February 29, 2012
We arrived at the tennis court at around one thirty in the afternoon. It was warm and, there were few clouds in the sky. Frank was sitting pleasantly on top of the water balloons, while Jack and Josh both stood at opposite sides of the court looking menacingly at one another. I had no doubt they were currently participating in their own cold war.

“Hey,” Frank yelled. Jacked turned and looked at me and Matt

“What’s up?” Jack said still watching Josh out of the corner of his eye. I walked over to the cooler and Frank who appeared to be watching it with his life.

“Can I see the balloons?” I asked.

“No,” Frank said

“Please,” I begged.

“Good luck,” Jack said holding out a water balloon.” he let us have one each. Apparently he was up all night work-,” Jack was then pelted in the lower rib by Josh.

“Yes,” he yelled and high-fived Matt.

“Josh you urge,” Jack yelled, “Frank give me another balloon” Frank annoyed by the fact he just got splashed, reached into the cooler silently then swung around and threw the balloon like a baseball pitcher. He missed Josh barely, but ended up hitting Matt in the forehead.

“Ha!” he announced proudly, then gave us two extra water balloons each, then picked up the cooler and placed it between the two teams.

“Hahaha,” Jack laughed because in order to acquire more water balloons they have to walk to the very edge of the mid line in the tennis court, an almost guaranteed hit. Josh sprinted across the field in three massive steps.

“Hey could I take a couple of your water balloons?” said an African American kid not waiting for an answer taking four or five.

“Hey!” Frank roared. “Stop it!”

“Or what?” he said in a mocking tone like if he was speaking to a small child.

“Calm down,” I said slightly aggravated. He looked over at me smirked and started walking away with the water balloons.

“Hey,” I yelled taking a few steps forward. He put down the balloons, completely calm, turned around Walked toward me and punched me right in the eye.

Adrenaline rushed through my body at supersonic speeds. In a last attempt to keep myself upright, I grabbed the kids collar making us both fall to the ground. I hit the ground with a1l my weight on the center of my back. It hurt and the cement didn't help.

“OOOOOPPPPPHH,” said the kid as he hit the ground next to me. He recovered first, seconds before me, but that was all he needed. He grabbed hold of my T-shirt and yanked me around so he was on top of me and had the upper hand, before he had time to hit me. I whacked him with my forearm causing him to lose balance. I shoved him hard with my hand tossing him over I reached to get up but he pushed me hard with his hands and I went flying over the cooler, landing on my bottom and then flipped so I was on my back.

“Ha,” he yelled and started to walk away.

“Hey, stop!” Jack yelled he didn't stop just kept walking towards a bigger kid I hadn't noticed before who looked like an older brother or cousin. I got up and started breathing again Josh asked If was all right

“Ya,” I heaved.

“Hey kid stop right there!” Jack’s mother yelled already covering a massive distance.

“Wha-, “said the younger kid.
That’s all he was able to say when Jacks mother went on a rampage saying he will be lucky if we don’t call the police,

“Whoa,” said the older kid, “I think calling the police would be a bit harsh.”

“I don’t think so considering you just assaulted one of my son’s friends,” said Jack’s mother.

“It was self-defense,” said the younger kid angrily,” He was coming towards me; I though he was going to hit me.”

“Yeah,” Josh said in a sarcastic tone. “You were miles away from him.”

“Get out of here!” said Jack’s mother.

“What?” said the younger kid surprised.

“Go, before I change my mind,” she stated pointing in the direction they came from.
Faster than the speed of sound they took of heading in the direction in which they came.

“Ahhhh,” I breathe a sigh of relief glad it didn’t expand into something more serious. They didn’t continue since no one was really in the mood, but we all remember the day I was punched.

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