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September 29, 2011
By mikie BRONZE, Maysville.kentucky, Kentucky
mikie BRONZE, Maysville.kentucky, Kentucky
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All I kept thinking was I hope I pass, I hope I pass. After sitting in my truck for about ten minutes I saw the State trooper approaching my truck.
He got in and said, “Good luck!”
I started the truck up and slowly pulled out on the road. As I was driving through the course I made a few minor errows. I didn’t use my mirrors when I swiched lanes and then when I parellel parked by the courthouse my truck tire bumped the curb. I guess they still count that as a mess up. Since we were at the courthouse the driving test was over. The state trooper started going over all the things I messed up on during the driving course. I failed, so I would have to come back next week and re-try.
During the next week I practiced going over every thing I messed up on and then I went back down to try for my licenses for a second time. I hate to admit it, but I messed up on more than I did the first time. As we were starting our a man walked out in front of me and I had to hit my brakes to keep from hitting him; so I got a mark for that. The mirrors gave me trouble again and I messed up on the turn-around ( I didn’t get close enough to the curb). Fortunately, I parrelled parked better than last time.
When we arrived back at the Courthouse the State Trooper said, “Congratualations, you passed!” He still went over the mistakes I made and he told me to practice the mistakes and drive safe.
I’ve learned that you should always practice when trying something new and not be

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