Wake Me, I'm Dreaming

January 18, 2012
By kaykay431 BRONZE, Ama, Louisiana
kaykay431 BRONZE, Ama, Louisiana
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Rain fell as Malania finished counting the inventory of Jessica Simpson’s new sparkling pumps and waited for her ride inside Bakers. Today was an unordinary day. She woke up with a stinging headache, her stomach turning, and when she tried to call her twin, Marcy, she received no answer. It wasn’t raining when she woke up at 8:25am, but when she stepped out the apartment to get in Jean’s car raindrops started falling and by lunchtime rain was pelting the roof of Bakers. Something was troubling her, and she could feel it.
The sound of a horn took her out of her daydream, and she saw Jean waiting for her in the no parking zone. She opened her purple cheetah print umbrella and tip-toed to the car step by step to avoid slipping in her cheetah pumps. “Hey,” she greeted Jean hastily. She slid in the car and smoothed her slick black hair into a ponytail. When she closed her umbrella and the door, she realized Jean hadn’t greeted her back. She looked into Jean’s green doe shaped eyes and saw that they were glazed. “What’s wrong?” she questioned Jean. Jean turned her head slowly towards Malania and opened her mouth to say something, but instead she shook her head. She peeled out and drove in silence all the way home. Why is she so quiet? When they reached home, Jean turned the car off and sat still. “Well what you waiting for?” Malania asked, and she started to open her umbrella, but Jean put her hand up to stop her.

“I need to tell you something,” Jean whispered. Malania sat back and waited for her to talk. “Have you talked to your sister today?” Jean asked, looking at Malania. Malania’s heart began to race and her palms sweat.

Jean swallowed hard before she answered. “When I got home to put something up, Torrent called and…”
“And what Jean?” she asked. “And what?”

“Marcy left him…” Before she could finish the sentence, Malania fell back into her seat and her eyes closed.

When Malania opened her eyes, she saw she was in their living room lying face down on the couch. She pushed herself up, looked around, and saw that the living room light was dim. She stood up, started walking toward the hallway, and heard Jean on the phone. “What is she talking about?” she whispered to herself.

“She’s been sleeping since I told her…well actually passed out. I don’t know. She usually passes out; she has some kind of condition. I’m not going check, she needs to rest,” Jean sat on the bed and put her head in her hands. “Me too.”

“What are you talking about, Jean?”

“Oh my God, let me call you back,” Jean hung up the phone.

“Who was that on the phone Jean and don’t lie.”

“It was…,” her mouth felt like cotton and she couldn’t keep her hands still.

“--Jean I have a headache, I feel nauseated, and I’m confused. I’m not in the mood for this bull today.”

“It was Torrent.”

Suddenly, it all came back to Malania, “Where is my sister, Jean?”

Jean started shaking her head, “We don’t know, Malania.”

“How does he not know? You’re talking real stupid right now.”

“Torrent told me that him and Marcy had an argument,” Jean got off her bed and started pacing the brown plush carpet, “and then...Marcy just walked out.”

“Did he ask her where she was going? Where would she go? Why wouldn’t she call me? Somebody’s lying,” Malania shook her head and let out a long sigh. She sat on the bed and picked up the phone. “I’m about to find out.”

“No,” Jean grabbed the phone “wait, please.”

“What do you mean wait? Why are you acting so suspicious,” Malania got up and walked closer to Jean like she wanted to pounce on her. “Wait, do you know something?”

“How could you ask me something like that, Malania?”

Malania looked at Jean and shook her head. “Can I use your car?” she asked as she marched towards Jean’s purse and rummaging through it until she heard keys jingle.

Malania grabbed them and walked to her room. Jean followed. “Where are you going?” Malania didn’t answer; instead she started to change clothes. She took off her black jeans and multicolored top that clung to her head like a child clinging to his mother on the first day of day care. She got frustrated and pulled the top back down onto her torso and ran to her closet to find some bottoms to match. Malania begin to throw clothes onto the purple carpet. Jean went back to a time where Malania was always trying to match everything; her eyebrows with her hair whenever she dyed it, her jeans and shoes, her shirts with her bottoms. This was a pet peeve that got on her friends and sister’s nerves, but she didn’t care because her motto was that perfection took time. Jean laughed at this sudden memory, but the smile faded when she thought about Marcy missing.

