World War Three

November 27, 2011
By theyshisizj BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
theyshisizj BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
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World war three had started and the most important military general was on his way to destroy the nuclear facility of North Korea. This person could withstand a nuclear explosion, and he was part robot. He had built a large star destroyer earlier that year, which he christened Omega. Earlier that year the president had created a new branch of the military, the SSO. This general was the first of the men to join this branch, and he recruited some of his friends. This was their first mission. He was nervous. It was his first time in enemy airspace, and even though he had gone through with this in a simulator, he still was shaken up. This was not for someone of the weak of heart, but he was going through with it anyway. This is not what anybody would think of doing for a job.

“So Dragon how are you doing?” asked his friends from their home base.

“Fine, almost ... never mind just blew it up!” he responded.

This was his second time destroying things in his F-117 and he loved it. He was the only one who went on the bombing missions alone, and he was the only one who could destroy the nuke facilities without injury. It made sense that he would work alone. Although nobody knew the true reason he worked alone. During the bombing, he thought about how life could have been better somewhere else in the galaxy, instead of on the Earth. It was 4242, and world war III had just started with another bombing of Pearl Harbor. Why were they always bombing that place?? He asked Omega to beam him to his home base, and he parked his plane in his only hangar that was 42 feet underground. He then went to his room and slept for the rest of the day. When he woke up, everyone was missing! He looked everywhere for them and then found the note they left for him on his dresser. “How did I miss this?” he asked himself. While he read it over in Omega’s bridge, the only safe place for him, he did not like what they had gone to do.
They had gone to his house and were asking him to come let them in. He immediately went home and went inside. When he looked in the living room, they surprised him with the largest party ever! When the party was finally finished, he thanked them all and went back up to Omega. He stayed there until the war was over, because without nukes, the North Koreans could not defend themselves from an airborne assault from F-117s. The SSO did not have any more missions except for delivering supplies, and during those they were being supported on the ground.

Dragon lived a happy life and did go to live somewhere else, but not somewhere else in the galaxy. He retired and went to live in Hawai’i for the rest of his happy life, and never had to do another bombing mission for the rest of his life, even though he was called in for reinforcements every now and then.

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