(Prologue) Abnormally Forged Fire

March 12, 2012
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In stories I’ve read, there is always a hero. That hero conquers evil and destroys the villain in a stylish and chivalrously way. Most stories go this way, although they seem different … Stories I read are always so simple. The character realizes something, so they seek out the villain or figure out a way to save them.
But as I know real life doesn’t work like that. Real life is a cold hard place where nothing flourishes but imagination. Imagination? Please. It gets you nowhere in life. Doing things is how you’re supposed to live. That’s how I live.

I slowly opened my eyes from my sleep. I gradually remembered where I was; on the top of an office building. I felt something smooth and sweaty stinging my right palm. I gripped it without looking, knowing it was my sword. My face was pressed against the ground, my eyes finally focused, as I grasped the feeling. My eyes stung as if a lemon had been resting there as I slept. I sat up, steadily, trying to keep myself from becoming dizzy. I looked down at my palms, red, caked with blood. I sighed. I looked down at my legs. Up to my knee was wrapped in bandages, only because ugly scars and bloody cuts decorated both of my legs. I probably didn’t look any better than my body.

I stood, my legs shaking uncontrollably. My head spun, although I pushed through the pain and slowly took a few steps. I made it to the door at the other end of the roof and let all my weight rest on the wall. I gently touched my temples. I slowly brought my hands down my face, letting them touch other features. My ears and nose were both still in place. My fingers slowly touched my lips. I gasped.

Pulling my hand down, new blood branched off. I wasn’t really sure if it was just my cracked lips or if I was internally bleeding. I could breathe, so nothing was probably happening on the inside. I sucked in air, letting it go slowly. I watched the air turn white with steam, fading away quickly. I wasn’t as cold as it had been. I sighed my trade mark sigh and felt a smile flourish across my face.

I couldn’t really tell if I was going crazy or what, but I knew something in my mind was disconnected. I lifted my hair, trying to see if my ear piece was still in place. As I felt its smooth plastic surface my face became twisted. Realizing I was still on a mission, I stood up and opened the door. Light burst and engulfed me as I walked to the stairs.

Before this I had been in a safe house up in New York State. But before I could even think as to relax, I was called in by Zen, being told to get my @$#!^$&* back down to Florida before it was too late. I hightailed it back since I didn’t want to lose my job, although I had been told this was going to be my hardest mission yet. Looking back now, I shouldn’t have ever left New York.

I jogged down the stairs of the empty apartment building, my heart racing. The whole area had been evacuated, as usual. Only this place had burn marks and broken lights from my last fight. I quietly turned a corner. I was being too optimistic though, when I hoped I wouldn’t run into the demon. I didn’t actually have to be so quiet. Even so, I was trying to be as quiet as possible but I guess that was never going to work. I stopped short and swore as my foot hit a side of a file cabinet. Apparently, my shoes weren’t as steal toed as Zen had said. I kicked the cabinet again for good measure, making sure aloud noise rang throughout the building. I was gonna have to face Legion soon or later, I just had hoped it wasn’t sooner.

Legion appeared in no time, as anyone would have expected. I gripped my sword hard, making my cuts and blisters bleed.

“Gahaha! You are just so cute, you know that.” Legion laughed his jaw unhinging. His eyes flashed red as his teeth turned into pointy stakes, in which I hoped weren’t going to get stuck in my head. His horns looped out of his head, his body gaining muscle. I set my jaw as he took a step closer.

“You are just so small, and I think its soooo cute that you think you can fight me.” He said a huge smile going across his ugly black lips. His bright yellow teeth made me cringe. His horns looked like daggers as well. They were spun around his head. His nails had formed into claws, while he packed on muscle just while he talked.

“Satan has given me his power. There’s no way in hell you’ll beat me.” He laughed, “Did you see what I did there?” I swear some of these idiots are just way to darn simple.

I gripped my sword with two hands, letting all my rage and energy flow into my hand. I looked up toward Legion, his smirk slowly turned down. I clenched my teeth into a pained smile. I can tell why the devil has taken over these idiots. They’ve failed in life. I yelled in fury as my sword burst into green flames. I felt myself sprinting toward the demon with full force, along with extra power I’d stolen from god.

I’m and exorcist.

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