“What are you smiling about?” Malania asked after she found some blue satin shorts that matched with the blue stripes on her shirt.

“Oh, nothing,” Jean answered quietly. Malania shook her head and walked past Jean, her car keys in tow. Jean ran after her, “Malania, where are you going?”

“I’m going find out what’s going on.” Slamming the door, she got in Jean’s car and backed out of the driveway.

Jean was stuck standing outside pacing the street. Oh my God! I can’t believe this. I hope Torrent doesn’t say anything stupid, and I hope Malania doesn’t do anything stupid. She pushed her hair back, stopped pacing, and as she ran inside a devious smirk appeared on her face.

Torrent was lying on his couch relaxing when his phone began to ring. “Hello?” he jumped up, “what? I thought she was resting. C’mon Jean, you gotta do better.” He put the phone away from his ear when Jean began to raise her voice. “Jean I’m just saying if you wanna be with me we gotta do this right.” He sat back down and started laughing to himself “Oh, I’m laughing at this movie on this TV, but yeah I know what to say…and do,” he mumbled to himself. Before he could end his call, he heard banging at the door and his name being yelled, “Aye imma call you back, that’s her.” He ended the call and began to walk toward the door while smoothing his hair back. Before he opened the door, he checked himself out in the mirror and unlocked the door. Malania burst in and Torrent almost flew backwards. “Well damn, nice entrance, how you doing?” he asked while checking her out. She even prettier when she mad. A smile appeared on his face and it began to fade when Malania sat down and put her hands to her face exasperated. “What’s wrong?”

She looked at his 6’2 frame with disgust. “I’m trying…I’m really trying not to spaz out on you.” He started to say something, but she put her hand up, “No, looks like you and Jean want to do all the talking, but now it’s my turn. Sit down.”

He looked at her if she had two heads, “You must be trip—”

“—Sit down!” He shook his head in disbelief as he sat on the sofa. Malania got up and began to pace the room. She stopped, “Torrent, where is my sister?”

“Didn’t Jean tell you?”

“She told me the same thing you’re telling me—Nothing!”

“Man look, calm down.”

She got in his face, “I know you’re not telling me to calm down and you don’t know where my sister is!”

“Malania, get out of my face!” Malania processed his words and slapped him across his face. Torrent stood up quickly and got in her face, “Man, what’s your problem?”

“Torrent, I’m going to ask one more time—where is my sister?”

“Look I told Jean—”

“—What are you telling Jean for? That’s not her sister.”

“I didn’t want you to panic.”

Malania looked up at Torrent; I don’t know what my sister sees in him. I mean, his hair is cute and his skin looks good, but he’s a nobody. He does nothing and contributes to nothing. He thinks because he’s attractive he can get any girl. He’s probably cheating on her, but I’m not gonna tell her. She acts like she loves him so much and she might not believe me. She’s never told me about an argument she’s had with Torrent, so I don’t understand them getting into a fight and Marcy just leaving.


“Huh?” she shook her head in confusion.

“Me and Marcy had a fight and she left. She said she was going clear her head and hasn’t been back yet.”

“And, when was that?”

“At about two I guess.”

Malania felt that he was lying, but she didn’t have any proof. “I’m about to call the police.” Malania went in her purse and grabbed her phone and begin to dial 911.

“Aye, what you doing?”

“What does it look like?”

Torrent grabbed her phone and ended the call, “Nobody calling the police.”

“Boy, if you don’t give me my phone back, I’m gonna punch you in the face!”

“What you calling the police for?”

“Because my sister is missing, that’s why stupid.”

When Malania said the word stupid. He pushed her onto the sofa, grabbed her shirt, and got in her face. He was so close that their lips were touching. “Don’t you ever, in your life, CALL ME STUPID!” Spit flew out his lips onto her face and she shuddered. Malania looked into his eyes and saw a dark emptiness that she had never seen before. She was scared for her life and she wanted to go anywhere as long as she wasn’t in his presence.

“Torrent let me go, please.” She turned her head away from his eyes and began to cry.

