The falling building

November 17, 2011
By Anonymous

I woke up to the sound of ringing. I opened my eyes and followed the sound to the phone.
“Hello?” I asked as I picked up the phone
“Hello” a familiar voice answered.
“Yes. Come here to the building. I have another job for you.”
“Yes. Be here in five minutes”
I put down the phone and sighed. It was still very early. The sun hadn’t even come up yet. I got dressed immediately and ran out the door the streets were still empty of cars and it was absolutely quiet. I entered the white building again, wondering what sort of test boss would have for me and hoping that it wouldn’t be as dangerous as the last time.

“Good morning!” Boss said from behind his desk “Follow me; I have another test for you.”

I followed him down a hallway and past a maze of different colored doors, finally stopping at one with a red symbol and putting his and on it. The symbol glowed, then then the door swung open. To my surprise, I saw that we were on top of a tall building. There were stairs leading inside the building. The boss handed me a watch with the number five on it.
“What you need to do,” he explained “is get to the bottom of this building before the time on this watch runs out. Also, you need to carry this mannequin with you.”
He handed me the same mannequin I had saved on the last test.
“What happens it the time on the watch runs out?” I asked.
“Then the building collapses and you die”
“No, but that’s what you have to think.”
“When do I start?”
“Now” he said, and I felt the ground rumble under me.
I didn’t waste any time and immediately dashed down the stairs and went through the door at the bottom. When I went through the door I saw a large room with two huge windows on the sides. Just as I was about to go through the second door, I felt a huge rumble, much harder than the one before. Then I felt the building start to fall. I looked at my watch in horror. Zero. It hadn’t meant five minutes. It had meant five seconds.

The floor tilted under me. Outside the windows the ground was getting quickly nearer. I thought of what I needed to do, then jumped through the window. I hit the ground, then stood up and ran when I was sure I was out of the way, I turned around and saw the building, smashed to pieces behind me. Then I noticed that I was still carrying the mannequin. I had passed another test.

The author's comments:
This is not a complete story. It is only part of it.

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