Hostage of speech

February 21, 2012
By Randomreality13 SILVER, Havre De Grace, Maryland
Randomreality13 SILVER, Havre De Grace, Maryland
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There terror seeped through the poor child pours as the man with his gun stood by the window staring at the police gathering below.
"Let the child go. There's no need of a hostage."
The police were trying to be persuasive to the criminal. Trying to set him free. They had been trying many different ways now but now they just resort to near begging it seemed.
The man never responds to them, although he does seem so sad. When he looks at me he had tears in his eyes and he'll mumble something that sounds a lot like he keeps repeating "I'm sorry for this."
I never could understand why he was doing this but I was always to afraid to ask.
We had been holed up in the building for nearly ten hours now and only a few attempts have been made to release me. But always failing because the man somehow left the room to meet the police, there was a quick gun battle and the man came back, although the police that had been sent in never returned to report to their superiors.
When the man wasn't looking out the window or fighting, he was in his corner coughing up blood, and trying to breath desperately. His ragged, and pained breaths seeming to shake the whole building. Finally when it was the dead of night the man rises to his feet and walks over to the boy.
"Do you know why your here?"
"N- n- no."
The man leans in and looks the boy right in the eye then whispers something to the boy. The boys face twisting into a face of confusion, fear, and sorrow. Then the man walks over to the window pulling apart the curtain, and looks down at the police. A sudden commotion rises through the streets and the building itself. The man puts the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger.
The child is found in the corner crying. His parents take him to a hospital and he doesn't speak. He is placed in school again, he doesn't speak. He grows up alone, known as the "hostage of speech." He doesn't speak.
A few days before his graduation he disappears. His best friend turns into the silent kid then. At the graduation there is multiple sighting of him. Day after graduation the best friend disappears. But mother finds note. It reads.
"I am not dead. Neither is my best friend. The old man told him something that saved our lives before the old man killed himself. He told him that he was going to say something one day and it would cause a apocalypse. He didn't know when he'd say it or why but he knew it was gonna happen. The old man said that he could take one friend with him into protection. And my best friend chose me over anyone else. Don't be sad mother just rejoice that i could help keep the world say. Never speak of this please. There is a curse on it, if you speak it you pass it on. And then you die, and your body never found."
The mother told the father and then the police. The mother disappeared days later, didn't speak after she told them. The police read the note and most spread the word, then they stopped speaking and disappeared days later. And so the curse lives on and now sense the word is out and I have told, I will be gone. DO NOT SPREAD THE WORD.

The author's comments:
This peice is completely fictional, just wanted something with alittle mystery and fear

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