When Torrent saw her tears he came back to and realized what he had just done. He let go of her shirt and sat next to her. “Malania I’m so sorry, you gotta believe me. Marcy just left and I don’t know where she is. I really don’t know.” He began to cry. Malania was confused as she wiped her face. She didn’t know if what she just witnessed was reality or supernatural.

She looked at him “It…it…it’s okay Torrent. I understand. I’m sorry for calling you stupid.”

He looked up at her, “You really are?”


Torrent picked up his head, wiped his eyes, and looked at her. “I’m sorry for pushing you, but I really don’t like being called stupid. You understand right—“

“--I understand ,okay.” Malania begin to look at the door.

“You about to leave?”

His words made her jump “Uh, yeah. I have to go back home and talk to Jean.”

Torrent grabbed her hands, “You not gonna tell her what happened right?”

“Of course not.” She got up and rushed to the door.

“I’ll tell Marcy you came by, as soon as I hear from her.”

Malania ran out of the door and down the stairs almost. She got in the car and drove away as fast as she could. She reached in her purse for her phone and called her friend, Enrico. They were almost as close as her and Marcy. He was always there to give her advice and help her in any way he could. While she was waiting for Enrico to answer, she looked at the time and saw that it was 7:21 pm. “Hey, what are you doing? I’m coming over…right now…I’ll tell you when I get there…okay, bye.”

Enrico got out of his bed and turned on the light. I wonder what she wants. He shrugged, went in his bathroom, and took off his durag to brush his hair into a ponytail. He left the bathroom and grabbed a shirt off of his bed, put some Nike slippers on and went in the living room to sit on the sofa. He thought about where his roommate was and went back in his room to retrieve his phone. He started dialing his roommate Jeff’s number and sat back on the sofa. “What’s up bruh?...Man where you at?...Oh, for real, you staying over there ‘till tomorrow?...‘Cause I got company… Real, alright… Imma hit you back tomorrow… One.” As soon as he ended his call, he heard a knock at the door. He got up and went to open the door and confusion came over his face, “Hey Marcy, what you doing here?”

As Malania rode towards Enrico’s apartment she thought about her sister. Where could she be? She’s never not called me. POP! “What in the hell?!” The car began to slow down and Malania steered off the road and came to a complete stop. “Damn!” She beat the steering wheel. She grabbed the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car to check the trunk for a spare. She saw there was one, but she knew she couldn’t change it. She ran back to the car, got in, and grabbed her phone. She began to dial Enrico’s number and got no answer. “Why is he not answering?!” she screamed. She thought about calling Torrent, but she remembered how he acted an hour ago, so calling him was not an option. She decided to call Enrico again and on the fourth ring he answered.

“Hello…Yeah, I was busy, I’m sorry…What’s wrong?...Where at?...I’m on my way.” Enrico put the phone in his back pocket and looked at Marcy.

“Don’t tell my sister I came here okay?”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“I can’t explain right now.” Marcy sat down and shook her head and faintly mumbled, “I can’t believe him.”

“Nothing, look I’ll call—no you call me when you meet my sister okay?” She got up and began to walk to the door.

“Where you going?”

“To do something I should have been done.” And with that Marcy began to walk out the door.

Enrico looked at the door with his eyebrows scrunched. Then suddenly Malania came to his mind and he ran to his room to get his keys and ran out the door. I’m on my way, Lani.

Torrent went in the bathroom and grabbed a towel, wet it, and wiped his face. He smiled at his reflection, Man I look good. “Imma blunt blowin’, polo draws showing…” He ran in his room to get his cell phone, jumped sideways on the bed, and answered the phone. He rolled his eyes in aggravation. “What do you want?...Because you keep calling me…I don’t know where she at…She left…Don’t do that…Because I said so…Don’t tell me calm down…Jean look imma call her and see alright…Bye.” He threw his phone on the floor. She really getting on my nerves. He lay down on his bed, smiled at his reflection in the mirrors on his ceilings, and drifted to sleep.

Jean looked at the phone like it had just bitten her ear. “What is his problem?” she screamed. “Ughh!” Maybe I was too hard on him. I should call him back. She grabbed the phone, but then put it back down. No, I don’t want to make him any madder. Maybe I should go over there, yeah. She begin to smile as she called Bridden Cab Company. “Hi, my name is Jean Laurie and I need a cab…I live at 523 Dorcone Street in Hill Valley…Okay, about 30 minutes? That’s fine…Thank you.” She got up and went to her closet. He won’t be mad anymore when I get there.

