Discribing the Awful Truth

February 27, 2012
He sees a bullet come from a sniper; by a miracle he dodges it. He runs to the car with the merchandise and left like a cheetah. He left the money but all he thinks of right now is of getting out of their alive.

My next door neighbor was a nice guy. Carlos was wise, greedy, and strong. He had black and brownish hair with some black eyes. He was pretty handsome because all the ladies talked about in the neighborhood, was about him my neighbor is the kind of guy who would talk and make new friends with some one he barely knew. He gives people things they need, one time he saw a homeless person and gave him money and clothes for him to buy what he needed, he gave him 20,000. Witch was nothing to him. His work salary was like 500 tons of weight.

Carlos was just walking on the street and he turns to his left and sees a Starbucks. He goes in, and when he opens the door he smells the coffee and a wave of the bread came softly to his nose it made him hungry. So he goes to the cashier and orders what he wants after he did that he sat down on an empty table. He has this weird feeling like if he was missing something. He remembered that the last thing he wanted was for him to have a job or work. He was thinking of getting out, quitting in his mind satisfying but if it were real it would be excellent unfortunately it wasn’t that easy. Suddenly he heard his phone ring it was loud because he couldn’t miss a client that’s what his boss said.”Hello?” “yeah I want to order some 500 kilos of cocaine and some 500 kilos of heroine,” ”ok”. ”At the ally of 38st”, Carlos was hungry sad and confused how did he get this number? He wants some at 7:00 in the morning? This was weird but everyone has their way he thought. After 30 minutes he got up and went to his house to get the stuff he was definitely through with this, he thought. After he got the 500 kilos of cocaine and heroine he went to the ally. He saw some cars waiting there with some color like if they were painted. They were as big as the swat cars, he saw a guy standing on the middle. He asked, “you got what I ordered”? “Yeah.” “Good.” He got out of the truck and opened the back. He saw no one there, at the back window all he saw was a laser and a cop. That’s how he knew, this is a set up! He froze for a minute and didn’t no what to do, with out thinking he got out and ducked to the left door he sat turned it on but he didn’t worry that the sniper was pointing at him because the window is bullet proof so it really didn’t matter. What did matter was that he was ambushed by some cops and swats. He left the money but that didn’t matter he was at the risk of his life. He went rushing to his bosses’ house with the merchandise when he got there he was surprised that there were no cops behind him. But he didn’t really care he just wanted to tell his boss that he wanted to kill that cop that shot him with the sniper, luckily it was only a minor injury.

When he got cured Carlos was back in to business he had a good reputation because of that incident so he got lots of calls. They lost contact with him when he went to deal with a guy in Asia he was never seen again.

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