January 19, 2012
By jensenchris BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
jensenchris BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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On November 7th 2014, the countries of Russia and China, after a 6 week war over the oil in Siberia, launched nuclear and cobalt weapons at each other in an effort to destroy each others ability to wage war. Three days later Iranian nuclear bombers hit Israel and the United States. Most of the bombers were shot down before reaching America but a few made it through, 2 into Washington and 3 into New York. With the President and most of the American government dead, the U.S.  responded by launching nuclear weapons at the whole of the Middle East. After about 2 weeks the first large amounts of radiation from the Russo-China war reached the United States, the first estimates were 10 million sick, but that number rose quickly. With the worlds superpowers in chaos, many smaller countries sought to take advantage of the situation. The European Union rose to take leadership, trying to control a situation that had already spiraled out of control; instead they just became bigger targets. In response to a large European military build up, Russia invades Eastern Europe, and launches nuclear weapons at Western Europe.
“Today is Friday the 12th. Oh and Colonel Towers, welcome back.” The secretary said.
              “Thanks and if the the lieutenant comes in tell him I need to see him at lunch.”
             “Yes sir.”
            “Oh and Samantha, if you could set up an appointment with General Briton, I needed to see him.”
            “Sorry sir I can’t do that.”
            “Why not?”
            “The Generals secretary sent out a memo stating that the General could not accept any visitors because he’s busy with the state of affairs in Washington.”
            “Oh okay. Thanks anyway.”
             The Colonel walked into his office, setting his bag onto his desk. He walked around the desk and sat down in a large leather chair. His office was in fact a deans office in a school now turned into a mini pentagon, the real Pentagon having been destroyed by the nuclear bombs dropped on it. In fact the Colonel never even got to see his office since he had been promoted just five days before the bombing.
“Oh well,” he said as he stretched, “I guess the General has more important things to do than seeing me.”
He looked at his desk, in particular a picture of his wife and two young daughters.
“Madeline,” he said to himself, “I hope you and the babies are okay. I’ll be home soon.”
The Colonel sat for a moment, thinking to himself. After awhile a knock shook him from his thoughts.
“Yes come in.” He said.
He was startled when the General, his father in law, walked in.
            “General Briton!” He yelled as he stood up.
             “Colonel please, at ease.”
             The Colonel motioned for the General to have his chair but he refused.
             “I came to congratulate you Steven.” The General said.
             The General took a seat and looked at the picture of Stevens family.
              “How’s Madeline and the kids?” He asked.
             “They’re good, but they’ve been busy helping refugees.” Steven replied.
“That’s like my daughter alright. How have you been?”
“Busy, thankfully.”
“That’s good, are you enjoying your new position?”
            “Yes I am, I just wish I could do more.”
             “Like a command?”
             “Of course I want a command, but even if I didn’t have a command I just want something to do to help.”
             “You don’t like seeing your fellow countrymen suffer do you?”
             “No I don’t, and I want to fight back.”
             “I know you want to help, and that’s why I’m here.”
             “I didn’t just come here to congratulate you. I wanted to ask if you wanted to come to Europe with me as a field commander.”
           “An assignment sir?”
             “Yes for two years.”
             “In June, when our expeditionary forces leave.”
             “I’ll have to consult with Madeline.”
             “Of course, and if you choose to come she’ll stay with my family.”
             “That sounds like a good assignment sir, I’ll definitely consider it.”
             Steven pulled up to his house at around 7:20, and was greeted by his wife siting on the porch. She got up and he kissed her softly before they moved into the house.
               “How was your day?” she said.
               “Fine, your dad came by,” he replied.
               “He did...what for?”
               “I tell you over dinner.”
               “Okay, the kids are asleep so be quiet.”
              He walked into the bedroom and took off his uniform and put on a white t-shirt and sweats. When he went back into the living room his wife was busy cooking. He smiled to himself thinking of her hard work and how much he appreciated her. She glanced at him and smiled back.
              “Whats so funny?” She asked playfully.
                “Nothing...I just love you.”
                 He took her in his arms and kissed her again, but this time with a little more firmness.
               “I love you.” She whispered.
            A freezing wind swept over the base. Captain Ragnvald Sokolov walked briskly towards  a bunker sitting next to a aircraft hanger that had been refit to maintain tanks instead of aircraft. To the east the first rays of the sun were peaking giving a faint hue of orange to the desolate landscape.
               “Captain!” A soldier yelled.