Moments later she was ready. She passed her hands over the tight black jeans that adorned her legs and smiled. She heard a beep outside and ran to the bathroom to check her hair and make-up, and she heard another beep. I’m coming, dang! Jean checked her reflection again and then rushed out the door. She almost fell trying to get to the cab in her black pumps.

“Took you long enough” the cabbie mumbled fiercely.


“Nothing M’am,” he whispered and pulled off.

Jean rolled her eyes. I bet he’s not getting a tip from me.

“Where is your destination?”

“The GardenGate Apartments.”

“Ok,” he turned around to get a look at his passenger, “you look kind of dressed up to be going to some apartments, gotta hot date?”

“That’s really none of your business, but yes I do. I’m going visit my boyfriend” she began to blush.

“Don’t mean to pry, but you seem to be in love”

“Well…” she started giggling.

The cabbie rolled his eyes, but kept his composure. “So, what’s the lucky guy’s name?”

“Torrent; cute huh?” Jean looked out the window and saw the sign that greeted people to the apartments. The cabbie drove up to the gate, stopped at the keypad, and began to type in the numbers to get in. “How do you know the number?”

“I know someone who stays here, ” He pulled in and stopped abruptly, “my boyfriend.” Marcy pulled off the hat that was covering her black hair and got out the car. “Get out the car ‘cause I’m about to beat your ass!”

Marcy ran down to the driveway to get in her car and then drove off to go see her friend Marcus who worked for Bridden Cab Company. Her mind was racing. I can’t believe he’s cheating on me, then with Jean. I can’t believe they would do that to me. Her eyes began to water. If Malania knew this she would kill Jean before I could get to her. She knows how much I love…loved Torrent. Ughh, I can’t stand his stupid ass. He lucky I didn’t break his neck. Gonna sit there and tell me he wasn’t cheating on me and I saw the messages in his phone between him and Jean, like I’m stupid. She beat the steering wheel when she thought about it. Marcus is the only person that can calm me down right now. She reached his job in 10 minutes, which would have been 15 if she wasn’t doing 50 mph. She parked her car in the parking lot and got her purse. She received her phone and turned it on. Before she could get out of the car her phone began vibrating non-stop and she saw she had four missed calls from Malania. “I might as well call her.” She touched her name and got the voicemail. “I guess she turned her phone off. “ She shrugged, got out of the car, and walked into the business.

Marcus saw Marcy walking in and his frown became a smile; her presence alone made him feel refreshed. He got up and went to greet her with a tight hug. She feels so good. When he stepped back and looked in her face, he saw that she was distraught and did not seem to be her usual self. “What’s wrong?”

She looked away, “Nothing.”

He grabbed her chin, “Marcy what’s wrong?”

She left his grasp and sat on the sofa. He followed and sat next to her. “I’m just a little stressed out that’s all. Me and Torrent had a big fight—”

“You and Torrent huh? I told you break it off with him.” He saw that she wasn’t listening as always, so he changed the subject. “So how you doing?”

“I don’t know, just kind of stressed out.”

“Where’s Malania?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t talked to her all day today.”

“That’s not normal of y’all two. It’s almost 8 and you haven’t talked to her?”

“I know but I just didn’t feel like talking to her today. You know how she can be.”

“And I know she probably worried sick ‘bout you to.”

“Imma call her when I get ready okay!” She jumped up.

Marcus didn’t know what was wrong with Marcy. She usually was cool and calm, but now she was acting like her twin being all dramatic. He got up and hugged her from behind, “What’s up with you? You never act like this.”

Marcy let him hold her and after some thought she decided to confide in him. She turned around and put her head on his shoulder and held his neck with her arms. “Torrent cheated on me, with—”

Suddenly the phone rang and Marcus let her go. “Hold on, I gotta answer this…Hello this is Bridden Cab Company, what can we do for you today?...Okay Jean, where do you stay?...Are you ready right now?...okay we’ll be there, you’re welcome.”

“Jean? Where does she live?” Marcy asked.

