im not brave enough

April 10, 2012
By Janadia Stewart BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Janadia Stewart BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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I’m not brave enough!
I walked in to the ballet room ready for whatever the world have in store for me. I had been practicing my dance routine for at least 3 months now and I think I final have it done packed. But how would I be able perform in 10 hours in front of 1.500 people. As I walked into the dance room I had the shock of my life! The class room was a jungle. If I am correct this is a jungle from prehistoric times around the time the dinosaurs was still living.
How am I going to live and survive if all I have on is tights and ballet slippers but where’s the other students. My thoughts were interrupted by screams loud teenagers. “Hello is anybody there” I called hoping my answer will be called but they weren’t. I called again “hello is anybody there” again silence. “Nadia you can do this ok go into the jungle” I thought but who was I kidding I have stage fright how can I go in and try to save lives from some of the world’s most dangerous prehistoric animals or should I say retiles. “OK Nadia you can do this try again mm maybe this fate…. Mmmm maybe this is what god wanted me to do hhhh was god around this time Nadia got focused”. At this point in time I cannot afford to chicken I have to be brave I peeked into the forest that seemed like it stretch as far as Africa the trees were huge like giants off jack and the beanstalk I was intimidated but now is time to go. I began to walk into the jungle.
10 steps 20 steps I counted as I walked I look back trying to remember what I saw and where I was going. Soon after my 100hundreth step I just began to walk at this past that made me feel determined that I can do this. I began to run like I was Indiana Jones make an air whip, but my little game didn’t last long. There in front of me was a T-REX! I don’t think it can see me right now because it hasn’t tried to attack me yet. I ran as fast as I can behind a tree almost fainting when I got to me destination.
“I got to think of a game plan and fast” I shouted I should in shock that I am in the presence of this amazing retile.
“UHHHHHHH!” I yelled as something behind me jumped of some trees behind me and touched me back at that very moment I thought I was about to die
. I prepared myself for the worse and thought of what I would say to god if I had the chance to meet him. I turned around slowly and it was Jarod my dance partner I couldn’t have been more jovial. I jumped into his arms. Nadia, Nadia, Nadia, he keep screaming what Jarod I keep saying but it was like he couldn’t hear me. My body began to shake historically I blinked my eyes again and again.
“Janadia,” Jarod called again my eye soon adjusted “you had feel out in the hall way the paramedics said that it was because you didn’t eat breakfast.
“huhhhhhh what no, no I was in a jungle about to ………”
“shhhh Nadia just relax”. “Can I ask you a question what time is it …”
“Umm around 7:50”. “What move, move I got to go dance in the Showtime”
“Don’t worry about it Nadia They Jaccarra dancing your part”
What about you are you doing your part no Teelaw doing it oohhh.”
“No I’m ready I’m ready lets go you sure I know you was nevus”
“well I think I’m better at that now for some reason I feel like I can do it with pride and not be afraid I’m going to kill it lets go”!
While dancing on stage I realized that courage is within and it might take something dramatic for you to find it what does it matter long as you find it and you is wisely

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