My Awesome Prank

February 28, 2012
By Keldan98 SILVER, Cisco, Illinois
Keldan98 SILVER, Cisco, Illinois
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Have you ever played a prank on someone that was so funny you almost fell over laughing? It's not that hard to do, all you need is a grape flavoring packet and a person that will make a funny reaction... I had both.

It all started when we sat down for supper. My mom had gotten water and put some grape flavoring in it from a packet that you can get from the store. She had some left over and she left it on the table by her drink. We started eating, I think it was BBQ, and while I was eating, I noticed the packet and started to think of what I could do with it while I was eating. I looked and saw that Tim had a Dr. Pepper and when he got up to get more food I shook his can to see how much was in it. (Mainly because I didn't want to waste a good Dr. Pepper, that would be a good way to get in trouble.) It was almost empty, so I knew that after supper, he would finish it off in one gulp... or at least try.

Then I looked at my mom, and I picked up the packet while Tim was putting his plate in the sink and I said, “I should” and I looked at his drink. Then to my surprise she smiled and gave me the can. I guess she thought I was only going to dump a little in, because when I dumped the whole thing in, she made a sound like she was surprised. Then we hurried, and put it back before he came back over.

While we waited for him to take a drink, we took our plates and started doing the dishes. By the time he came to finish his pop, we had finished the dishes. He took a huge drink like I thought he would, then looked at the can like it had magically changed while he was in the other room, next we heard, ”WHAT THE HECK???!!!”

My mom and I started busting out laughing and we explained what we did to it, and he said that it was like getting a sugar rush after one drink. He threw the can away and then went and got another to wash the taste out of his mouth while my mom and I just kept laughing. Now we just have to worry about him trying to get us back.

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