“You know her?”

“I think I do, where does she live?”

“On Dorcone Street in Hill Valley”

“Oh, that’s my sister’s roommate” Suddenly an idea popped into Marcy’s head. I can go pick her up and see where’s she going and then confront her. “Let me pick her up. I wanna surprise her.”

“Marcy I don’t know.” He scratched the back of his head.

She ran over to him and gave him a peck on the lips, “Please, I just wanna surprise her. I’m gonna bring her where she needs to go. You know I would never jeopardize your job.” She felt a spark between their lips and when she gave him puppy-dog eyes looking into his eyes were too mesmerizing, so she looked down.

He was surprised by the kiss and felt his lips. He looked down into her hazel eyes and saw that she looked genuine. He loved her eyes. “Well…” He looked back at the phone.

“I’ll be right back after I’m done,” she looked at him until she saw him smile, “thank you!” She hugged him and then ran to the back of the office to retrieve Marcus’s hat that he always wore when he was in the cab. “Let me borrow this.”

“Look go and get her, bring her to wherever she wants to go, and come back here.” He gave her the keys and followed her to the parking lot where the cars were parked. “Be safe, okay?”

“I will,” She got in the car and put all her hair into the hat, looked into the mirror, and then started up the car.

Marcus knocked on the window and Marcy put it down. “Aye, I’m serious yeah. Don’t do nothing stupid.”

“I’m not, trust me” She smiled at him and began to back out of the parking garage. He watched as she drove off and shook his head. I really hope she not lying to me.


Jean’s eyes nearly bucked out of her head when she registered that her cab driver was Marcy. She tried to move, but her body was frozen in surprise and fear. Oh My God!

“What you can’t hear? GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CAR!” Marcy was screaming even louder after she realized Jean wasn’t moving. Oh, so she scared? She folded her arms smugly. “Oh, so you have nothing to say now,” She started laughing “I can’t believe you would do this to me.” She pointed to her chest. “Come on,” she grabbed Jean by her hair and began to drag her out of the car, “we’re going see your little boo.”

Jean begin to kick and scream as Marcy dragged her. Marcy got to the stairs and pushed her head against the banister. Jean rubbed her head, got up, and slapped Marcy across her face. Marcy charged at Jean and they begin to fight. Someone heard the ruckus from their apartment and recognized Marcy. They ran up the stairs to get Torrent.

Torrent heard a banging at his door and jumped out of his sleep. What the hell?! He ran out of his room and opened the door, “What?”

“Excuse me; your girlfriend is down their fighting some girl.”

Torrent pushed past the person, looked over the balcony, and saw Marcy on top of Jean. He ran back inside, grabbed his phone, and began to call Malania. She didn’t answer. “Ughh!” he threw his phone on the sofa and ran out of the door down the stairs. “What are y’all doing?” When Jean saw Torrent, she pushed Malania off of her and ran to him.

“She’s trying to kill me. She’s crazy”

Marcy got up and tried to get to her again, but Torrent grabbed her. “What is wrong with you?” Marcy punched Torrent and blood spewed from his mouth. She kicked him between the legs and he fell to his knees. Jean ran towards him and tried to hold him up. Marcy grabbed her shoulder and punched her in the face with all her might and knocked her out cold. She kicked Torrent again.

“How could you? To me out of all people. I was there for you, I loved you and you do this to me?” Her voice cracked.

“I’m sorry babe.” Torrent said barely audible.

“You’re sorry? Yeah, you’re sorry.” She shook her head in disgust at both of them and ran back to the cab. She backed out of the gate as fast as she could and drove away.

Malania was dozing off when she heard her phone ring. Enrico finally. “Hello…What’s taking you so long?...15 minutes is a long time…Hurry up,” She got out of the car and stood on with her arms resting on the hood. “I’m standing up right now and I don’t see a car, which way are you coming from…Oh I see your car, you see me?... Okay, bye.” She got down, walked to the other side of the car, and leaned onto the door.

Enrico pulled up in front of the car and got out with a flashlight. He hugged her tightly. “You was scared huh?” He put a strand of hair behind her ear.

She stepped back and scrunched her eyebrows at him “Scared? I ain’t never scared.”

