April 17, 2012
By ZombieKiller007 BRONZE, Hunter, North Dakota
ZombieKiller007 BRONZE, Hunter, North Dakota
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It all started in Russia with a mutated strain of influenza everybody died, problem was they didn't stay dead. This is the stories of the survivors.

It began vary quietly in comparison, with an explosion in a Russian nuclear reactor. The radiation fell on a lab developing and testing a cure for influenza, it mutated it and killed everybody in it. When they went to investigate they found the bodies, but many were missing, and the one’s that were there looked as if they had been torn apart. After a few weeks mass riots began to break out in all city’s in close to the lab. At first it puzzled the world, they didn’t understand what was happening. They thought that it was happening because they wanted to get away from the radiation. They let no one in for fear of radiation poisoning. So when the media got to the survivors but a strange sickness was loose throughout the camp. Then they found out what was taking place it horrified the world. The people who had been infected had turned into zombies, for a term. The real name being very long and very Latin. However they were too late. Earlier they had put off the killings as a new cult that mutilated it’s victims. This was not the case. They took drastic moves, bombing city’s and organizing refugee camps. but it was too late, people panicked and fled, spreading the virus as they went. In a last ditch effort the U.S.A built a fortress against the zombies and prepared it for war against the undead. However the soldiers their felt that since the world fell apart they may as well go with their family's and so left the fortress. Leaving the only safe fortress in the world from the undead. So they fled, but one man with the back bone to stand up to the undead was thinking about the future of the human race. And so he managed to get together some other vets that he could trust and set to rebuild the world. This is were their story starts.
“Get that team in there!” a man in Camo fatigues said “If they don’t get those zed away were all done for! And tell the retrieval teams to wrap it up! We are leaving in 10 minutes and get the civilians out of here!” he said to a man standing on top of a stair well with some other men looking nervous and determined at the same time.
“Yes sir” said the man with the radio and began talking into it the other two teams.
“What is the ETA on that bomb!?”
“Two minuets!” said the engineer.
“Got it” Said the man in the camo “Get the men in the stair well, we are leaving!”
“Yes sir, the rest of the teams are clear!”

The team grabbed their weapons and ran to the stairwell leaving the bomb behind when they got to the stair well where 10 other men were waiting.
“Captain!” the man with a strong even voice asked.
“Yes sir?” said the leader of the 10 men.
“Have we been compromised?” the general asked, hoping that the worst had not happened. That he would not have to order the executions of his men.
“No sir, Rico and the other sniper have taken out the one’s that have come close and we sent the two runners ahead to clear the way”
“Good” said the General. “Proceed to extraction”
“Yes sir” said the captain “all right boys you heard him, move it out nice and quiet like”
The men started to make their way down the stairwell moving in a tight formation leap frogging. When they got to the bottom they waited for everybody to gather round the door so if needed they could all burst out guns blazing. The man in the lead knocked twice on the door he heard three raps in return.
“It’s clear” he said turning to the general.
“Go” He said, the team opened the door slowly and went out in pairs. they had three mouses which were stealth vehicle with heat vision torrent on top. They climbed in five to a car and turned back on to the route they took into the city. the drive went fairly uneventful they had to pop three walkers which had come back onto the path. When they were out of city limits. they turned up onto a hill where there were 12 other cars waiting with a cargo truck that had been modified to emit very little noise.
“All right lets sit down and watch the show. we had better tape it for Castle Crags after all they were very nice to send us the M.O.A.B.’s to start this show” said the general and he pulled out a camcorder he had picked up among the city. Then they turned to look at the city in the distance. With many of its buildings already in ruins and overrun with zombies.The general pulled out a clock “Time’s up” he said and with a dramatic pause the timers indeed were up. All the people turned to watch the city go up in flames as the ten M.O.A.B.s ,which stand of mother of all bombs, blew the city into history. “Well chalk up another one” said the general looking pleased, then he turned sober, “How many” he asked wishing it to be some other guys job to ask .
“Three” said the mission overseer “And one bite”
“Did you...?” asked the general
“No, did it himself, took two grenades and walked into a mass of them and blew up, saved our lives, drew, them away from us. He was a good man.”
“No” said the general to the soldier who looked shocked “He was a great man” then he turned serious “Right men, base is expecting us home for supper, lets load up and move out” then the men and civilians got in the vehicles and then with the general in the lead started on the long drive home.

Later that day when they got back to base and the men unloaded the civilians and the supplies we had gathered off of the trucks, the general began to survey the mood of the camp and from that observation decided the the camp needed a bit of a pick me up so he went down the the tavern which even though they didn’t always have drink available the civilians went their to talk about the state of things around the base. Along the way he stopped a jeep carrying recently captured supplies from the town they just blew up and, glad he told the men to take a few pick me ups, told the two men to deliver all the booze to the tavern and spreed the word that we are gonna have a little B.P. (Booze party). and he took the jeep. when he walked in the people stopped talking. The commander was often a topic of mystery among them.

“I brought along some party favors” and the people cheered for it was not often they got to drink. It was a regular drinking fest however the general stayed and talked with them eating his share. Then one man with battle scars of his own and a battle weary face came and sat down with him. “So I hear your in charge” the man said somberly.
“You heard right” said the general placing his hands over his chiseled belly “But here you can call me Joe, because here we are equal ain’t nothing to put me over you. But in battle you call me by rank to keep it tight”
“Right then Joe, may I ask how you came to be in charge?” The stranger asked quizzically.
“The men here saw me fit for command and so it was, been here ever since.” Joe said
“Right, hear you are doing something about the zombies”
“Well that’s two for you, I am taking out populated places we got down to San Fransisco, and we are preparing to get close enough to blow the bridges across the harbor so we have a clear coast line to build on with the mountains hopefully keeping the walkers out for the most part and then rebuild society. You know we could use as many trained military men for this operation we are gonna encounter some very heavy resistance over their we could use your help.”

