My First Year at Hogwarts Part 1

November 9, 2011
By Darkboo77 BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
Darkboo77 BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
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Ive heard my mom talking about Hogwarts a lot lately, since i am about to aboard the Hogwarts Express. My name's Benjamin Hawk, people call me Ben though. I kissed my mother goodbye and headed towards the train. It was extremely crowded on the train, candy concessions, Professor Flitwick with the "Charms for Dummies" book, as if he even needs it. And i saw Professor Mcgonnagal in her dark green cloak and hat, she was carrying a odd crate. I went into a compartment and sat down.

Hours Passed... then a boy came up into his compartment. He had a bright blue die in his hair, had blonde hair, glasses, and was holding a book. "Mind if i sit here with you?" asked the boy. "Sure thing" i answered. He was quietly reading the book. "Watcha readin' there?" I asked politely. "Oh, just catching up some early reading on our text books, right now the article i'm reading is "Identifying a Griffinhook When you see one". Even more hours passed, it started to get dark. until i noticed that something odd was happening to the dye on his hair. It was changing colors! "Umm... your"
"It changes colors, its a jinx my brother put on me" said the pale boy. In just a few minutes, the train stopped and it was time to get out.

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