November 17, 2011
By Matias Torra BRONZE, Papua Nueva Guinea, Other
Matias Torra BRONZE, Papua Nueva Guinea, Other
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They gathered around the entrance room facing a big mirror set on the wall above a long table. The mirror hardly reflected anything because it was very rusty and no light was hitting it. The brownish spots on the corners of the mirror looked like it had been on that wall for a long time and it probably had reflected many important things during its lifetime on the spot. The empty vases next to it, sitting on a rectangular table, looked sad and lifeless. All of them were looking around except for Jason. Like a football team, they hugged in a circle staring down at the black and red Turkish carpet. The carpet looked pretty and was definitely not cheap. Jason led the talk: “I say that we mustn’t break off and stay as a whole group. Thing’s very dark and we should find what we can. Then we can leave and go out, out the other way.” Mikel was quick to respond: “So we have to cross the entire house?” No one answered and returned their attention to the biggest guy, “Alright, we’ll go in a group along...” he analyzed the side of the house away from the door and decided to go to what looked like a sliding door. Then Jason shared with the group: “Lets go that way ‘cause I don’t see a better place to start with.” He slowly paced towards the door, sliding through two tables with chairs on top of them, set like a restaurant would put them after they close up in the night. The soft tips of his fingers collided with the dust that slept on the wooden door apparently not being affected by gravity. He pushed harder and made the wooden door start going forward and leading him into a kitchen with some more dust flying around. Nothing sounded but a swish and some light footsteps. Before going in he slid his hand through the walls on the right searching for a light switch. The door led to a room on the left and a pretty big closet to store foods or anything else on the right. Across from where they stood was another door leading further into the place. He found a switch next to the cabinet glued on the wall and flicked it on. He turned the switch, not the light. He walked in and switched the button again with no reaction from the fan with a light bulb installed within it. He stepped under the fan and stood on his tiptoes. Then he stretched his hand up and turned the fans helix. A crash sounded to his left and Dale was staring at Jack. A vase had crashed on the floor. Judging from the two guys standing there and their expressions, Jack had dropped it. With no emotion, Dale signaled for Jack to pick it up. He bent down and grabbed only the big pieces. He set them next to the old oven that had probably been useless in the last couple of years. “Should we go here next?” Mikel was talking about the other door. It was like the first one, but had a rusty golden handle so it didn’t slide. Lace glided through his motionless companions who still hadn’t taken a step into the old kitchen. He gripped the handle and looked back at Jason. Then he turned the handle and pulled the door in his direction. Jason didn’t look concerned and took a couple of steps that led him into a new section of the house.

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