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January 16, 2012
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I want you to remember when you were in high school. I bet you had a moment where your view on life changed. If something doesn't come to mind right away, just think about it as I explain mine to you.

It was the beginning of sophomore year, and the teacher told us to meet at the computer lab the next day. When she told us the room number I just thought, “I know where that is.” Not listening to her tell the class where the classroom actually was. That was my first period class, so it was first thing in the morning. The next day, I went to where I thought the classroom was, but my class wasn’t there. Then I remembered that the teacher said it was room 164, but there was a problem with that I didn’t know where the room was. I then started looking at the numbers at the top of the classrooms. As I got closer to 164 the order would change and then I would have to start over. As I kept circling around the school, I became panicked and unsure of what I was really doing. Then I saw a senior that I knew and he asked why I wasn’t in class. I told him that I was lost, he then asked what class I was going to and then he told me where it was and I was off on my way. I finally made it to my class. The funny thing was that I wasn’t the only student that got lost and was late.

Now that I look back I can’t believe that I had made this experience so difficult on myself because all I had to do was listen. That wasn’t the main lesson I learned during that experience, I learned that I don’t know everything and I have a lot to learn. Starting that day, I thought and assumed that I knew the entire layout of the school, since I didn’t get lost my entire freshman year. In having that experience it has really helped me in school. It taught me that you really have to study and prepare to get to know a topic well. Now I make sure that I get a full grasp of the concept before I have confidence in sharing my wisdom on the topic. That moment in sophomore year has changed the way I live my life now. In sharing the story about what changed my life, I hope you were able to find yours.

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