March 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Once upon a time the was a frog named Lid. He loved drinking blue juice from his prison cup he got from his uncle. One day Lid was walking down his driveway to get his newspaper when he tripped on a crack and dropped his prison cup. Lid was livid. He started screaming and throwing the broken up pieces of his prison cup at the dirty grey driveway. About 30 minutes later a police officer came and talked to him about his prison cup. He said, “Sir is that a prison cup? Because if it is i can easily get you another, it's really simple.”

Lid replied, “Yes, this is a prison cup, my uncle told me on his way out of prison he slipped it into his pocket, he said it could be worth millions someday. I was keeping it so when i want to retire i can easily afford it but, now i can't.”

The officer replied, “Don’t worry sir, i'll get you another, although i might look like a complete idiot walking into a prison asking for a chipped up piece of crap cup, but all well.”

“Thank you sir!” Lid yelled as he ran into his cracked up house.

As Lid was running he came to a screeching halt, and turned back around and said, “HEY WAIT! officer! can i come with you? I want to see my uncle, and make sure we get the right cup?”

The officer turned around and said, “Yeah you can come, just be ready in 10 minutes.”

Lid said, “YES SIR!” as he ran in the house.

10 minutes later Lid ran out of the house while he was tightening his belt and he lost grip. He was running down the driveway when his pants hit the ground, and they hit hard. His face went flying at the ground like a skydiver, when all the sudden he stopped. He thought he was still falling but he stopped. The police officer happened to be at the top of the driveway and moved fast and caught Lid before he hit the ground. Lid was very happy although the officer saw his duck boxers, Lid always had a thing for ducks. A couple of minutes later Lid and the officer fixed Lids pants and they got into the car and they were on their way.

They had arrived at the prison. It was in the middle of nowhere. It was a tall stone brick building with old broken writing “The Dead Mint”, There was a electrical fence surrounding it, and there was a fountain in front of the building. It was no ordinary fountain. It was very dirty, the water was a greenish orange. The fountain was very creepy, it didn’t even have coins in it, it had limbs. As the officer and Lid got out of the car they approached the fountain. To the right side of the fountain there was a grave, the tomb stone read, “R.I.P. Joe Mint 1893 - 1969”. Lid asked the officer, “Is that the prison owners grave?”

The officer replied, “Duh.” as he wandered past the grave.

They passed the fountain and walk up to the creepy old double doors. They were about 10 feet tall each, and they both were made of rotting wood. The officer placed his hand on the door handle as he has obviously done a million times before. He put all his energy into his hand and pulled open the door. As the door opened a smell arose. It was a smell like Lid has never smelled in his hole life.

“That horrible stench that you smell, that's the smell of death.” The officer mumbled.

The officer walked in like it was his very own house, Lid on the other hand was carefully creeping his way through the door frame. Once they were in, the officer turned to his left and started walking into the darkness. The officer pulled a Pack of matches and cigarettes out of his pocket. The officer lit a match providing some light so Lid would know that there was a corridor there. The officer pulled out a cigarette and lit it with the match.

“Why do you smoke officer?” Lid asked, as they walked down the corridor.

“Because it takes away the fear of my everyday life,” The officer replied.

About 20 minutes later they were still walking down the corridor. Things started getting ugly. There was what looked like puke all over the floor, and crushed beer cans everywhere. Then they say a purplish glow in the distance. What looked like a light, but purple. As they were walking they kept hearing creepy voices saying, “I will kill you, and eat your soul!”

Then Lid and the officer started hearing cracks above them and little pieces of purple glowing drywall started falling on their heads. All the sudden, a devilish fox fell from the ceiling. The fox was about 3 feet tall and 2 feet long. He had orange hair, and very blood red eyes. The fox was glowing purple. Lid said, “So that’s what was at the end of the hall way”

The officer Thought, “Frogs are so stupid.”

The fox walked up to Lid and got into his face and said, “Please, don’t call me fox, that is not my name. My name is PrussianFox.”

Lid replied. “What's the difference, there a fox in PrussianFox to?”


“Stop messing with him Carl.” Officer demanded.

“WAIT WHAT?!” Lid said.

“Yeah, how could you not tell that’s not a real fox! There is a zipper going down his chest!” Officer replied.

“Oh, i thought that was like a zipped up scar or something my bad.”

“Who zips scars?” Officer asked.

“Whatever, so Carl, can you please turn on a light, and get this kid a cup?” Officer asked.

“Wait, that’s Carl? My uncle has told me stories about you, he said you like to prank people. OH WAIT! you just pranked me with the fox thingy, ok I’m catching on here.” Lid said.

“Ya, I’m Carl, and what kind of prison cup do you want kid, yellow or pink?” Carl said.

“Neither, mine was just white?” Lid replied

Carl said, “Ok we have those but you have to get it yourself because I’m not going down to the cells.”

“Cells, I've been here a thousand times and never been to the so called cells.” Officer said.

“It’s where we keep the prisoners, you know, in cells, duh?” Carl said.

“Oh, yeah...” Officer replied.

“So, where are the cells?” Lid asked.

“You gotta go down 15 flights of stairs, which are straight down this hall.” Carl said.

“Ok, lets go Lid.” Officer said.

They started walking down the hallway when Lid said, “I’m so scared right now, but i need this cup. There is only 20 white prison cups. If carl hasn't told you the white cups were used by Joe Mint himself. When Joe MInt’s 250th birthday comes in 69 days, i'm putting the cup on ebay for 100,000. Hopefully bids go up, and i’ll get at least 500,000, maybe even a million dollars.”

Officer replied, “Oh ok, i see that is why you want it so bad! he do ya think i can have 1/3rd of the money for helping ya?”

“Heck ya, there is now way i could have done this myself anyways.” Lid said.

“Awesome, so anyways the stairs are coming up quick. here's a flash light.” Officer said.


“Uhh i didn’t know i had it, i forgot.” Officer replied.

15 minutes later they arrived at the bottom of the stairs. Lid was shaking like a cold puppy, and Officer was perfectly fine. They gently started walking towards a light. To their left there was a big metal door with a window. Lid went up to it and looked through the window. IT WAS THE KITCHEN! the kitchen was where the white cup were. They were located in a safe behind a picture on the far wall facing the stove. The stove was to the left, so the picture was to the right!

the Officer slammed the door open, and Lid ran to the picture as if he were running from a fire. He literally threw it of the wall and typed the code into the safe as if he was going to die. He wiped the door of the door of the safe open, and there they lie. The very last prison cup. The last one in the world that will possibly be worth millions someday. Lid grabbed the cup, and started walking out when Officer pulled his gun and pointed it at Lid. The officer said, “Thanks for the cup bro, it will do me good in a few years, and don’t try crying or anything stupid cause i dont give 2 flying F’s about what you think.”

“But i thought we were gonna split the money into thirds?” Lid explained.

“You got played son.” Officer said

Then Officer aimed the gun at Lids leg and fired.

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