He grabbed her again and they walked to the back of the car. “You think you so bad huh?”

She looked into his ebony eyes and began to think, He might be boyfriend material. She began to laugh. He grabbed her arms playfully and brought her body toward his, “What’s so funny?” He looked into her eyes and smiled. Maybe this could be my chance. He brought his face close to hers and just as their lips met they heard a siren and saw glaring bright lights.

A cop approached them with his flashlight. “What’s going on here?”

Malania and Enrico looked at each other and then separated. Malania answered, “I had a blowout and my friend was helping me.”

“M’am where were you coming from?”


“Just answer the question, Malania,” Enrico nudged her.

Malania rolled her eyes at Enrico before answering the cop, “I was coming from my sister’s apartment and going to his house.”

“Wait, you look like someone I just saw on my computer.”

“Well, I am a twin.”

“What are you and your twin’s names?”

“My name is Malania and her name is Marcy.”


He asking too many questions. “Yes, what picture are you talking about?”

“Have you talked to your sister today?”

“No, what’s going on?”

“There was a disturbance by the GardenGate apartments and it involved...” The officer looked down at his little tablet, “two females and a male.”

Malania was starting to get confused, What is he talking about? “What are their names?”

“Uhmm, Torrent Williams, Jean McCartney, and your sister, Marcy Lee”

“Oh My God, what happened?” Enrico looked at Malania.

“There was a fight and people saw your sister leaving the premises.”

“I need to go find my sister. Can I go now sir?”

“Do you need any help with your car?”

“No, I’m gonna leave it right here.” Malania ran to the car and got her things. “Come on, Enrico.” Enrico looked at the cop, shrugged his shoulders, and followed after Malania as she got in his car.

“I can’t believe them!” Marcy screamed as she beat the steering wheel. Her eyes were blinded with tears and she could barely see the road. I need my sister. Her chest begin to heave and her sobs became uncontrollable. Her phone begin to ring and she tried to rummage through her purse with her eyes on the road, but she couldn’t feel the phone, so she let it ring. I’ll call them back when I stop. She leaned into the seat and moved her head from side to side. I thought he loved me. I thought she was my friend. Beating Jean and Torrent was only a temporary fix for Marcy’s pain, and after she still felt hurt. She needed someone to tell her she was still worth something. I need to see Marcus. She begin to speed in the direction of the cab company.

Torrent looked at Jean with disgust. He couldn’t believe he had sex with her or had even given her the time of day. Her presence made him sick. I hate this girl. As soon as them cops stop questioning her she getting the hell out my house. Jean saw Torrent looking at her and a smile formed on her face. She turned back to the cops and answered their question.

“I don’t know why she would act like that”

“Man you know why, stop acting stupid!”

The cop questioning Jean looked over at Torrent, “You didn’t seem to know much either when I was questioning you, but now you have something to say.”

Torrent looked down at the floor and said in a whisper, “I hurt…we hurt her.”

“What do you mean?”

Jean looked at Torrent and folded her arms; he ignored her and spoke up, “She was her friend…I was supposed to love her…I don’t know…”

The cop finally understood what really happened, “So you cheated on your girlfriend with her friend, she found out, and beat both of your asses—excuse my language.”

“She didn’t beat nothing over here!” she screamed at the rude cop.

“M’am calm down” the cop tried to stop his laughter from the irony of her statement as he looked her black eye, tangled hair, swollen cheek, and bust lip. I beat the other girl has no scratches on her.

Torrent laughed as he looked at her face too. “What are you laughing at, you let her punch you in your mouth, at least I was fighting her,” Jean said with an angry gaze.

Torrent nodded his head, “You got that. Is this all sir?”

“Only if you guys wanna press charges.”

“I wanna—”

“—We good. Imma handle this.”

“Okay well hope you get this right,” he gestured over to Jean as she kept her head to the side.

“Imma try.” It hurt him to get up because his privates were still a little sore, but he wanted to show the cop to the door.

“Y’all talk now.”

“Yeah, you too.” He closed the door and put his head against it.

“So you think I’m not gonna press charges on her?”

“I know you not.”

Jean got up, “You don’t know nothing ‘cause I’m pressing charges on her as soon as I leave from here.”

