It Was Suppose To Be Fake

October 30, 2011
By History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"What exactly does freedom mean if I'm not allowed to be as twisted as I wanna be?"

It was all fake, every single horror movie. There is no way anything like this could happen in real life, thought Adolf as he finished watching yet another horror movie, It’s all fake from the blood to the burning bodies. They only put ‘Based on a True Story’ on the DVD so people would buy them. He scoffed as he jumped off of the couch, yawning and stretching. He glanced at his watch, noting it was well past midnight, near two in the morning. He walked off to the kitchen, still feeling wide awake. Nothing better to do in summer, I suppose. Watching movies by night and playing around on the computer and sleeping by day. I’ve come my own lazy, teen vampire. He laughed at his own joke, rummaging into the fridge for a soda. He tossed the can in the rycling bin and was about to walk back into the living room when he felt his phone vibrate. He glanced at the name, grinning. “Excelent time, Paige,” he said, answering the phone, “I was just becoming bored.” He heard the sweet laughter of his bestfriend, hearing the wind in the background. She must be on that damn motorcyle of hers. I told her not to ride it in the dark, some cop might catch her or worst she’ll get hurt. “Don’t I always have good timeing, Adolf? Are you still watching those damn horror movies? Everyone knows how much you complain about them being fake!” she said, her voice sweet as the morning sunrise. He laughed, walking into his room and sitting down on the cot he called a bed. “But they are! There’s nothing about this real!” He heard her curse lightly and a sharp turn, still smiling. “Then let me show you what is real.” He stood up, feeling confused. “Fine then, what do you got to show me, little girl?” He chuckled, knowing how much his taunt bothered her. He heard her take a sharp breathe as he heard the screech of a stop. “There is nothing about me little! Something that will send a thrill through that body and mind of yours. Something you’ll enjoy and might change your mind.” He was listening close, fully into what she was saying. “Then show me it. When will you come? Or do I have to meet you again somewhere.” She laughed again, making him smile. “I’m already here.” She hung up the phone and he looked out of his window, seeing Paige on the streets below. She was on her sleek, black motorcycle. He smiled, placing his phone into his bed. He changed from the baggy white pajama pants and a baggy white tanktop to his tighter black jeans and a black tanktop. He grabbed his skully from his bed and pulled it on, quickly grabbing his backpack. We always agreed to wear black on our nightly adventures. It made it harder for anyone to see us and we were just a blur on her motorcycle. He pulled it on, grabbing his cellphone and flew down the stairs. He ran out of the door and to Paige, pulling himself on the motorcycle. She crammed a helmet on his head, laughing at him.

“What did you bring this time in that backpack of yours?” she asked as they flew down an empty road. Her usal, blonde hair was tied into a tight bun, nearly hiding it from view under the helmet. Her usal ‘loud’ outfits were replaced by black pants and a black shirt that had a pair of green, cat-like eyes on it. “The usal. The things you always tell me to bring: flashlight, extra battaries, rope, and a crowbar,” he said, his face pressed into her shirt. He could barly hear her laugh as the wind ripped around them. “You do manage to listen to someone.” He ignored her taunt, rolling his eyes. Always the smart a** she is, he thought with a grin, but she’s my best friend I can’t live without her. She’s kept me out of trouble from teachers to parents. She’s kept my sane when we lost our friend, Joe in a horrible car accident to the brutal unsolved murder of my little sister. Yeah, I can’t live without her. He smiled faintly, pushing thoughts away. “Do you care to tell me why you got me out of my house for?” He looked around him, seeing that they were starting to drive out of the city, into the country. We’ve gone as far as another state in one night, only to be back by the next day. It’s no problem as Paige always can get free gas with some card her father gave her and our parents don’t mind. As long as we have our cellphones and they think we are safe. “No, my dear friend. You will just have to wait for one. It’s worth it.” He sighed, knowing he would never get a straight answer out of her. “Of course my dear, of course.”

They rode deep into the country, where Adolf could begin to smell the country air. Beats the smell of the city. They had turned down a winding, long rough path that left Adolf clinging to Paige. “You seem to know where you are going,” he said, biting his tongue. The path was becoming rougher, making the bike vibrate as she started to speed. “Of course I do, silly. Some old lady told me about this place.” And you listened to her? he thought with a wild yawn. They had slowed down, coming up to a large house. It was made up of old, dark wood that looked damaged beyond repair. It used to look Gothic, with old architecture. There were even a few creepy gargoyales that hung on the rafters. “This looks awesome!” he yelled as Paige took the helmet from him, “But why are we here?” He watched as she stowed her keys in his backpack and pulled out the flashlight and crowbar. “To explore it, of course silly. Now come on,” she said, smiling. She sounded nervous as they climbed through the overgrown yard and towards the front of the house.