“when are you going?” said the man “how long do you plan to be their, and one last thing, how is this mission going to proceed.”

“Well, as you know their are going to be hundreds if not thousands of them so my plan is to get them nice and warmed up before we really show our hand, we are gonna have 10 stealth teams inserted ahead into position and start picking them off then when we get to a cluster we have the semi-silenced motorized mini guns get up their with plenty of firepower then as cover noise we will be having some boxed speakers dropped on the other side of town so they get drawn over their base says that the speakers will last for one hour so we need to pick our timing carefully. then we are gonna blow the bridges and cleanse the area and set up a out-post to monitor the city,”

“seems like a good solid plan, well i got five former navy seal’s ready for action.” the man said sounding convinced.
we leave in two days” Joe said with gratitude then he left the people to their party and went to check on the preparations. when he got back to base he went to his second in command. “How are the preparations going” he asked
“well so far thanks to uncle Sam before he died we have 23 motorized mini guns, 50 A.P.C.s 25 tanks, 15 self propelled howitzers which i should say will come in handy as 15 can carpet bomb a half mile square of land simultaneously, and one juggernaut which i say is the fruit of the cake with the shredders on all sides and enough room for 25 men to shoot and two mini guns with inter changeable barrels and a cluster bomb launcher. all that and 576 infantry equipped to kill zombie hoards plus men to operate the heavy machinery. I think that you just might have a Chance in San Fran.” he said
“Well we will know when we get back, then it will be safe enough to start to rebuild and gather other survivors. Well i have to get some sleep tonight i have a speech to deliver to the troops in the morning.” then Joe went to bed.
the general walks up on a stage to view his army when they stand at attention he speaks. “Today we go into the valley of the shadow of death and it will not matter what the color of your skin or the name by which you call god. I will leave no one behind we are all coming home together dead or alive that I can promise you. Because in the end you wont fight for your country or even for your family, in the end we fight for each other, because in the end we are husbands, lovers, brothers, in the end we are soldiers. Now lets move out and kick some flesh eating butt.” With that they all cheered and headed to their assigned vehicle and proceeded to head down the long road to battle.
“So, were are we in the proceedings?” asked on of the men in the jeep with the general.
“well this morning i sent the stealth teams ahead of us so with any luck we should have the ground pretty light.”
“Good, then we won’t attract a bunch of em.” said another. two hours later they arrived at the assembly point. “I want the heavy machines to stay in the rear so they won’t attract them” at that moment a grove of trees started to shake. “Hold your fire, don’t shoot!” said a person who steeped out. The general recognized him as the leader of the teams he had sent in earlier. “what is the situation here?” he said.
“We have cleared the ground up to 1000 yards of the bridge it seems as though they tried to confine then to the city but the barricades have long since been destroyed.” the man replied.
“All right I want the men silenced and in their teams tell your men to fall back to me, we are gonna have a zombie fest.” the general said gravely. ten minuets later the men had broke into their teams all with silenced weapons. “Lets move out” said the general over the short wave. the men began to disperse into their hunting teams of 25 each. It was going smoothly quietly taking out zombies one by one occasional coming across a group. But then all heck broke loose one of the men had fallen and had broken his leg tried to keep it quiet but a zombie had heard him and came running with out his main weapon which had fallen and could not get to it used his pistol which had no silencer. A hoard came out and shooting began. The generals group had began firing when he turned around and saw them. With roting flesh and decay and a stench to match they were very grotesque. With no qualms about what he had to do fired three shots dropping all three of them. “We need to fall back into a defensive position.” When all the men came into a central position he saw that their was thousands of them all coming. “R.P.O.!” (Radio phone operator)
“Yes sir” the man said eyes wild.
“broken arrow!” he said with that he puled out a remote and pressed the button. As the sirens went off the world lit up with “The biggest forth of July party the world will never see” zombies flew left and right. “call in the shredder”
“Yes sir.” the R.P.O. said with reverence. When the shredder came in they sat back an watched as zombies came in hundreds only to be killed by the hundreds. then just as it seemed they would win the sirens went off. “Men it has been an honor serving with you but if you excuse me I am gonna drag as many of them with me” and with that started blasting away. The zombies getting closer and closer then they broke the ranks. Time slowed down as the general saw his men fight with everything they had. “Heck of a way to go” he thought blasting a zombie in the head. the men had broken up into smaller groups fighting to the last man. Joe shot off three more rounds and pulled out his pistol. with his knife he stabbed through the spine as he shot another in the head. Then just as he ran out of bullets a tremendous boom lit the air as the bridge blew into a hundred pieces and the other one followed suit. His men shot down the remaining zombies and went to shore to see what had done the destruction a glory beheld their eyes as a small fleet came into view. “Get some men in the high towers and watch their approach.”
“Sir you don’t think they will attack do you?” best be ready. When the ships came into view and stopped on the beach. one single boat came out with two men one got off on the dock Joe went up to him.
“Seemed to me you needed a little help.” Said a scarred man with a Russian accent.
“Well it seems you were right.” then with training borne of years of service to his country and hard work, the Russian man took a knife and threw it at the General who ducked and the knife flew over his head. Turning around he placed one shot in the zombie who had come running at him. He holstered his pistol looking at the Russian.
“You’ll do”
he said.
And he walked away to face the uncertain future. The Russian walking along side him. Knowing only that things were going to change. An air of war of a whole new kind is blowing about. For bad or good nobody is quite certain. And this my friends is were we leave you, decide what your future will be. Before it is too late.

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