The Unknowns

April 3, 2012
By , Huntersville, NE

The world was plagued for 10 years. I wasn’t there. But I’ve been told stories. Stories of drought and of war and of killing. Stories of the disease and the famine and of the struggle. It has been 20 years since then. Out of the rubble of the old world rose the new world, my world. Out of the weak came the strong. Those who were strong were given power, power over all those who survived.
Chapter 1

I am unlike most children. Most children go to school, are able to go to the hospital, and can go into town. I cannot because I do not exist. I didn’t choose to live like this but now it is to late to change who I am. You would think not having to go to school would be great, but I don’t think so. I know that because of who I am I can never be normal. I forced into a life I don’t want.

I am a special child known to most as an Unknown. This means to the government does not know that I exist. I am not in a record book and I am not being watched. My mother made a choice to make me unknown to the world. I was born in our small home in the woods instead of in a hospital. I am convinced that I am the only Unknown on this planet. Mother always tries to tell me different but I have never met any so they do not exist.

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