“Wouldn’t anybody live here?” he asked as they reached the frontsteps. They were uneven and rickety, making it unsafe to stand on one for long. The porch wasn't in any better condition though it did have an old rotten rug near the door and a few old wooden rocking chairs. The windows were on either side seemed to be in better condition besides the glass was cracked. “No. No one has lived here for years, Adolf. This is a very old mansion. Some even say its haunted,” she replied, turning on the flashlight. She shined it through the window, trying to see past the dust. “And you want to test that out, huh?” He tried to peer through the other window, making out nothing through the dirt and dust. “Yes, I do. Don’t you?” He chuckled, knowing she was testing him. “Yes. I do, Paige.” She smiled as he went to the front door. It looked like it was about to giveway and fall on them. “I bet you it’s locked,” she said going up to it, “It would make sense.” She gaped as she turned the handle and it flew open. “I guess not,” he said walking in front of her and going in. Once she was inside with him, the door swung itself shut and made a soft, clicking noise. They knew by that sound, that the door had locked them from the outside in. “Well I guess we won’t be leaving that way,” laughed Adolf, nervously. Paige smiled a little as she gripped the crowbar tighter. She shined the light around saying, “I suppose we better explore then. Maybe it’ll unlock itself by then…” She seemed unsure of herself and her words.

She shined the light around the room, looking around. There was a large staircase that seemed to be able to just hold it together and a padded chair in the corner. The room was dusty and dirty, holding barly anything in it. “Hey!” called Adolf, making her jump softly, “I think I found a lightswitch.” Paige turned to him, shining the light on some switch near another jarred door. “Wait Adolf don’t-” but it was too late, he already flipped the switch. The chandeler blinked a few times, the light bright enough to see by. The lights flickered on and off for a few seconds before blowing out, making it darker then before. Adolf sighed, going to Paige. “I said don’t,” she mummbled, handing him the flashlight. He shined it near the jarred door, seeing that a light appeared in there. “I know, but what’s in there?” She looked at where the light was, shugging her shoulders. She seemed too busy looking at some picture on the wall that wasn't there before. She took the crowbar and gently tapped it, still looking at the anchient face. Adolf was too busy trying to look into the other room to notice that the air had turned colder, making them shiver. Paige’s scream knocked him out of his trance as she ran into him, making them tumble into the other room.

Adolf laid back, holding Paige to him. The flashlight and crowbar flew from their hands, scattering around the room. Paige seemed to be trembling ontop of him. “You know girls usally trembled on me after we were done?” he siad, laughing as she glared at him. She sat up quickly, standing over him. “Shut up, you idiot! That picture back there moved!” she snarled, pulling him up. He shook his head, noticing how dim the lights were in here. “Pictures don’t move, Paige. Everyone knows that.” She stomped her foot, surpising him. “Well that one did! You can go check it out! It moved!” He looked past her at the wall she was at before, but nothing was there. “Paige, my dear there is nothing there.” She turned around, staring at the empty, dark room. “But…there was-there was a picture. I know it.” He smiled, ruffling her bun. “Well now there isn’t.” She glared at him, but he ignored it, looking around the room. The walls and floor seemed to be made up of cream color tiles. A single bulb was the only light in the room, hanging over an old table and chairs. The counters were a dark brown color, having nothing on them. There was a window over the sink, having an old cutain over it. Behind the table was a large cabnet that seemed threatening. “What’s on the tiles?” asked Paige, drawing his attention from skimming the room. He looked down, seeing the rusty color covering most of the tiles. “I don’t know. I didn’t see that before. I guess because I was quickly looking,” he replied, going to the sink. He found a cup and a rusty butcher-knife in a cabnit. He looked at Paige, seeing she found the flashlight and crowbar. She was looking at the cabinet, ignoring that the fact the bulb was starting to swing. He turned away from it, turning the sink on. He let out a scream as dark color liquid hit him square in the face and chest, driving him back. He dropped the cup, having it shatter on the floor as the sink seemd to turn itself off. This isn’t funny. What the hell is starting to go on? It’s like every horror movie put together to scare us. It’s not working. Someones trying to scare us. He turned to Paige, staring at her with wide eyes. “Well, I think we know what the stains on that butcher knife and the tiles are.”-she stared at him with a pale face-“And Adolf, that’s not backup sweage or mud.” He tried not to think of it as he wiped off what he could. Blood. She means blood, said a small voice in the back of his mind. He tried to ignore that thought as he took his shirt off and wiped his face, throwing it in his bag in disgust. “Stop making such a mess, Adolf and help me here. There’s something in this thing,” she hissed as he looked up, sliping that bag back on. She had the flashlight tucked into her belt and the crowbar wedged into the door. He grabbed it with her and together they pulled the door off of the henges, falling backwards

