Impossible Game

February 29, 2012
By Anonymous

I was a regular kid who has brown hair and brown eyes then one day I was playing with a $1,000 soccer ball that my dad bought, and it was used in the World cup. I knew to be careful but some how I ended up kicking the and it landed on sharp rocks and popped the ball. So then I went into my house that looks small from outside and larger inside and told my dad what happened. My dad yelled, “You better earn enough money to buy another soccer ball.”

“I’ll figure out how to earn that much money,” I replied. I was so mad at myself for actually playing with that soccer ball. Then I started thinking of ways to earn $1,000 but I couldn’t think of anything. Then I started to read a soccer magazine and I found out what to do. This weekend there is going to be an indoor soccer tournament and the grand prize is $1,000. All you need is six players. So I started asking people if they wanted to join my team and the people who wanted to were two of my friends Mason and Jarrett. Also my brother Cody and I guy I don’t know named Bob who is supposed to be really good. There was only one problem we only had five players and we had to register our team today. The next day we started the tournament. We decided who would play which position, Jarrett played goalie, Bob and Cody were defenders, Mason was midfield, and I was forward. The team we were playing was supposed to be one of the worst teams in the tournament. When we walked to the place where the tournament was held everyone was looking at how big the building was. The building was ten stories high and it had four fields on each floor. When the game started we were doing good except for Bob who looked like he didn’t know what he was doing. But we ended up winning 8-4. After the game I asked Bob why he wasn’t playing good and he said,”I don’t play defense I play midfield.” The next game Bob is going to play midfield and Mason will play defense. There were one hundred teams in the tournament and now there are fifty teams left since every team has played. The next game we play a team worse then the team in the first game. When the game started I started shooting the soccer ball, running past all of their players, and practiced my juggling since nobody could steal the ball away from me. The score ended up being 10-0 and now there are twenty-five teams left in the tournament. During the game Bob played a lot better and I was thinking he is better then most of the people on my team. Now there are thirteen left and we won the next two matches 4-2. After those two games there are four teams left in the tournament. The next game we definitely need to win to go to the championship game. We won the next game 2-1, the hardest team we played so far. After that win we are going to be playing in the championship game. We have a week to prepare for the game so we practiced as hard as we could to win the game. When the game started it did not feel like the team we should be playing. At halftime the score was 10-0. At the end of the game the score was 20-0. Everybody on the team scored four goals. The trophy we won was six feet tall and it was made of gold and silver. Also I had enough money to buy a new soccer ball and I learned not to play with expensive things.

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