In The Distance

November 7, 2011
By Katy Jackson BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
Katy Jackson BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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Kick him where it hurts. Punch them in the gut. When they double over, pull their feet out from under them.
Hearing a yell from outside the alley way you turn around. A buff man is on his phone. Turning back around, giving the guy on the ground one last kick, you run to the wall.
It’s only about 4 feet high so you climb over it. Running at your fastest pace, you get to a crowded street. Sirens are going off in the distance coming closer and closer.
Your pace slows down to a steady walk. Bumping in to a few people on your way, you come to a restaurant. Walking in, you look at your watch. Cr**, I was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago, you thought.
Looking up, you search for the one person you’re seeking for. You feel someone give you a tap on the shoulder. Turning to your left, is him.
Your best friend since kindergarten, the guy you haven’t seen in two years, is here. You smile and give him a big manly hug. You both pull back and get a good look at each other.

You think he looks totally different from the last time you saw him. He tells you he already got a table and guides you towards it. The waitress comes not even a minute later and gets your orders.
You chat about what’s been going on with the both of you for the last two years. You find out that he is getting married in a couple months and wants you to be his best man. Of course you say yes and say what an honor it would be.
He asks you why you were so late and you don’t exactly know what to say. You think up an excuse to use to use. The best you could come up with was “Work took longer than expected.” Which was true, it did take longer than you had expected.
But you couldn’t exactly tell him straight up what that job was. You keep thinking what you do for a living over and over in your head while he dismisses the subject and continues to talk. All you can think is “I’m an assassin”

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