Freezing Cold

February 28, 2012
By coolbeanz13 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
coolbeanz13 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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“Jeez it's freezing! I've had so many choices and I chose the Arctic! What was I thinking?” says
Charles Fight, a 28 year old researcher from New York, New York, studying the Ph. levels to see if the levels has an effect on animals.

“You were thinking logical. If we come out of this place with some good evidence, I'm sure you'll get another grant,” Elise Hanning his assistant said smoothly, while graphing some results.

“Well, the sooner we get out of he..”Crack. “What was that?”

“What? I didn't hear anything,” said Elise.

About twenty meters away sat Elise, rummaging through her supply bag shoving uncharted papers and test tubes into her bag.

“Maybe you could hear it if you came over here...”

Suddenly the ice broke...he fell in.

“Oh my God!” cried Elise, as she came running at the same time grabbing the issued safety line.

“Help...I...can't swim.!''

“Hear catch this!” cried Elise running towards the victim of the freezing cool water.

As Elise heaved and pulled with her tired bones she managed to drag out the most miserable looking sole she's seen. She's done it! But there is another problem at hand. He is still wet and cold. Cold, not just chilled, he was negative thirty degrees cold. He almost thought he could feel his bone marrow freezing.

His hair was freezing to chunks of ice, his coat was trapping him inside a miserable death, his fingers could not move.

Have you ever been so cold you cannot stop shaking? Have you been intoxicated by the ice?

He needed help.

“I can’t get my clothes off.” he spits out.

As she tried to rip the coat buttons free she realized they were more than snapped in, they were frozen. She striked hard at the now rock hard, black coat. She needed a tool.

“I'll get my knife!” she said.

She reached into her bag and drew a short knife. As she sliced at the ice and coat, she was very careful to avoid the skin and injuring him. She cut through many buttons. Gliding her way through the ice.

She tugged the knife upwards at the last strand of coat, the last ice showered like white sparks.

The Jacket came free.

“Great you’re still wet!” she yelled cheerfully. She grabbed the towel and quickly soaked up the nearly frozen water on the now pale skin.

Elise putting on the white T-shirt felt like heaven for Charles. When drowning out the cold of the torso by wrapping the white fur coat around him, he tried to zip it but could not. His body would not allow him to curl his fingers. He felt useless and sad.

“Let me do all the work okay?” she commanded.

“Mmmmm” he moaned.

“I'll take that as a yes. “She said.

Pulling off the gloves and hat, she substituted them with the ones in the bag tossing them aside.

The pants were loose. They would come off easily. After pulling off the trousers and...Underwear, she dabbed off the chilling liquid.

Putting on the spare underwear and pants, there was one more item.

With numb fingers after cutting ice and drying off the chilling water, she untied the boots. Tugging and pulling until they glided free. Throwing them to the side she realized there are no other boots. They were in his bag.

She dumped out the contents of her bag franticly scattering materials thinking of what she could use.

The ponchos! She will use those.

She carfuly wrapped a poncho around each foot were the ends of the light jackets tangled up his leg. Using more safety line she stumbled to tie the ponchos securely over the numb feet.

“Great! Lets get you back to the snow truck!” she said exhausted.

Hauling him to the shotgun of the massive vehicle she climbed in herself and cranked up the heat.

“I'll go get the supplies, I'll be right back. You try to warm up.”

She stepped out of the vehicle and strode to the place of event.

Carefully placing her needs into the bag she realized the work was gone, it had fallen in. She tossed the ruined materials to the side. Cramming the last of materials in to the bag she lugged the weight to the back of the truck.

She hopped up into the driver seat of the vehicle and sat back letting warmth grab her and keep her.

“It's amazing how you think of warmth when your freezing.” sighed Charles.

“Warming up?”

“Yes it's wonderful!” shouted Charles laughing.

“I'm sorry I could not save our research.” she said sad eyed.

“Are you kidding me?” He said.

“You just saved my life!” shouting,'' If you ever need anything tell me, don't forget! And I will not forget what you did for me.”

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