Torrent backhanded Jean so hard she flew over to the sofa. “I said you not doing nothing! Now make me hurt you in here. Actually, get the hell out my house before I break your face! You a dumb broad!”

As he stalked over to her, Jean saw a rage she had never seen in Torrent’s eyes before and she began to cower behind the couch. He grabbed her and threw her towards the door and she hit it with a thud. “But I have no car, no money, no phone…”

“I don’t give three damns, GET OUT MY HOUSE!”

His tone of voice nearly made her jump out of her clothes. She got up holding her face and ran out of the door.

“She over here kicking asses but she can’t answer her twin sister’s phone call!” Enrico begin to laugh. “I don’t find anything funny, I mean I really don’t.” She rolled her eyes at his show of immaturity.

“I’m sorry Lani, but you think she trying to talk to anybody right now?”

“I’m not anybody, I’m her sister.”

“I know that but—”

“—I don’t remember asking for your input though.”

“Why you so mean? Dang.”

“I’m not mean, I just don’t like when people give their opinion—”

“No, you just don’t like to be wrong, but since you don’t want my opinion, I’m not gonna tell you nothing ‘bout your life no more.”

“I didn’t mean it like that Enrico so chill.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“You know what; I don’t have time for this. Bring me back, so I can get Jean’s car and do what I have to do.”

Enrico sighed loudly. He didn’t mean to be so distant towards her, but she needed to learn she couldn’t always get her way. “Malania I’m not turning around, so shut up and enjoy the ride.”



She looked at him, rolled her eyes, and faced the window. They were silent for the rest of the ride until Malania’s phone began to ring. Who is this? She looked at the number and then ignored the call. I can’t believe she has the nerve to call my phone after she got into a fight with my sister.

“Who was that?” Enrico asked breaking the silence.


“She probably wants to know where you are with her car.”

“She can go walk and find it or tell Torrent to bring her home.” How did she get over there anyway?

“Malania, you don’t even know what happened yet.”

“We’re gonna find out.”

“I thought you wanted to find you sister?”

“No, I wanted to go to Torrent’s house ‘cause Jean probably still over there.”

“You should have answered her call and you would’ve found out—”

“—No time for this, just shut up and drive!”

“Okay Lani.”

Jean sat at the bottom of the steps and cried silently to herself as she continually called Malania’s phone only to not receive any answer. Maybe she talked to Marcy and that’s why she isn’t answering. She still needs to bring me my car. I don’t care how mad she is I need my car now. She tried to wipe her face, and it stung at the slightest touch. She still couldn’t believe Torrent had hit her. She never knew him to be like this. I never saw Marcy with black eyes and bruised cheeks. They always seemed so happy, at least she did. Well, he kinda did, but he doesn’t love her. I know he still loves me; he’s just agitated right now.

Jean hesitatingly raised her body from the step, but flinched because her body still ached from her tussle with Marcy and her meeting with Torrent’s door. She took her time with each step and when she reached the second floor, she had to sit down and let her throbbing legs get a rest. She called Torrent’s phone and on the fifth ring he answered. “I’m sorry Torrent…Can I please come in?...You know Malania has my car!...I didn’t mean to scream, I’m sorry…I got her in a cab…My wallet is in that cab Marcy brought me here in…Please, I’ll do anything—” Her words were cut short when she saw Malania stalking up the stairs. She ended the call, jumped up, and begin running towards Torrent’s door.

“Don’t run now!”

Enrico exited the car and begin to run after Malania, “Lani chill!”

“Please Malania, I can’t take another beating.” She started to sob hysterically.

Malania stopped and looked at Jean. Dang, Marcy beat her ass. I didn’t know she could fight. I mean I never seen her fight—


“What? I’m not gonna hit her, I mean look at her…What else can I do?” Malania begin to laugh to herself.

“DAMN! What happened to you?”

Jean became embarrassed by the stares of Jean and Enrico. She needed to see her face. She ran past them both, went to a car window, and her reflection made her start a whole new batch of tears. Oh My God! My face, it’s so ugly. “Malania, where’s the car?”

“On the side of the road, where you belong.”

“Why would you leave my car—”

“Calm down and stop screaming before I slap the hell out of you. Your tire had a blowout that’s why I left it.”

