Heaven in Hell

February 29, 2012
"As tradition,the first born male only may compete for the hand of the fair Princess.The breathtaking Angel.", announced the stately queen to the crowd within the plaice courtyard;king at her side.The princess sit leaned back upon her throne that was similar to her parents larger ones.Angel sat,annoyed and with a sigh she took a glance at the participants as her mother continued on about the rules of the challenge.None looked suitable in her opinion.None could she see compatible to her tomboyish charm.Her long silver hair that usually reached below her backside was tightly tied in a bun with her fringe slightly over her sky blue, kittenish eyes.Oh,how she hated her hair set up.Her fair skin was covered buy a pink and white frilled dress.Her sleeves,no,the whole dress itched her.She was used to wearing much looser dresses.She tried to sit still so she was not upset the queen.Her father was a laid back ruler;following the rules yet keeping a joyful, joking tone to it.It was her mother that she dreaded to disobey the most.But,it was not in beauty,status nor personality did she mentally reject the men at ready on their stallions,ropes in hand.No,...it was the fact that none of the gentlemen could match her physical skill...and none did she love...
"At your marks!", warned the queen.
"Y-yes..to your marks!",copied the king,snapping back to reality.
"and may the lucky suitor capture the target.",the queen finished gracefully.They both sat in there seats as the colorful joker began released the horned beast behind the fence.A guard approached Angel.
"Fair maiden,a suitor from below has sent you a gift.", he stated as he presented a freshly bloomed rose gleaming a dark blood like red.Her head sharply turned to the men below and a blond with crooked teeth smiled at her as if he had a mental condition.She cringed and rejected the beauteous flower.
The Unicorn was released!At the sound of a gun shot it dashed and bucked wildly within the ring;its long bleach white mane and tail flowing behind it..Each man on horse followed the mythical beast;each trying to get close to the startled creature.It was a pure mess. From her view it was as if three little ants were zooming after a lightning bug.It was barbaric how the rare creatures of the forest were captured and used for sport for events such as this.Angel adored all creatures and hated that one would be sacrificed for something as ignorant as royal marriage.Her father was watching in awe as her mother looked upon the event with pity for the men.Oh,how the woman hated her daughter.The first man of seventeen tossed his rope at the beast, grabbing its ankle with a sharp tug.With a loud neigh the unicorn stopped and bucked the horse behind it hard in the face;sending the horse flying and it landed on the rider.The crowd gasped as blood ran cold from the first victims of the creatures first motion of self defense.A black covered head lay a good distance from the scene.The rope turned loose and the beast was free once more.It was now running from the remaining two men.One was a good two feet away.The unicorn swiftly turned around and jabbed the man in the right eye;its horn going straight threw the skull.It ripped its horn out and ran as the body dropped of his horse with dark red mixing with his golden locks.The discarded horse panicked and ran back towards the gate.It was one man versus the beautiful killer.
"Come on,boy!",exclaimed the king in a fit,"get that foul beast and show it who is boss!"
Angel clenched her hands and tried not to look at the gory sight blow her.Her mind raced thinking of what if this man actually won her and how bad she felt for the fallen horse.Just before she could let a tear shed a blood curtailing scream was herd from the ring.She looked up as the boy with crocked teeth fell to the ground with a gash from one ear to another.the horse collapsed,blood shooting from its headless body.Angel winced in disgust.Screams of disappointment and sorrow once again rose from the audience.The queen arose from her throne.
"Is there no other gentlemen who wish to fight for my daughters hand?" Her father looked towards her throne.
"Its a shame isn't it,Ang-",he was cut off by the fact of an empty seat beside him.A clocked figure entered the ring.The unicorn glared at the unknown human with blood dripping from its horn down its face.The figure removed the hooded cape and silently announced her arrival.Her long flowing hair was down at last.It swayed as she slowly walked towards the frighted animal.As she got closer the horse backed away from her making horrid neighs and whimpers.
"Hush now,Its alright.",Angel assured softly as she slowly held out her hand.
"Angel,no!Do not go closer!",her father warned.
"What is she doing...",her mother said under her breath.The unicorn eased up and slowly walked towards the beautiful human before it.Angel took a few more steady steps closer.
"Angel!I forbid it!Do not dare walk any closer!.", the queen exclaimed.The two were inches away.She reached out the pet the calmed unicorn and let out a silent sigh of relief.Her hand touched its snout for a second before hell reared its ugly head. With a loud bang the unicorn dropped to its side right before Angel who was in total shock.The crowd was screaming in total panic;mayhem in the stands.Her eyes fixated on the dead creature below as he parents were taken out just as swiftly.Members of the crowd being set ablaze by a random fire set to the stands.Angel was trapped.No one to help her.The guards were dead as well.She came back to reality just as she was surrounded by flames.She screamed for anyone to save her; choking at the smoke and smell of burning flesh beside her.
"Heaven above,some one help me!",She yelled as loud as her voice could take.Her feet caught fire.She hollered as it traveled up her legs and set to her arms and hair.Her heart busted within her chest and she collapsed deeper within the flames.

She awoke in a dark ally,resting on the cold dirt in rags.She felt a sudden depression blanket her.She slowly stood up.Not a scratch on her nor a burn.She walked out from the ally to finally realize it was raining.Angel looked up at the dark clouds letting the drops hide her tears.A cry was herd in the next ally over. She walked over and peeked in the well lit,covered passage.A girl sat in the corner next to a Cocker Spaniel with six new born pups nursing and sleeping close by.Angel looked closer and noted the dogs jaw was locked on the younger girls hand.The girl tried to stand up only to be tugged down by the dog,its teeth ripping further into her flesh.She was frightened and sat were the dogs grip told her.Angel walked down the ally and approached the girl.The dog let go to bark at the stranger but once Angel slowed her steps the dogs head lowered.The younger girl looked a good sixteen years old and wore nothing but tattered rags.Her dark brown,wavy hair cascaded down her face and was very short but, it covered half of her face nonetheless.Her fearful big blue eyes looked up into Angel's once sky colored orbs.Angel got on her knees to be at level with the child and gently rubbed her hair away from her covered pale toned face.Tears streamed from her face and blood from her hand as she threw her arms around Angel with a loud sob.

Angel was confused beyond comprehension.What had happened?Was her life as a princess a long unloving dream,a nightmare?Where was she?Who was the young girl she held in her arms?All she could manage to say was...
"Hush now...It's alright..."

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A_Journey said...
Mar. 1, 2012 at 4:22 pm
I really like this story! I was a little confused cause I thought the blond kid had killed the unicorn, but then I realized it was just a typo :P I hope you make a sequel! Btw, sorry for the advertising, but can you check out my story 'Elmer's School Glue'? Thanks!
MelodyMizu replied...
Mar. 2, 2012 at 10:53 am
Thank you,I am glad you like it.This is just the opening to the first chapter,I was waiting to see if people liked it before I continued.I will corect all the mistakes,don't worry.I will check it out as soon as i can! :3
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