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January 31, 2012
By kcazss BRONZE, Nooksack, Washington
kcazss BRONZE, Nooksack, Washington
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The day began a normal fun day. It was a Tuesday and I had a trap shoot meet that night. I haven’t been doing very well so I needed to step it up to win. I was our last meet before state. I went to school and had a boring day nothing was cheering me up.

School finally ended with a bang I had metals’ class and my friends and I effed sheet up. We made a grenade launcher. Of course it was a fake one because we don’t have any grenades but it looked pretty real.

I had to go home and pick up my gun and bullets so that I could go shoot. Then I went to my friend Marks house. I drive a 1994 ford aspire everyone makes fun of it but my car is a hot rod. Its top speed is 80 and at 5000 rpm it makes 63 big horse power. No wait its 63.5 horse power but that thing can fly! The tires are starting to become a little bald they only have 215 thousand miles on them. Once I get to my friends house we hop in my bumping car and start mobbin to the meet.

We made it there in record time (30 min). That day I believe I shot a 22 and I was just messing around and seeing how far out I can shoot the skeet’s. After we wrap everything up it was time to leave. Not my favorite part but at least we had a good time at the meet. It was a nice sunny day out but it was cold and the dew was starting to set in. I had to park in a field because the place was packed. Good thing I backed in because the 13 inches tires were spinning like crazy trying to get some traction. Mark said to me lets go to McDonalds to get some food. So of course we did because I get great gas mileage, like 400 miles to 8 gallons! That’s super good gas mileage.

After the great food we headed back to the big town of Everson. On the way we had to stop in a few fields to get the car a little dirty. We are just driving along when I see the perfect field. I slow down then look around for cops. I slowly roll up into the field and floor it. I can feel all those horsies working, then I rip the brake and we go flying sideways. It is the best feeling in the world. After we stop sliding we get the heck out of there because I don’t want to get caught. The car needless to say was dirty as heck.

On our way home we were bumpin the heck out of the stereo. It was a fun day a lot more stuff happened but it would make to much of a bad a** story so I can’t go into it too much. After I cleaned the car it looked like a hot rod again. I will soon have it back on the road hittin up those little fields.

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