The Chase

December 13, 2011
By Alex Sucik BRONZE, Broomfield, Colorado
Alex Sucik BRONZE, Broomfield, Colorado
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The fresh fall air was crisp with the nighttime just starting to engulf the sky. I had been hiding inside a rotted log for almost a hour now. I peaked my head out, taking a glimpse at the sky. The hungry hawk was still patrolling this section of the forest. Flying in infinite amounts of circles, its monstrous peppered grey and white wings in the air... this hawk was showing no signs of tiring, only hunger and impatience.

I knew I had to get back to the burrow soon. Some time before it becomes completely dark... if not, then it will be too late. This dreaded forest is too large, I would get lost in no time.

I pinned my long ears to my head and began watching the monster who was still circling overhead.

Precious time kept slipping away and the night was quickly eating away what sunlight is left.

Focusing on the perfect timing I shifted my weight on my back legs and hastily sprung out from the log, heading directly towards the burrow.

Hopping as fast as I could, I quickly looked back to reassure myself of my
safety but I already took the wrong step. I heard a quick snap of a twig, and immediately halted, bringing up one of my front paws. My heart felt like it was a volcano about to erupt from the center of my chest. I was frantically looking around, eyes darting in every direction, my head constantly twisting to observe the area better.

No hawk? No, no... this can't be-- the eerie silence was broken by the deathly screeching by the doom-bringing hawk.

I took a panicked glimpse of the sky and saw that there wasn't a single bird in sight. Assuming I was at least temporarily safe, I continued on with a quick dash making my way back to the burrow. The ear piercing screech rung through the forest once again. I darted into a small hole under the base of an impossibly tall pine tree. I ran into the hole and stopped, then turned my back towards the safety of the tree and backed myself in as far as possible and began to wait. My heart was beating even faster now. I waited until my coarse breathing finally started to cease before doing anything else.

I slowly begun to inch my tiny body forward, resting my chin on the dirt while trying to peek out of the hole. First my cold nose, followed by a tiny mouth and long whiskers. I could barely see the entire area but that's good enough. I lifted my head up and cautiously started crawling out of the hole until half my body was poking out. I heard the terrible screech again, but before I could react the hawk already begun it life ending dive towards me. Out of panic, I darted forward, my predator missing my fragile body by a second.

The darkness had almost completely taken over the sky, making it difficult to see. This gave the hawk and advantage. I looped around the tree nearest to me, and continue my frenzied dash towards my burrow, attempting to weave my way through the forest. With my unpredictable navigating between trees. bushes, and rocks being too difficult for the hawk to tolerate, he flew above the trees, still following.

The stillness of the night was only interrupted by the hawks periodic cries of intimidation, and the hardly noticeable thumps of my hopping. It felt like an eternity that the chase continued. The hawk finally made its move again by unexpectedly swooping down, hoping that this will be his lucky opportunity at getting dinner. I couldn't do anything this time, its menacing talons slithered their way around my small body.

Impulsively, I begun wiggling around, like a fish does when it's out of water. This is my last chance... if this doesn't work, I'm done for. I was successful at breaking free from this death trap. Luckily, the hawk hadn't gone up any more then ten feet when I broke free. After no more then three seconds, I made contact with a bush. This was good. It gave me some cushion for landing, assuring that I would not break anything, which would make my chances of survival none if I did. The thorns in the bush were pricking my entire body and wanting to get out I began squirming. Soon after, I realized the mistake of this. More and more thorns were stabbing me. I stopped moving altogether. I closed my eyes knowing the danger of not seeing the hawk, but I couldn't risk my eyes being jabbed. I eased my way forward out of the bush. As soon as I realized the poking finally ceased on my head, I opened my eyes and shook off any loose thorns.

The forest was completely dark. I'd sure be lucky if I make it....

The hawk screeched and I pounced forward. The hawk and I continued our game of chase once again. I was attempting to strategically weave my way blindly through the forest, while the hawk soars over the trees and never allowed his angered yellow eyes lose sight of me.

An almost foreign sound found its way into the quiet. It's a river. This is it for me. I can't swim and there's definitely no turning back from here. I look right then left. It's all just rocks. I can't climb rocks. The agonizing scream repeats itself and the hawk arrogantly swooped down and grabbed me from the ground. I could feel the life being squeezed away from me. All I can think about being with my family again... back at the burrow...

Light pours itself into my eyelids and I jump. I look around and I'm gently nudged on the side. I look over, directly into the concerned eyes of my family. It was a dream. I'm okay now. None of that really happened. I'm safe.

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bad ending said...
on Jan. 18 2015 at 8:37 pm
that is a horrible ending "and then it was all a dream" such a shame because it was an alright story


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