May 2, 2012
By meaghantt BRONZE, Raywood, Texas
meaghantt BRONZE, Raywood, Texas
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"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillippians 4:13

I woke up and didn’t remember anything that happened. Last thing I do remember was Taylor, the love of my life, beside me laughing and in my arms close to me as we fell asleep in the bed. She was Caucasian with black orbs as dark as night for eyes. I was always one for redheads so her long red hair along with here red wings made me happy. Did I mention we are demons?
I was in a bathroom stall but where, I didn’t know. I looked in the mirror into my blood red eyes and let my dark black wings uncover for a second. I let my wings fold back around me and fixed my medium length black hair with dark red streaks. Then I realized, I was in a Wal-Mart bathroom. I wasn’t very tall only about 5’ 11” and I weighed about 215, most of it muscle.
I heard a blood curdling scream come into the bathroom and I rushed out hoping it wasn’t my Taylor. To my relief, it wasn’t her but two humans being cornered by 5 undead flesh rotting zombies. I grabbed my dagger and threw it at the one closest to them and it fell. This got the other fours attention so they came sprinting at me. Right before the closest one arrived at me a dagger came cutting through the air and through his head. I realized it was my wonderful Taylor. I grabbed the dagger out of the head and threw it at the one sprinting at me. Then, I pulled out my sword and with two quick slices got the other two demolished. Taylor ran up to me and gave me a huge hug and kiss.
Turning to the humans I said “what is going on, where are we, and how did we get here?”
The two lost looking humans a 5’ 10” guy with shorter brown hair and dark brown eyes. Then, there was a girl who was athletic looking; about 5’ 10” too, had brown eyes and long brown hair.
“The only thing I know is we are in Liberty.” The guy said stuttering.
“Who are you two?” Taylor asked
“I’m Sarah.” The girl replied.
“I’m Magnus.” The guy replied
“So who and what are you two?” The human named Sarah asked.
“The people who just saved your lives, now let’s get this place locked up and cleared.” I retorted.

Coming over and sitting next to me on the bench Taylor asked “What do you think of these humans?”

“They are dumb just like the rest of them.”

“Ok, but that makes it more fun and we can keep them a little longer.”
We heard a scream so loud it was as if the walls were the ones screaming.

“I guess we might not have them much longer anyways.” Taylor said.

When we ran to the front door, Sarah was holding her arm and we saw blood gushing out of her arm like a red waterfall. Before we had time to even think I pulled out my sword, cleared the doors, and then locked them. When I turned back around I saw a blood lake with Sarah swimming in it. Taylor had her sword pulled out with blood on the end of it.
Magnus was in the corner curled up in a ball in fetal position “ We shouldn’t have done this” he kept repeating
I grabbed him by his throat and picked him up off his feet and he was kicking as he tried gasping for breath.

“Shouldn’t have done what?” I asked already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from him.

“We were doing a science experiment and created the zombies, we panicked and found a demon summoning spell and that’s how come u had no memory of where you were.”

“I should throw you out there with them with them.” I said as I brought him to the door.

“No please don’t.” He kept screaming as he was wiggling like a worm.

I threw him down and walked over to Taylor “You still want to have some fun or u ready to end it.” I said smiling.

“Let’s have a little more fun,” Taylor said.

So we went up to Magnus and each of us grabbed one of his arms, flew up, and the glass window about slapped us as we hit it. We stopped on top of the roof, looked at one another then nodded. We flew about three foot from the roof and started to lower him down 6 inches above the zombies arm length and he let out a scream. We then flew up to where we were before and then swooped back down to about 5 inches above the zombies arm length. We did this till we were at 1 inch above their arm length then looked at one another and dropped Magnus into the pit of zombies. As we flew off we could hear his screams throughout the air. I looked at Taylor with a huge smile from ear to ear.

“Now that we are done playing, you ready to teleport home?”

The author's comments:
My boyfriend/best friend wrote this but I want him to know he is a good writer :)

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on May. 15 2012 at 9:28 am
Zombiekityy SILVER, Thermopolis, Wyoming
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"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. Stupid lamb. What a sick, masochistic lion." -Stephenie Meyer

Well, tell your boyfriend/best friend that his writing is Fawesome. I love it!


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