April 19, 2012
By Anonymous

“Let’s go!” Andie’s mom said “Hurry you’re going to miss the plane!” Andie accidentally woke up late and forgot to pack all her things for Australia the night before. She is running around her room trying to gather her stuff and trying not to forget anything.
“Coming!” Andie said. She rushes out her door and runs down the stairs. She starts panting. “I’ve never noticed how many stairs we’ve had!” said Andie. Her mom is already out in the car and she has it pulled out the garage ready to go. Andie runs out the front door and runs into her car. “GO! GO!” Andie says. The car suddenly jerks and zooms away.

Finally after an hour and a half of driving 70 mph on the highway they see the airport in the distance. “There it is!” Andie’s mom says.
“Finally!” says Andie. They pull into the airports parking lot and rush inside.
“Go find your friends.” Her mom says.
“I will, bye love you!” Andie says.
“Love you too!” her mom says. Andie’s mom walks out the crowded airport. “Now time to find them.” Andie says quietly. She looks all over and finally found them by the plane entrance. “Hi guys!” she said. All her friends were there, Hailey, Mark, Mason, and Eric. She was so happy she didn’t miss the plane.
“Hurry the plane is about ready to leave, I didn’t know if you would make it on time!” Said Mason. Hailey ran up to Andie and gave her a hug.
“I’m so glad you made it on time. I was starting to worry!” Hailey said. The plane to the door opened and we all went in and found our seats.
“Ready to go?” said Mark.
“You bet I am! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!” She said.
“Well than here we go!” Eric said excitedly. All of a sudden the plan took off and it felt like my heart sunk down it to my stomach.
“This is the first time I’ve ever been on a plane!” Hailey said.
“Don’t worry it is really fun!” Andie said.

They have been on the plane for an hour now and still have 4 hours to go. They are traveling to Australia for a school project. The school elected them all for this and they got to ride on a private plane. They all sat there talking about how much fun it will be when they get there. Animals are one of the subjects they are studying and they are all very excited to see exotic animals. Another subject they are studying is food. There is a lot of different kind of foods there and they were very excited to try new things.

After another hour or so the plane started making weird noises. The pilots told them to stay calm but they were all getting very nervous. All of a sudden the engine shut down and the plan started falling.
“OH MY GOSH!!!” They all yelled at the same time. They started hugging each other and they were getting ready for the hard landing.
“IM SOOO SCARED!!!” Mark yelled. BOOMMMM!! The plane hit the ground. All five of the kids crawled out the crashed plane and were happy they had survived.
“I can’t believe that just happened!” Mason said. They were all lying on the ground groaning.
“Where are we?” Eric said.
“We must have landed on an island.” Andie said. They all got up and limped around. They wanted to figure out where they went but they couldn’t find any houses or buildings which meant that this island was either deserted or hasn’t been discovered yet. They all wandered around for awhile longer than met together again.
“I found some really old buildings which probably means this place has been deserted.” Eric said. “The big question is why.”
“We should probably make a shelter and build a fire.” Andie said.
“Ya we probably should.” Mason said. They all started gathering wood to build a fire. After they got their fire started they started collecting things to make a shelter.
“So how should we do this?” Mark said after they collected all their things in order to build a shelter. They all started working together to build a sturdy shelter.
“Well I think we are done.” Said Hailey. They all stood and looked at the well made shelter.
They all gathered around the fire and talked about ways that this island could have been abandoned. “Well I think it’s time to go to bed.” Eric said.
“Ya good night everyone.” Andie said.
“Good night!” Everyone said at the same time. They all crept into their beds made out of branches and fell asleep.

They all woke up to a weird sound. “What was that?” Mason said as he sat up.
“I don’t know.” Mark said. They all sat up and walked around trying to figure out what that sound was. Suddenly a weird looking tiger came out the bushes and scared everyone. It started walking towards them growling.
“Oh my gosh! What is that?” Hailey yelled. They all backed away slowly trying not to make it mad. All of a sudden a lion jumped out another bush and attacked the weird looking tiger and took off with it the other direction.
“I think I figured out why this place was abandoned.” Eric said.
“I think we all just did.” Mason said.
“We need to get out of here before we all get attacked.” Hailey said. They sat around the fire thinking of a way to get off of the island. They all agreed on making a huge bonfire to try to catch a sailor’s attention.

That night they stacked a huge pile of wood and poured gasoline on it from the crashed plane. They lit it and it started burning like crazy. “I think this should catch someone’s attention” said Andie.
“I think so to.” Said Hailey excitedly. A few hours later a sailor with a pretty large boat came up to the island screaming,
“GET ON MY BOAT!! HURRY BEFORE ANY ANIMALS COME OUT TO ATTACK!” They all started running for the boat and jumped on and the boat zoomed off into the water. They told the sailor were they all lived and he said he would take them to the pier that is closest to their home. They started going really fast and soon everyone was sleeping.

“Were here!” said the sailor. We all got off of the boat and called our parents from our cell phones and told them to come pick all of us up. They were all very worried and came really fast. In an hour all of our parents were there and we told them the entire story. They were so glad we made it home safely and took us right home and let us sleep. In the end we all learned how to work together to survive in a very difficult situation.

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