The Messenger of Death

December 16, 2011
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In the town of Hogwit there was a young new recruit to the king’s army named Phillip. Phillip is the son of Patrick the town’s blacksmith. Phillip had recently been called to the king’s army because he is the age of thirteen. The king is named Aragon Salazar iii. He is form Hogwit but decided to live in a close distant fort from Hogwit. The fort is a family fort for the heirs of Hogwit and is called fort Salazar. Everyone is happy that the king lives in the fort because no one likes the king. The king is a no good, fat, lazy, smelly, hairy, greedy, piece of nothing says the citizens of Hogwit. They also say his daughter is just like her dad. The king charges outrages taxes that no one can pay. If you have no money for him to take then he’ll take your head.

Now back to the whole king’s army thing, you see the army is called the Hogs. The hogs are at war with anybody that’s not a human, elf, or a dwarf. Right now the main enemies are the orks. It all goes back when the king, King Salazar iii was just a kid; the Hogs had killed or captured almost all the orks. The surviving few orks ran in fear. No one other than “ little” Aragon was playing around the cage with all the captured orks were and let them go. Luckily the orks ran off in to the enchanted forest and not try to kill everyone in Hogwit. But they did come after the king and killed him. Some say that Aragon let them out on purpose so they would kill his father and he would become king. While the others say he was just eight leave him alone.

Now that you know the past you need to know what is going on right now. The princess (the king’s daughter) sent a messenger to the fort to see how her dad was doing, the thing is she sent that messenger last week, Hogwit to the fort is an easy half a day’s walk. He should’ve been back five days ago. This is where Phillip comes along he is the new messenger.

To be continued………..

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