This time it was Adolf’s turn to scream as a skull rolled ontop of him. He quickly got up, pulling Paige with him. The skull was definitly human with cracks in it. Paige picked it up with the edge of the crowbar, inspecting it despite she was white with fear. “This poor victim was defiantly beaten to death,” she muttered, placing it on the table. She went to pick it up, but Adolf slapped her hands away. “Hell no, Paige. We are not keeping that muchless touching it. Come on, I’ve had enough of this house. We are finding a way out,” he growled, taking the crowbar from her. He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to the front door. “Adolf, we both know that won’t open.” She was saying this because he was trying to pull it open, but the door remained shut. Half angry and half afraid he took the crowbar and slammed it into the window to the right of the door. The glass shattered and just as quickly as it broke, it quickly repaired itself again. “What the hell!” he yelled, trying to pull the crowbar out of the window. It staid put, stuck in there. He sighed angrily and was about to punch the window when Paige grabbed his arm. “Don’t! You’re hand will get stuck in there too!” He turned around, walking away from the window before he punched it. He was frusterated at the house, the stupid house that trapped them in and holding some murderous mystery to it and afraid, afraid of this damn house. Paige gripped his hand gently, showing him that she was afraid. “Come on, Paige. Let’s see what this damn house has upstairs. With luck…they’ll be a way out.”

Together they climbed the stairs and reached the second story. The air was getting colder, making them tense. Adolf was tired and confused, just wanting to go home by now. There were three more rooms with an attic’s door above them. “Let’s check out the master’s bedroom,” said Paige softly. The door was closed tightly, locked. Adolf rammed it and it gave way, pushing a dresser that blocked it. “Why would someone want to block the door?” he asked, standing up. Paige didn’t answer, much less move. The flashlight was shined on something in the room. “Paige what’s…”-he gapped, his face draining of any color-“Oh God! We have to get out of here!” He quickly pulled Paige away, slamming the door shut. They heard a small thump and he shuddered at what it could mean. He closed his eyes, the image burned in his brain. A women, a young beautiful women was hung from the ceiling, her body decaying. The words He did it were written in blood. We have to get out of here, he thought as he dragged Paige into the bathroom. The bathroom was disguting. It was covered in blood and the tub was full of it. The only place left clean was the toilet. Hand prints were on the mirror and the window was shattered. Luckily for them, the lights still worked. Adolf flipped them on, looking at Paig’s pale face. “This is going to be stupid, Paige, but stay in here. You can’t handle anymore of this. I’m going to see what’s in the other room then come back for you. Hopefully they’ll be a way out.” She stared at him for a second as he pulled himself up and tried to quickly exit the bathroom. She grabbed his arm and pulled him to her, kissing his lips. “I don’t know what’s going on here Adolf and I made a mistake of bringing you. But I love you. Please, be safe.” He kissed her back, a bit stunned, but pleased. “I will be, Paige. Now stay here and please. Be careful. If anything happens, yell for me.” She sat back down, slightly dazed.

