The Zombiepocalypse

October 8, 2011
By theyshisizj BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
theyshisizj BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
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Today I am going to recount a story that happened to me many years ago. Well, since I have the time at the moment, I will tell you now. I was walking along when I got a call from my superiors to go find a certain abandoned base. I found this base last year while flying a reconnaissance mission. I found it again and was then ambushed by, of all things, zombies! Apparently a zombiepocalypse was starting. After a while I and some of my closest gun-toting friends went to our safe house, the climbing tower at Bert Adams. We defended ourselves for about a year, but then the waves of zombies stopped. We then went for supplies, and we found the biggest zombie horde ever. We went back to the safe-house with our supplies and planned our next move. The very next day we attacked. Thankfully we were able to find a minigun and we mowed down the horde. Later that night we sat around the campfire under the pavilion talking about how we destroyed the horde so well, it was almost too easy. We went back to the tower, and then the zombies attacked! They were repelled, but with a cost. One of the members of my crew was attacked and killed in the fray. When we finally got through wiping out all of the zombies in Covington, we got more supplies. We retrieved my guns and we all went to the other safe-house, the Magnet School. Here we stayed for another year fighting off the never-ending hordes of zombies. We eventually killed all of the hordes, and moved all of our gear and supplies to my hangar that holds every plane, car, military vehicle, ship, starship (Star Wars), and submarine ever made. All of these were in working order and we used them to kill all of the zombies that were threatening us. We eventually used a bomber to destroy all of the zombies in Europe and Asia. We used the battleships and submarines to eliminate the zombies in the Pacific. That just left the Americas. Thankfully the zombies were stupid and they only stayed in one place. We used tanks and artillery to eliminate the zombies in all of North America, but how were we to get to South America? He only to get there would be by plane or ship, but we used another solution. Thankfully I had the access codes to launch ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles). It was an ingenious plan that we discovered would fail. The ICBMs had all been deactivated when the president took office in 2012. The activation codes were somewhere in the White House, and by the time we found them we were already kicking zombie butt in South America. Thank goodness for nobody living in the Amazon Rainforest otherwise we would have been in big trouble. We used the rainforest as cover on our zombie killing spree, and we eventually killed off all of the zombies in South America. I am writing this in the White House so that later others may know of our heroic deeds.

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