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April 24, 2012
By vikie SILVER, Mayo Y.T, Other
vikie SILVER, Mayo Y.T, Other
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It was a nice winter’s day in mayo Yukon. One of the last days there was before the big spring thaw. My older brother Timothy and I went skidooing in the woods just outside of town we were having so much fun playing around and making new trails that we didn’t notice the dark snow clouds coming in. our two dogs Tricky and Tasha had come with us that day to keep watch for bears and wolves. They wernt much help in spotting the clouds or if they had they didn’t do a good job of warning us to go home. They were having as much fun as we were in the last of the deep winter’s snow. Suddenly a tiney snowflake fell in front of me. I watched it dance to the ground then from nowhere it was like the clouds burst open. Visibility on the trails went to zero in almost no time flat. Tim and I pulled our skidoos in parallel to each other about 3 feet apart and pulled one of our emergency tarps over top of them to create a small emergency shelter of sorts. It wasn’t that warm but it was better then nothing. We were laying there frozen from head to toe as we watched the hours ticked away on the watches our father had given us a week earlier. We both had either passed out from the cold or fell asleep from the boredom when we awoke to the sound of heavy footsteps approaching our little shelter. We were terrified every monster movie and Bigfoot horrer story came back to us in a flood of memories. We looked at our dogs that were up but they were acting moor as if a friend was approaching rather than a monster. The finger of an old man with a bushy beard and straggly long hair slowly approached. We looked to our dogs again they remained calm again as if they knew the strange old man “ come “ said the man in a deep voice our dogs got up and fallowed him as if our dad or ourselves had given them the order. We watched the old man trying to finger out what to do. We decided to fallow him as well knowing our dogs where such a good judge of character. After a minute or two of stumbling around in blinding winds and heavy snow we seen an old rickety cabin that looked like it had been abandon for years. The windows where dark and the door didn’t seem to be able to close the window shutters where hanging by a thread but it looked warmer than our little skidoo shelter so we fallowed him in. “warm “the man said as he stoked the fire for us. “Yes thank you “I said as I turned around to see the man had vanished. We assumed he went back out for moor fire wood so Tim and I lie on the floor of the warm soon and fell asleep. The next day we were woken by our father yelling “ I found them “ out the front door of the cabin. “ are you ok “ he asked worried as could be. “ yes thanks to the old man “ I said petting Tasha’s head. “ what old man “ our father asked confused so we told him all about the mysterious old man that had found us and led us here from our little skidoo shelter. “ that sound like you’re talking about tom my dad said a little worried “ I guess so did he manage to come back? “ I asked “I want to thank him again “my dad gave a little chuckle “toms been dead for roughly fifteen years now. He buried right outside “there was nothing but silence. I and Tim looked at each other trying to finger it out. Who was that mysterious stranger that saved our lives? Was he really the ghost of tom come to save us? Or did we really see him?

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