March 6, 2012
By , Manassas, VA
Ethan stood by the door of his apartment, waiting for Holly to finish putting on her makeup.
“You want to hurry up maybe?” He said.
There was the sound of a lipstick tube being tossed on a tile floor.
“Oh my freaking gosh stop telling me to hurry up!”
“You’ve been in there for like an hour”
“Haven’t you ever taken someone on a date before? Besides cut me some slack I’m your freaking sister”
Holly stepped outside and presented herself to Ethan.
“I can’t believe I let you dress like that” He said, inspecting her.
She was wearing a dark blue satin dress, low cut around the chest area and the shorter than necessary around the legs.
“Ah well its lucky for me that you don’t make decisions for me”.
“If Kyle were here he wouldn’t let you out like that”
Holly grimaced.
“I think we can all drink to the fact that he’s not here, Where Is he anyway?”
“Near the original crash site, he’s doing some crap for that company”.
“Well lets go now, I don’t want to keep that cute friend of yours waiting”.
Ethan laughed, “Who John? Ok I guess if that’s what you’re into”
Holly flicked Ethan on his forehead and walked over to the elevator, Ethan followed her.
When they reached the bottom John was waiting there with that stupid grin on his face. He was wearing a black Armani button-up shirt, the same as Ethan’s though his was a burgundy color.
“And the man of the hour arrives…” He paused and looked Holly up and down, “And the princess too”.
Ethan punched him in the shoulder.
“Don’t pull your charm on my sister John”
“Oh, I don’t mind “Holly said, fluttering her eyelids.
“Yeah you see she doesn’t mind”
Ethan groaned and started walking towards the door. Before he reached them they opened.
Anna Demirco and Brian dressed in full gear, stepped through and nearly collided with Ethan.
“Anna what the hell are you doing and you too Brian, why do you have your goodie bag?”
Anna started to speak but then stopped and looked Ethan up and down.
“You should wear that more often and we’re here to get you…and John.
John started to protest but I motioned for him to shut up.
“Why…I’m kind of busy”.
“The entertainment district just got hit”
Ethan put his hands on his head and kicked the wall.
“Damn what the hell this far in?”
Brian stepped in front of Anna.
“The military hasn’t even ordered any kind of retaliation, that’s why we came to get you”.
“Get me for what?”
Brian pointed his thumb outside of the building at a large vehicle gently humming.
“I stole a HAU carrier when I heard about this, I was gambling back at base when it happened”.
Ethan smiled, Heavy armor units
“Good s*** man, how many Yakk are there?”
“Just a small ship can’t be too many”
Ethan turned to John and Holly.
“You guys are staying here, John take care of my sister, Holly…don’t have sex with him”.
“Why would you even say that to me?”
“I mean it”
Ethan’s soldier sense was taking control, it was time to fight.
“Anna you’re riding in back, prep the HAU units, I’ll drive”.
They both nodded and headed outside. Ethan turned to his sister.
“If I don’t come back…I will but just in case…”
“I know, Kyle gets half of your stuff and I get the other half Right?”
“Yeah, at least you remembered, hey I love you”
She got on her tiptoes and kissed him on his forehead.
“Good luck buddy”, John said.
Ethan nodded and headed out of the lobby.

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ApolloSilver said...
Mar. 6, 2012 at 10:01 pm
An excellent set up. Too bas this is just a test, i would love to hear more.
Alex R. replied...
Mar. 14, 2012 at 8:38 am
thanks im gonna put more on once it's a little more polished and theres a bunch of other stuff I'll be putting on too so watch out for it.
ApolloSilver replied...
Mar. 18, 2012 at 2:25 pm
excellent, i'll have to watch for them :)
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