Pikachu (part 1)

April 23, 2012
By Collin Matthews BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Collin Matthews BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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There once lived a creature in Emerald City; his name was Pikachu. His parents were murdered in cold blood when he was younger. He lived in an asylum after his parents were killed. One day he had a flashback of his parents getting into a battle with the ultimate Pokémon, Groudon. Pikachu was left alone by Groudon with his parents lying next to him, his parents were starting to black out from the fight. In this battle, Pikachu tried to attack Groudon but his efforts were in vain as Groudon was much stronger and knocked Pikachu unconscious.
When Pikachu came to after getting knocked out, he found he was in a PokeCenter. Pikachu was confused as to how he had gotten to the PokeCenter; his parents were gone and there was no one around. Pikachu was scared and alone until his best friend’s dad walked into the recovery room and told Pikachu that his parents were gone. Pikachu started telling his friend’s dad Blastoise that Groudon came up from the ground and started attacking his parents who fought back but were no match.
Blastoise felt bad that Pikachu had no parents so he wanted to help Pikachu feel better by getting his friend Kyogre to help find and defeat Groudon, Kyogre said he would be glad to help. When Blastoise returned to the PokeCenter, he found Pikachu was feeling better, and he told Pikachu that Kyogre would help find and defeat Groudon. Pikachu was ecstatic to hear that Kyogre was going to help. Blastoise asked Pikachu, “Do you want to stay with me and Squirtle for a while?” Pikachu responded “I would love to stay.” Blastoise then showed Pikachu the way home. When Pikachu got to Blastoise’s house, he was greeted by his friend Squirtle who asked if Pikachu wanted to play some video games with him. Pikachu and Squirtle then went to Squirtle’s room and played a game called “Human”.
The next day Squirtle went to school but Pikachu stayed home from the distraught of seeing his parents’ perish right in front of him. When Squirtle got home from school that night Pikachu and Squirtle went outside to practice in the yard. After their practice, they went inside where Blastoise was cooking supper. Squirtle dug into the sweet smelling Oran Berries, but Pikachu was deterred from eating them because of all the water on them. After supper, Pikachu went for a walk and ran into an old friend of his mom’s. His mom’s friend, Onyx, asked Pikachu how he was doing without his parents around, Pikachu said he was alright and that he was staying with Blastoise and Squirtle. After they were finished both Onyx and Pikachu went their separate ways where Pikachu ran into a rabid wild Pokémon.
Pikachu was skilled enough to fight and knew the Pokémon was weaker than he was, but he knew if the Pokémon used a ground attack that he could be knocked out. Pikachu hit the Pokémon with a thunderbolt; the wild Pokémon was hit directly and countered with a slash. Pikachu evaded the slash and tackled the wild Pokémon which knocked it unconscious. After the battle Pikachu felt strange but good (little did he know he just leveled up and was stronger). Pikachu decided it was getting too dark to continue his walk so he turned to go home and ran into Kyogre, also taking a walk.
They started talking and Kyogre said that he was not helping Pikachu to avenge his parents but to get rid of Groudon for good. Pikachu was offended by this statement so he started a battle with Kyogre. Kyogre thought it was a joke until Pikachu used the strongest thunderbolt he had ever produced. Kyogre was knocked unconscious with that one thunderbolt and Pikachu was happy to have knocked Kyogre out with one hit. Pikachu ran to Blastoise’s house and told Blastoise that Kyogre was knocked out. Blastoise ran out to see if it was true and went in to call the local PokeCenter. Before Blastoise could dial the number Pikachu used another thunderbolt and knocked Blastoise unconcious in fear of being discovered.
Pikachu then left the house and ran into the Great Forest to train and become even stronger. Squirtle had no idea what was going on downstairs, but once the noise was gone he went downstairs and saw his father knocked out and ran outside just in time to see Pikachu running into the Great Forest and Kyogre lying on the ground knocked out. Pikachu kept running until he could run no more and was forced to rest. Pikachu didn’t know what to do next as he never had been in the Great Forest before.
