The Salt Monster

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, in the great land of Africa, there lived a nomadic tribe of hunters and gatherers. The leader of the tribe was Kibwe. They were a decent sized tribe that was very friendly and organized. One day the tribe was attacked by a great monster. The monster consisted of salt and was named Maynic. Maynic was very violent and angry at the world because of his ugliness.

Maynic attacked the tribe fiercely. He killed men, women, and children. Their tents and food were destroyed. After creating chaos within the tribe, Maynic left. The remaining people would have to struggle to stay alive. The tribe was also afraid that Maynic would strike again. They needed to find a way to destroy the monster. Then one of the warriors noticed that part of the monsters body came off when he escaped. The tribe started to examine it but was forced to take shelter as it started to rain.

When they came back, they noticed that the body part was gone. There was a puddle where the part used to be. The tribe collected the water in a container, but when they tasted the water it was different. There was a bitter taste to it. They realized that the body part had dissolved in the water.

The tribe then created a plan to kill the monster. Kibwe ordered the warriors to stay and wait on Maynic to return. He told the women and children to take shelter near the ocean. Kibwe himself stayed with his warriors. The monster returned and saw the warriors. As Maynic came after them, Kibwe ordered his warriors to run towards the sea. Maynic ran after them full speed. When they arrived at the sea, Kibwe ordered his men to run in different directions. The monster saw this and tried to stop, but his momentum carried him into the sea. The great African tribe celebrated as Maynic melted into the sea.

Unfortunately, the salt made the water undrinkable and the tribe was left with no drinking water. Their act caused them to be killed and ruined the water forever.

The monster melted into the sea and caused a bitter taste in the water. To this day the water in the sea is undrinkable and bitter tasting due to the selfish act of the African tribe.

The author's comments:
This is a myth about why there is salt in the ocean.

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