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April 21, 2012
By SharingSecrets SILVER, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania
SharingSecrets SILVER, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania
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It was a normal day for Amelia. She wakes up every day at eight a.m. She doesn’t need to be into work until 10 sharp so there is no need to get up at the crack of dawn like other working adults. She sits up, pulls the handmade comforter to her shoulders and opens her eyes. It’s bright in her apartment due to the sun coming through the windows in the eastern part of her apartment. She gets herself ready like she would every other Tuesday. She slowly climbs out of her king sized bed, slides on her fluffy pearl colored slippers, and stumbles down the light hallway towards the kitchen.
First thing she does in the kitchen is make a cup of Columbian coffee to help her wake up. After taking a few sips of her freshly brewed cup, she notices a package siting on the counter next to the vase of flowers. On the package she notices that there is no return address; she cautiously opens up the box. Inside lays a piece of paper. Under that piece of paper is a box about the size of an ordinary shoebox. The paper reads
“My dearest Amelia,

I am sorry that we never got to meet. I have always been grateful enough to receive pictures but that hasn’t been enough for me the last few years. Your father has been telling you that I have been in Alaska studying the fossils of the trees that once lived there but I have been under cover. My job lets me travel the world. I investigate the mob bosses. I am now currently undercover in San Francisco, but I will not be able to see you. I’m needed to help the police with this situation. As you may have noticed, there is a box that I have sent you, in this box lays something that is vital in keeping you safe. Amelia, I may not make it back to you. You see, the mob boss suspects me of being an undercover agent at this point in time. He has found a picture of you from when you were a baby. He is coming after you. I always thought this was going to be a problem so I made a plan when you were five years old. The first thing you need to do is contact your aunt- she knows what to do. Give her the box and have her explain what needs to happen next. After this you’re on your own. I bid you farewell.

Amelia quickly opened the box to find a pair of black, sleek, stilettos heels. She quickly shoved the shoes back into the box but suddenly realized that there was an odd silver button under the bows on the top of the toe. Without any hesitation she pressed the button only to find herself at her aunt’s house. Aunt Catherine was standing in front of her; she silently forced Amelia into the garage of her mansion. Catherine spoke lightly as if someone could hear her.
“ This is the start of your training,” she whispered.
“My what?” Amelia questioned.
Without any hesitance Catherine threw a punch at Amelia, Amelia’s reflex was to duck and kick out, aiming for her gut. The kick struck Catherine in the gut just like Amelia wanted it to. The aunt flew backwards ten feet from the power of the kick. As soon as Amelia planted both her feet back on the ground she realized what she had done. Amelia fell to the ground questioning how she knew how to do this.
Catherine swiftly moved towards Amelia, trying to comfort Amelia was the last thing on her mind. Amelia didn’t know it, but she was trained when she was younger to be prepared if it ever came to this situation. Catherine led Amelia into her house; they swiftly descended down four flights of stairs. At the bottom of these stairs was a long hallway barely lit by old flickering lights. At the end of this hallway were a two doors and a painting of some sort, the doors were on opposite sides of each other.
This looked suspicious to Amelia, when the painting was observed from far away it didn’t look like anything but up close she knew something was behind it. The painting was of the Eiffel Tower. Catherine pulled the painting towards her; it popped off the wall with a crack. She set the painting down leaning it up against the concrete wall. Behind the mural was a safe molded into the wall. Catherine quickly unlocked the safe with ease. In the safe lay the shoes her mother had sent her with the letter.
When she opened the box this time, there lay the same heels as the first time she opened it but there was no silver button under the bow. Amelia’s aunt explained to her that these shoes could teleport her anywhere in the world, they held a knife in the right stiletto, a blow dart with poisonous vials in the left stiletto, and the bows on both feet were ninja stars. Amelia was astonished by the amount of deadly items these shoes held. These shoes were made to help protect Amelia. Catherine suddenly heard a noise coming from the top of the stairs.
That’s when it suddenly happened, Amelia was body slammed by Catherine into the “concrete” wall which was foam. It felt like concrete to the touch though the foam wall had to be at least ten feet thick. Once you were in it you couldn’t breathe. If you wanted to kill someone this is where you would do it. The foam encased them. It was cold to the touch but when it rubbed against their skin it gave them brush burns due to its roughness. Once they were finally through the foam wall they entered a dark room.
Disorientated by the lack of air in the foam, Amelia fell to the floor. She closed her eyes and put her head between her knees hoping that it would bring her back to reality, but this was reality now. When she lifted her head back up Catherine was gone. She was alone and cold until she heard Catherine
“Run!” screamed Catherine
Amelia was hesitant at first but then she quickly jumped to her feet. She swiftly sprinted down the long, slim corridor hoping to find an empty room or dark corner to crawl up in and hide. Amelia couldn’t believe what was happening; at the end of the corridor was a small crack. She looked through the crack to see Catherine tied to a chair in the corner of a brightly lit room; suddenly a man was looking directly into her eyes. She flew backwards, letting out a shriek hitting her head on the wall. After a few seconds everything began to fade…

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