“Well you could’ve called me—”

“You wouldn’t have answered because you were too busy fighting my sister. Why were y’all fighting anyway?”

“Uhmm, well, your sister just went crazy.”

“Okay, I see I’m not gonna get any answers from you, so imma go talk to Torrent.” Malania began her walk back up the stairs.

“Wait...” Malania stopped and looked at Jean, “don’t go in there. He’s acting crazy.”

Malania hesitated before walking up the stairs remembering her earlier episode with Torrent, but then she realized Enrico was with her. “I’m okay. Come on Enrico.” They both walked towards the apartment, and Malania knocked on the door.

Torrent jerked the door open, “Didn’t I tell you to go home?” He stopped when he realized it was Malania. “Uh, what you doing here?”

“What is Jean doing here and why were they fighting? And what happened to your mouth? You were fighting too?” I know you didn’t hit—”

“—No, I didn’t hit Malania. She did all the hitti—”

“—Where is she? Where is my sister?”

“I don’t know shoot. She left after she left us outside.”

“You’re so stupid I swear!”

Torrent raised his hand to hit Malania for disrespecting him, but was stopped by Enrico with a blow to the face. He was out cold.

“Why did you hit him that hard Enrico?”

“I didn’t hit him that hard Malania. He just soft that’s all.”

“I forgot he doesn’t like to be called stupid.”

“Well if he gonna act stupid he deserved to be called stupid.”

“I can’t believe he was really about to hit me though.”

“He probably hit Jean the way he came to this door like he had a problem.”

“Well now I can’t get any answers from either of them.”

Marcy arrived back at the cab company and saw Marcus standing in the parking lot. Shoot! I hope nobody called him. She looked at him and smiled as she eased the car into its spot. She got out and walked over to him.


“—Don’t hey me. Where you been?”

“Well you see what happened was that—”

“—It better be good.”

“Well if you let me tell you, dang!” She started walking into the doors of the business and Marcus trailed behind her.

“Well you haven’t said anything yet!”

“Stop interrogating me!” She ran into the bathroom, locked the door, and slid down to the floor feeling defeated. Marcy’s chest felt like it was about to burst as she tried to hold in her tears, but they betrayed her and fell.

Marcus went to the door and was about to knock, but he heard Marcy crying. Maybe I was too hard on her. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. “Marcy I’m sorry for screaming at you, open the door…Marcy please open the door.”

Marcy looked up at the knob and it felt twenty miles away. She was weak; she was tired. “I can’t open the door.”


“I can’t reach it.”

Marcus sighed, “Marcy open the door! Stop acting crazy; get up and open the door!” She picked herself up slowly, unlocked the door, and then slid down to the floor. Marcus entered the bathroom and looked at Marcy. What the hell is wrong with her? He knelt down next to her and looked into her eyes. He lifted her chin, “What’s wrong Marcy?”

“I tried to tell you earlier—”

“—tried to tell me what?”

“Let me talk Marcus!...” His eyes went wide when she hollered at him.

“Okay, talk.”

“Torrent cheated on me and—”

“—he did what?!”

Marcy glared at him when he interrupted her. “Sorry, I’ll be quiet.”

She exhaled before starting again, “He cheated on me with Jean, Malania’s roommate and…well I…”

“What? Say it again.”


Marcus stood up and looked down at her, “Jean…that’s who called—”

“—Marcus please don’t be mad. I had to confront her—”

“—Don’t be mad! What you mean! Marcy I told you don’t do anything stupid and you lied to me!”

“I know, but—”

“—Get out.” He opened the bathroom door.

Marcy looked at him incredulously, “Really, are you serious?”

“Look like I’m playing?”

She got up and wiped her eyes, “That’s fine.” She brushed past him, got her purse off the sofa, and went outside to the parking lot. She began looking for her keys. She found them and got in her car. She started it, looked over her shoulder, and saw Marcus looking at her car. As she was backing out, she put down the window and screamed to him, “What are you outside for! Go back inside you stupid—” Before she could finish her sentence, an eighteen wheeler collided with her car and dragged it to the end of the street to a screeching stop. Marcus began to run toward the car and every step felt like quicksand as he thought this may be his last time he sees the glimmer of her hazel eyes.

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