               The Captain turned to face his announcer. It was his gunner, Lieutenant Andrey Viktor.
               “Andrey what are you doing out so late? It’s past your bed time.” The Captain said jokingly.
“I wanted to ask you about our newest assignment. The order said we would be moving out of our positions here in the west to the east.”
                “Yes...and what of it?”
                “Well sir isn’t the east gone?”
          “What do you mean by that Lieutenant?” the Captain said in a stern voice.
          “Well didn’t the Chinese take most of Eastern Siberia?”
                “Yes and that’s why we are being sent take it back.”
                  “But isn’t the fight with the E.U. more important?”  
             “Lieutenant... this war wouldn’t have happened if the Chinese hadn’t attacked us, so I wouldn’t say they aren’t important. Now go to bed and get your rest, you have no need to worry about this, I’m the Captain, it’s my job to worry about things like this.” He said trying to reaffirm the Lieutenants faith.
          “Okay sir.”
          The young Lieutenant walked off towards a shack in the distance. The Captain continued towards the bunker not paying any attention to the young man.
          “He’s right.” He thought to himself. “The east is gone. Why are we going there?”
Steven awoke from his sleep with the familiar feel of his 2 year old daughter sleeping on his chest. His wife was in the shower and he could smell the lavender body wash he was so accustomed to. He heard the water turn off and the door open with his wife wrapped in a blue towel.
        “Good morning.” He said admiring her.
        “Well good morning to you.” She said back.
        “I see she couldn’t sleep.” He said motioning to the baby on his chest.
        “She could sleep,” she replied, “just not without you.”
        He smiled and gently took the baby into his arms to carry to the living room while he accompanied his wife. He put the baby into a crib next to sliding glass doors, hoping the sun would gently wake her from her slumber.
        “Honey what do you want for breakfast?” she asked.
        “Whatever you want.” He said happily.
“That’s not a good answer.”
“Okay then, toast with eggs, please.”
“Do you want tea?”
“Yes, my love.”
She blushed and poured him a cup.
“I missed you while I was gone.” He remarked at her embarrassment.
“I missed you. When I saw what happened in Washington I thought you had been there.”She said beginning to tear up.
"Don't cry sweetie, I was never anywhere near Washington, you know
        “I know, it’s just whenever your gone I fear you might die.”
        “I’m not gonna die honey.”
        “You can’t say that, and now your going to Europe with my father...”
        He interrupted. “I won’t go if you don’t want me to.”
       “No no,” she replied,”it’s your job... it’s your dream.”
        It was late at night in a pub on the Lower Thames. Two men sat at a table drinking whiskey, enjoying both the warmth of a fireplace and the drinks. The two men were naval aviators on leave. They had just days earlier been on the front lines, or rather above them, in Germany, and perhaps this setting didn’t fit them as well for they were eager to get back up in the skies.
        “Whats wrong with the Lieutenant anyway?” Peterson said.
        “How do I know, something with his girlfriend.” Gerald said.
        “Oh well, I don’t care anyway. I just want to get back into the air and strafe down some ruskies.”
        “Me too, I hate being on leave least without company.” He said motioning to some women at a nearby table.
        “Ha forget about it they only want the American men.”
        “It’s not the 40’s...”
        “It doesn't matter... that’s how it is.”
        “Hey you never know maybe they’ll get strange and change their minds.”
        “Yeah... and considering all that’s happened, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing to happen.”
        The E.U. armored column moved east along the road that was strung along the cost of Southern France. They were moving to engage a small Russian invasion force that had landed and set up a strong foothold in an effort to draw European forces away from the front in Italy. Colonel Towers sat atop a tank, a Leopard 2A6, one of the worlds most advanced main battle tanks capable of speeds of 45mph. Only his wasn't moving.
        “Who would've thought a lousy tread would keep me from my first real command.” Towers joked.
        “Who would’ve thought your first command would a European one.” His lieutenant replied.
        Towers looked in the pocket of his coat and pulled out picture of his wife. He looked at the countryside while thinking of her.
        “Do you think my wife would like living here?”
        “Madeline?” The lieutenant replied with a snort. “Nah she’s a states girl, besides she’s not big fan of France if I recall.”
        “Yeah I almost forgot.”
To be continued...

The author's comments:
My first submitted work. Any feed back appreciated. Sorry for any grammar or indenting errors, I typed it on an iPad when I was bored so it might be sloppy. I'll probably continue it if people like it.

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