The Collector

February 3, 2012
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Martin could not think, he could not focus, he just stared in terror.
A cloaked figure approached him with caution. It's steps vibrated through Martin's eardrums. An icy shiver crept down Martin's spine. No. He would not let himself die in the hands of one of them. He would find a way, he would have to.
The figure was now in plain sight. Martin now realized that the figure was not human, but a shadow. Martin looked left and right, there was no owner of the shadow.
"This is impossible!" Martin screamed as the shadow revealed it's features. It's face was smeared with thick, fresh blood, and where it's eyes should have been, were empty eye sockets.The thing grinned and cackled with laughter as it closed in on Martin.
"Who are you?" Martin yelled. The shadow figure pulled out a black stained knife from it's cloak.
"I am anything but a shadow," It spoke calmly. "I am a collector and you are just another addition." And as Martin felt the blade enter his body, he realized he was happy to die...

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CDHLegend said...
Feb. 19, 2012 at 9:03 pm
Its kind of short.... I know
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