Tic-Tac-Toe Turtles

February 28, 2012
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“ Sup Anders,” Cam shouted from far away.
“Nothing, just sitting around definitely not trying to hack into the turtle word intelligence system,” Anders nervously spoke.
“...Umm...o.k.” Cam studders, “well... want to go to the tic-tac-toe championship!”
Anders was worried about being revealed, Anders was worried about being disqualified, Anders was worried about loosing. Anders is an under cover porcupine and porcupines never lose. They’re as stubborn as rocks.They spent hours training in the ways of tic-tac-toe Gods. To the turtles porcupines were tic tac toe demons, turtles hate loosing.

We walked into the stench of screaming people. They couldn’t just hear the excitement they could feel it in their chests like being at a heavy metal rock concert. Cam looked out to the crowd with awe. Cam went to the floor and licked it! Anders jumped in disgust!
“What the...”
Cam interrupts, “4,000 people are here this year, it’s packed!”
Anders had that go-away-from-me look on his face. they stepped in the ring and Anders and Cam were the first game.

“I’ll go first,” Cam Growls. He puts down an X then Anders an O. Them Cam takes a move, then Anders, then Cam, And finally Anders puts an O ending the game in a tie! Porcupines cant loose it’s been proven by simple physics, like a dog being naturally smart, or the sky being red. The crowd goes silent and everything around them freezes, everything floating some ones spilling there pop and another is in mid-air! BOOOOOM! The ground shakes and they blast off into space. They appear by 3 Purple guys and there about the size of a ten year old child they have massive heads and there floating in chairs looking at Cam and Anders.

“We are the Gods of tic-tac-toe, you’ve disrupted the balance of time and space,” he speaks in a deep echoing voice.

“No we didn’t were in space right here and now,” Cam argues.

“We are not in...”

Cam interrupts, “yes we are.”

“No we aren’t!” The God spoke

“Dave, Dave. Cool your chili beans man,” another God speaks in a deeper yet still echoing voice.

“Cam, Cam, Cam,” a strange voice speaks and I wake up looking at the teacher and see the too kids next to me arguing over a tic-tac-toe game.

”Cam can you tell me what the probability of winning a tic-tac-toe game with 3 moves left is,” the teacher shouts.

“Umm... uh...,” I studder.

“Thought so,” she growled.

Man I that was a good dream I was a turtle! I thought.

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