February 29, 2012
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Have you ever been stung by a bee? Or perhaps, more than one? Well, I have and it doesn’t feel that great either.

It was the best day of my life, I had just moved to a new town and I was having my first friend over. I was only 9 at the time.When my first friend at my new home pulled into my drive way. I lived in a state park, I had 2 ponds, a state lake, and 2 acres of land to get dirty, what else could a boy of my age ask for? As my friend approached the door, I started to get excited yet almost nervous to see what his first impression of my house or family would be. My new friend was Adrian. Adrian was a cool kid, loved playing outdoors and of course, the Playstation. When his mom left ,we all started talking and my mom of course jumped in, “So hun, whats your favorite thing to do?” I was immediately embarrassed.

“I love playing video games and absolutely love the woods!” Adrian replied. Without reasoning, I almost automatically new this was going to be a long lasting friendship.

My mom greeted us with some nice cold lemonade, and before long we were headed into the game room. We both popped a squat on the couch when I suggested that we go play outside. Without hesitation, Adrian was up and out of the door. I followed in a more orderly fashion ,and when I caught up to him I yelled, “To the fort! Follow me!”. We were off in the woods with great elusiveness, dodging limb after limb and tree after tree. That's how we took our road to heaven. When we approached the bridge to cross the island (the fort) Adrian stopped in straight up admiration, he was in “awe”. I had built rooms, stairs, lookout towers, all a kid that wanted his own get-away place could want! Adrian insisted that we construct or add on to the superb build and precise structure. I told him, “Lets go on and build another fort just to ourselves!” and so we did.

We just started walking downstream, as far away as possible, so it seemed. Then out of nowhere we saw it, a perfect place, with a bridge and everything.

I shouted, “Adrian! Its too good to be true!'” Adrian ran over to the log and I stood and watching him, next thing you know, he was running across it. Then out of nowhere, he started jumping up and down and hitting himself! I was laughing at him the whole time.

It was like being hit was baseball bat 170 times in the face. Swarms of them....coming at us from all directions just like that. We were getting stung by over 60 wasps, hornets, and yellow-jackets all at the same time. I started running and screaming, Adrian on the other hand fell; he was lying on the ground getting played and tormented with by the beasts. I took off, he got up and ran with me towards the house, when we reached the house we started banging on the door! My mom ran over and opened the door looking at the swarm of insects behind us. We rushed inside with Adrian and me balling our eyes out. My mother told us to take our clothes off into our underwear because the beasts were in our clothes! My mom quickly went to work exterminating all of the insects in the house that followed us in, then she quickly gave us some medicine.

As soon as we had come to our senses with the whole ordeal, my mom quickly rushed Adrian home. My mom called some guy to have the stump/ log that the 4 different nests these beasts were living in cut down, then the guy told us, “umm... ma'am I'm sorry but I cant have this tree/stump cut down because its very rare, theirs only a few of this nature still living.” Eventually we just had the log that they were in, burnt to a pulp.

I guess you could say that my accident with Adrian was quite the ordeal, but you might just wanna watch us because you never know what could happen on a normal day. All in all, no wasps, no hornets, no yellow-jackets could have ruined our friendship.

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