Pikachu could smell the sweet juicy Oran berries nearby and hear the Pidgeottes flying above him their wings pounding the air like a hammer hitting a nail. Pikachu decided he needed food to keep up his strength and took an armful of Oran berries and ate the first one with delight. After he was done eating the Oran berries Pikachu started walking through the forest where he met a friendly Balbosaur, who took Pikachu back to his camp deep in the Great Forest.
Squirtle ran to the nearest PokeCenter and told the nurse what had happened to his father and Kyogre. The nurse told Squirtle to calm down and that she would go to his house and heal Kyogre and Blastoise. When the nurse got to Squirtle’s house she found Blastoise, he was near death but thankfully the nurse got there just in time to keep him alive. When Blastoise was revived he felt better than he ever had felt before and demanded to know where Pikachu went. Squirtle told Blastoise that Pikachu ran into the Great Forest after he knocked Blastoise out. The nurse ran out and tried to revive Kyogre, but she was too late to save Kyogre, he was gone. Blastoise had gone into a rage after finding out that his friend Kyogre had been killed by Pikachu and ran into the Great Forest blind of where he was going and ran until he could no longer run.
Pikachu was having a great time with Balbosaur; they were sitting around a fire and talking about why they were in the Great Forest. Balbosaur, Pikachu found out had knocked unconscious his own father and ran into the forest for protection. When Pikachu told Balbosaur what he did, Balbosaur started backing away little by little afraid of Pikachu. Pikachu had seen Balbosaur’s slight movements and asked if there was something wrong, Balbosaur replied “yes”. Balbosaur then told Pikachu that he wanted nothing to do with him. Pikachu got mad by the words and attacked Balbosaur, who tried to defend himself, but Pikachu was much faster than he was and much stronger. Pikachu knocked Balbosaur unconscious, Pikachu started walking towards what he hoped was a way out of the Great Forest.
Blastoise found the knocked out Balbosaur and figured out that Pikachu had knocked him unconscious, this enraged Blastoise further knowing that Pikachu is knocking out innocent Pokémon that had nothing to do with Pikachu. Blastoise then noticed tracks leading away from the fire, Blastoise knew whose footprints they were; he started running as fast as he could to catch the owner of the tracks.
Squirtle did not know what to do, his dad ran off into the Great Forest in a blind rage, and there was no one else around. Squirtle decided to go inside, he turned on the T.V. which was running a news flash about Kyogre being knocked unconscious and no one to stop Groudon who attacked an entire town by himself. Squirtle went outside and picked an Oran berry to eat, the Oran berry was as sweet smelling as a rose.
Pikachu finally reached an opening in the Great Forest, the opening led to a city called Evergreen. Pikachu went to the local PokeCenter, and asked the nurse if she could heal his wounds from the battles the previous night. The nurse healed him, she asked if he needed a medical pack for later, Pikachu gladly accepted the medical pack and exited the PokeCenter. Pikachu started to ask around about Groudon, no one in the city seemed to know where Groudon was and Pikachu started to become hopeless, until an older Kadabra told Pikachu that Groudon was up in the mountains, and the entrance to his lair was across a pond outside of the city. Pikachu asked Kadabra if he knew any Pokémon that could ferry him across the pond to the entrance, Kadabra did not know any Pokémon that would ferry him.
Pikachu went to the pond and asked some of the Pokémon if they would bring him across the pond, one of the first Pokémon Pikachu asked said he would. Pikachu thanked the Pokémon and walked up to the entrance to Groudon’s lair, there was a sign that said: TURN BACK NOW! YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR GROUDON. Pikachu entered the lair, and right away was attacked by an Onyx; Pikachu knocked it out with one thunderbolt. As Pikachu proceeded through the winding tunnels he noticed markings on the walls and started wondering what they meant.

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