The Adventures of Joe and Chester

December 20, 2011
Joe and Chester hate Neverever land and want to move. Joe is a teenage boy who lives in Neverever land. He is fifteen and has a dog named Chester, a yellow lab and Chester likes to eat. At Joe’s school he has a bully named Pablo. Pablo is the same age as Joe and in almost all of the same classes. He makes Joe’s life heck every day and now Joe wants to move.
Joe and Chester decide that they are sick of Neverever Land and want to go somewhere new. They decide that Alwaysville is going to be their destination. They don’t have a car or bike or anything else so they have to walk. The trip from Neverever land to Alwaysville is forty eight miles through a dense forest of trees. It gets really dark at night and Joe believes that’s when the monsters come out. What Joe doesn’t know is there is no such thing as monsters. He thinks that Chester will be able to scare the so called monsters away with his bark. Joe tells Chester, “You will keep me away from these monsters won’t you?” All Chester can do is reply with a “bark.” Joe packs up his bag with clothes, blankets, dog toys, and dog food.
They set out early in the morning right at sunrise. They get to the end of town and see the pink road before them. Joe says some final words to Chester. He asks, “Are you ready boy?” Then Joe hears a “bark” and assumes it’s a yes. They get about twelve miles out of town and something strange is appearing in the woods that Joe is scarred to see.
He stops in his tracks and tells Chester to sick ‘em. Chester starts to bark at the object and the it comes into the light. It turns out that it is Pablo. Now Joe gets angry and is whispering to Chester what to do. Chester growls at Pablo and he laughs at Chester. Pablo says, “You guys are a joke.” He comes closer to them and he kicks Chester and he goes flying. Joe gets angry and says, “you don’t do that to my dog!” Joe gets ready to punch Pablo but before Joe can, Pablo already knocks out Joe and goes off with Joe’s dog Chester.
Joe wakes up later that day with his dog not next to him anymore. He starts to panic but then gets an idea of where he might be. Joe walks back to Neverever land, and sneaks up to Pablo’s house. He peeks into the window and sees nothing. He moves onto a different window and sees and object moving. He takes a closer look and identifies Pablo. He sees his bed and something is laying on it. He notices that it is Chester. Joe ducks down and thinks about a plan. He decides to go get one of his friends name Chris. Chris will be the distraction man while Joe takes Chester back. Joe gets to Chris’s house and knocks on the door.
Chris answers and says, “hello?”
Joe replies, “I need your help!”
“with what?”
“C’mon! I’ll explain on the way.”
On the way back to Pablo’s house they talk. Joe’s plan is for Chris to knock on the door and ask for Pablo If he doesn’t answer. Then while Pablo is gone, Joe will sneak in the window and take back Chester.
Chris knocks on the door and Pablo answers. While all this is happening Joe has opened the window and hooked Chester to the leash. They jump out of the window and take a peek at Chris. Chris looks over and gives them the all clear sign. Pretty soon the door closes and they take off running. They figure they have about a ten second head start on Pablo before he starts coming after them. They had taken two bikes from Chris’s house to escape on. They left those down the street though so they had to run to them. Once they have gotten there, they took off to an undisclosed location where Pablo will never find them. Once they get there, they look at Chester and see that he had gotten beat while he was at Pablo’s. Joe isn’t happy and he lures Pablo to this place.
Pablo isn’t happy and wants to beat the snot out off Joe. Pablo shows up at the door. Joe plans a sneak attack on him with a baseball bat. He leaps from the bushes and strikes Pablo with the bat and there is a hardy yell that came from Pablo. When it is all said in done Joe sent a message to Pablo saying to never mess with him or his dog again.
Pablo agrees on one condition, Joe stops hitting him with the bat and lets him go back to his house. When this is all said and done, Joe and Chester don’t end up going to alwaysville. They stay in Neverever land where he won’t get bullied anymore.

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