The Lost Link

February 15, 2012
As Alexia’s secretary, Mary stood outside his office door she kept asking herself, “Will he be mad at me for interrupting him?”
This was Alexia’s work time, his time to get done as much work as he could do in an hour time period. As Mary opened the door Alexia shouted, “What is it?”
“Well, I can see you’re in a good mood.”
“I have to get all these papers into the president of Russia by next Tuesday.”
“You have over a week. What are you worried about?”
“Do you see how many papers there are here, it’s as big as a book? (It was more like two books)Mary thought to herself.
“Oh well, I’m so sorry, I’ll just leave.”
“Wait, what did you come in here for”
“Oh right, you have a telephone call on line two.”
“Well it better be a pretty important phone call then.”
“It’s about your daughter.” As Mary said that Alexia dropped the book of papers and ran to the phone, being a single parent of an only child, Helga was the only family that he knew of that still talked to him ever since he became Mayor of Russia and more importantly since Deborah (his departed wife) died.
“Hello, who is this and what does this have to do with Helga?”
“Calm down Mister Mayor I will answer all of your questions in due time.”
As Alexia took a deep breath he could feel the tension in the phone call. “Okay who is this.”?
“Better, much better. Me and my partner have kidnapped your daughter Helga and we are holding her as our hostage. We are requesting 3 billion dollars for her safe return”, Alexia noticed how he said requesting almost making it seem like he had a choice.
“If you do not give us the money we will cut her limbs off one by one and sending them to you”. Alexia was stunned he didn’t know how to react.
“How do I know you are telling the truth, let me talk to her”.
“Fine but don’t spell any words out to your daughter, they could be code words”, it was almost like he was teaching his partner a lesson.
“Dad, please come and get me we’re at that”.
“That’s enough, clocks ticking Mayor”, as crazy as it sounded he was right if I ever wanted to see Helga ever again I either had to be a sneaky ninja, or I had to give them the money that they wanted. My first thought was to go to the police, but then I remembered that they like to go into places guns-a-blazing and don’t plan a lot so I went to Raul (my chief of security).
“Is this a joke?”, Raul blurted out. “You’re telling me that someone either killed or snuck past our second best security guard, and kidnapped Helga”.
“That’s what these two men are implying”.
“How do you know that there are two people”?
“The guy who was talking on the phone kept saying “me and my partner” and “we” almost like he wanted me to know that there were two people”.
“Have you tried the chip in her phone”?
“What chip”?
“We put a tracking chip in her phone after that bomb threat in Brazil”.
“Why don’t I know about this”?
“In Brazil someone hit you on the head and you got a concussion”.
“That’s why I can’t remember it” After he said that he wondered why he did, it was a very stupid statement.
“Well then let’s go”, on the way there we listened to some kind of happy song and it bummed me out.
“Are we almost there?” Raul said as if he was ten.
“We will be there in about ten to fifteen”.
“But I’m bored”, I recruited Raul when he was thirty-two is it possible that he actually lost age.
“Can you just sit down and be quiet”, it was the longest fifteen minutes I’ve ever had to get through.
“Where is it? I can’t see it?”
“I don’t know. Why don’t you get out of the car and look for it.”
“It’s cold outside though.” It really wasn’t it was sixty-five degrees.
“There it is.” I don’t know why Raul was so happy it was face down on one of the most major roads in Russia.
As I picked up the phone I saw that Helga had a message from her friend Olga it said, “Hey, I’m really sorry about what happened”. As I read it I turned away Helga was a nice girl but the drama was unbearable.
“So now what, do we give them the money?” Alexia couldn’t have said that in a more saddened manner.
“That’s a great idea we can tell them we are going to pay them. Then we can ambush them”.
“I wasn’t talking about that, but great idea, I’ll call them now”. As Alexia was on the phone waiting for the abductors to pick up, he realized that he had no idea what he was going to say, and as he was thinking they picked up.
“Hello”, Alexia notice that the voice sounded like a young boy.
“I have your money, where do you want to meet”?
“For what”? Alexia didn’t know if he was just playing stupid with him or he really didn’t know what he was talking about.
“I’m going to give you the money you want for my daughter safe and sound”.
“Oh, “okay”, where do you want to meet?”
“In the alleyway, behind the pizzeria on 4th street at 9am tomorrow.
“Okay I’ll tell the boss.” The boss that meant that means he could confirm that this was a two person job.
“Okay. I’ll be there with your money if you are”.
“So what happened?” Raul said in an annoyed manner.
“I set up a meet for tomorrow at 9am.
“Why so early?”
“What do you mean that’s plenty of time”.
“Do you know what we need?”
“No, what do we need?” As Alexia said that, Raul pulled out a list.
“We need 2 Swat protected vehicles , 10 Kevlar vests, 7 M14 rifles and 1 M2O3 grenade launcher, that’s enough to start a small war.”
“Why do we need so much stuff, isn’t going to be just you and me?”
“Oh I almost forgot to tell you I pulled in a seal team to help us out with this.”
“We need the Americans help with this?”
“In their book this is a major priority, they’re flying to us in an hour.”
“Well then let’s get going on that to-do list,” it took about half the time Raul predicted to get all the things we needed, for the other three hours Raul and I talked to Ralof and his team.
When I saw the car turn the corner my heart stopped, it was like the earth was still, I saw the man (almost boy) pull out the revolver I was almost positive I was going to die and never see Helga again. It seemed like the boy wasn’t even aiming where he was shooting, then it happened. At first I didn’t realize I got shot, I was too angry to even care, but then I started feeling dizzy, then I fell to one knee and the last thing I remember seeing is one of the snipers on the rooftops get taken out and fall to the cold, hard, Russian cement.
The first thing I remember seeing when I woke up was the other sniper on the rooftop.
“I’m sorry about your partner.”
“No, what really happened was.”
“I’ll tell him what happened.”
“Raul, what happened, how am I still alive.”
“What really happened was the boy that was shooting that gun in the passenger seat, well he was actually shooting a bear tranquillizer made to look like a gun.”
“A tranquillizer?” “Why would he use that instead of an actual gun?”
“We think that they couldn’t afford it or Matt didn’t trust him with it.”
“You knew them, were you in with them, did you help them kidnap Helga?”
“No, of course I didn’t, we just found out how they got past our security guards they were the security guards.”
“Matt and Nick, I hope they got fired.”
“A little bit worse, Matt and Nick died on impact, they thought they could break through two swat vehicles with a 1998 Camry, but Helga made it!”
When I heard that I tried to get up, but I forgot I had 20 ml of tranquillizer inside of me. “Where is she, is she okay.”
“She is in intensive care, she is in the room next to us.
“A couple of months later Helga and Alexia made a full recovery and everything was perfect, for now

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