Adolf ran to the other room, holding the flashlight like a weapon. He threw open the door, expecting there to be someone in the room. No one was there. The room must’ve been a child’s room because it was full of toys and a crib. He flicked the lightswitch, relieved that it worked. This must be the only room that isn’t bloody or have something dead in it. He slowly walked around it, still holding the flashlight like a weapon. The crib and the walls were pure white and falling apart. The toys were broken and thrown around the room. He walked to the crib, seeing a foot sticking out under the covers. He threw the covers off, expecting a body to be there, but it was only a doll. The doll was broken and it’s face was smashed in. Over the chest was the words, Dead Baby. Shivering, Adolf threw it down and walked away. He looked at the walls, seeing how they were covered in pictures of a young, beautiful women and a baby. There were a few of a man, but he seemed distance. He was staring at a picture of a child’s drawing when he felt a presence behind him, making the room dead cold. He turned around, finding no one there. He jumped when he heard a high pitch scream, a shrill that drove him to tremble. He ran out of the room and charged into the bathroom, gasping at the sight. The mirror was shattered, as if someone had rammed their head against it and fresh blood was splattered everywhere. Paige. With a horrfying gasp he threw open the curtains to the tub and found Paige laying in it, headfirst. He pulled her body out of the tub, holding her to him. She was dead and nothing could bring her back. Her throat was slit by something sharp, leaving the blood on Adolf’s chest. He was trembling and made a soft gasping sound. F*** this house, f*** these ghost! I will kill whoever killed Paige! He gently set her down and stood up, gripping the flashlight.

A noise was heard in the attic, as if someone had steped too hard. Taking up the flashlight in his hands, Adolf quickly get up. He looked at Paige’s body one last time before he stepped out of the bathroom. I swear to God that I will kill this b******. Or die trying. He pulled down the attic’s door and climbed up the stairs. The attic was dark, pitch black dark. He shined his light around, seeing that it was completely empty. But I swore I heard something. He walked to the little window, seeing Paige’s motorcycle out in the distance. There was a clicker of a light behind him before his head erupted in pain and he collapsed on the floorboards, unconscious.

He groaned, his head pounding. His vision was blurry, a strong light shined in his eyes. He was able to make out a figure out of the light, out of his distance. He groaned, reaching up to trying to rub his head, but his hands and ankles were bound by rope. “What the hell…?” he mummbled, his voice thick. He blinked again, shaking his head, but soon stopped due to the headache. He looked at the figure again, seeing the person was closer. He was broad shouldered, tan skin. Muscles ripping at his arms. Shaved head. Alchoal, I smell alchoal. He blinked again, clearing his vision again. He noticed he was in the attic, seeing the man before him again. “Where am I?” he asked the figure. “Attic. Where else?” he said, kneeling before the guy, “So you think you can sneak into my house and leave? No, no, no. You and that girl!” Girl? What girl? He was silent for a moment before it hit him, “Paige! You killed Paige!” The sorrow and horror of it all struck him in the gut, making him cringe. “Why yes I did. The boy is smart, yes he is. She found out my secret! And so did you! I can’t let that out. I can’t let that free.” He was mutering to himself, repeating the samething over and over. Adolf shook his head, trying to undo the bonds. “What secret? I didn’t do anything. I didn't discover anything.” The figure laughed, his laugh making Adolf tremble. “You found out I killed them, my family. But they had to die, you see? They were driving me insane, insane, yes! They kept taking, taking. Always taking. They wouldn’t let me go!” “You! You killed that poor women and hung her. And the child…?” The man looked at him, meeting his eyes. “Whose blood do you think kills that tub, boy? Whose skull do you think is in that cabnet that you two found?” He tried to shake the image from his mind, but it wasn't workng. He couldn’t say anything else, his mind blank. “So you think horror movies aren’t real? That they are just myths to scare little people like you?” he asked Adolf, shaking a dirty finger in his face. Adolf nodded, his throat tight. “Y-yes. Just business.” The man laughed deeply, shaking his head. “Well then I’ll show you a real horror movie. Something that’ll change your mind.” The man laughed again, pulling an bloodied ax from behind his back. He looked at Adolf, smiling a toothless smile. “No, no its suppose to be fake. It isn’t suppose to be real…”

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on Nov. 8 2011 at 7:07 pm
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
32 articles 0 photos 9 comments

Favorite Quote:
"What exactly does freedom mean if I'm not allowed to be as twisted as I wanna be?"

Thank you so much.

Honour SILVER said...
on Nov. 8 2011 at 4:18 pm
Honour SILVER, New London, Connecticut
9 articles 0 photos 181 comments

Favorite Quote:
Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. ~John 15:13

"Give me liberty or give me death!" ~Patrick Henry

Be brave and steadfast; have no fear or dread of them, for it is the Lord, your God, who marches with you; he will never fail you or forsake you. ~ Deuteronomy 31:6

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" ~ Thomas Jefferson

Wow thats was good.  In my humble opinion at least

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