mission. They left for attack around one A.M and traveled quietly. When they reached the base, Adam shot an arrow at the alarm system so it couldn’t go off. Darren picked up a large boulder and threw it through the buildings wall. “Thank god for your super strength.” Adam said half laughing. The entered the base through the hole and split up.

Spencer was traveling to disarm the computers when he was confronted by Brockman. Brockman pulled out his swords and ran at him. Spencer knew he wasn’t a match for Brockman’s speed so Spencer waited for Brockman to get closer and then pulled out a taser and shot it at him. Brockman went down and Spencer tied him up to a pole. Spencer took off towards the computers again.
Darren was running towards the weapons chamber when he saw Lance waiting for him. Darren and Lance both had strength that by far exceeded any normal human. “I’ve been wondering who would win in a fight.” Lance said less than confidently. Darren made the first move at Lance and Lance blocked it and threw him. Darren managed to get up and punched Lance. Lance went right through wall landed hard against a water heater. Lance got back up and threw the heater and Darren. Darren flew backwards and Lance jumped on him and started punching him. Darren threw Lance off and then grabbed him and spun him around and threw him to the ground. It seemed like no one was going to win this fight when Brody happened to cross their path as they busted through the wall in front of Brody. Brody grabbed Lance and Darren started punching him. Lance finally fell and they threw him off the building knowing full well that he’ll be getting up again in a few minutes.
Adam was running trying to find Lucas. Cody and Walter saw Adam and stood in his way. Adam pulled out his sword and Walter did the same. Joey caught up to Adam. “I got Cody.” Joey told Adam. Adam and Walter wasted no time getting started. Both of their missions were crucial to their cause. Every move Adam made Walter countered and vice versa. They were evenly matched having trained together and been through countless missions together. Neither Adam nor Walter wanted to hurt the other but they both knew that someone had to lose. Adam threw a knife at the rope holding up a large wooden cage used to hold prisoners and it crashed down on top of Walter. Adam let Joey and Cody keep fighting as he went to get Luke.
Darren and Brody met up with Spencer after completing their missions. They went to check on Joey when the whole building started to shake. Darren went to look outside when he was violently thrown back. Lance had thrown some 120mm tank ammo that exploded after hitting the building. Darren was out cold. Spencer shot his taser at Lance but had no effect on him. Lance threw two more shells and they brought down the whole side of the building on them. Lance went and freed Brockman then continued to Luke’s aid.

Cody managed to defeat Joey and had him tied up when Lance and Brockman showed up. They started heading over to Luke when Lance suddenly fell to his knees. Adam was hiding in the shadows and shot an arrow at Lance. It punctured his right abdomen and took Lance down. Lance was not dead for his super human strength prevented something as minor as that to kill him. The blow knocked Lance out cold. Adam shot another one of his homemade arrows and it instantly froze Brockman and Cody. Adam opened up the door to Luke’s room and Luke was facing the opposite wall with his arms crossed behind him. “I advise you to leave. You should know by now I always have surprises hidden.” Luke warned. Adam cautiously walked forward. Luke spun instantly and threw a knife. It pierced Adam’s arm and he dropped his bow. Luke grabbed Adam and put him up against the wall. He then grabbed a .50 cal. And planned to weaken Adam to point he couldn’t move. As Luke was raising his gun at Adam’s chest, he was thrown back. Adam looked over and seen Darren stumbling in the door. He had thrown a chunk of ice he took off of Cody. Luke got up and they began to fight. With the weakened state Darren was in Luke managed to beat him rather easily.
Brody got up and brushed himself off. He ran to make sure we were winning. He looked towards the direction of screams he heard and seen Darren and Adam thrown from the top story window. They landed hard on the ground. Brody seen that Luke was about to use the orb as a weapon to finish them all off. Brody ran to try to stop him but it was too late. Brody seen Luke designed a gun to use the orb’s power and Luke pulled the trigger. A loud sound echoed through the entirety of the base and then a massive shockwave threw Brody back. Brody got up and saw that the entire base was destroyed. He ran to where Adam and Darren were and seen no traces of them. Joey came out of the smoke looking like he was almost dead and then he lifted up a mass of rubble. Luke, Cody, and Brockman climbed out. Brody kept searching and finally found Walter and Spencer. Several hours later they were still looking for Adam and Darren when suddenly Darren emerged from the ground carrying Adam on his shoulders.
When Adam woke up, Luke had surrendered. Brody and the President had given Adam
his medal for valor. Brody and his team decided to rebuild the base and reform the team. Everyone was given full amnesty since nobody got seriously hurt. Adam and Brody locked up the orb until they decided the best way to contain it and keep its power from getting out to the New Axis Powers. “Well, it looks like we’re going off to war now aren’t we?” Luke asked. “Sadly, yes.” Brody told him. The Heartbreakers were now ready to fully engage in World War III.

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