October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

It all happened when Alex died.
It was a dark, gloomy, and cold night in Prague. Two men were drinking hot latte in one of Prague’s oldest cafés. Alex and Kevin were both waiting for the go. As the time near midnight, both of them would go over the plan again.
First, Alex and Kevin would go into the secret hideout of the communists. Alex would be a Soviet nuclear physicist and Kevin would be a Soviet colonel. Second, they try to find out what the commies are up to and report immediately. Then, they both would try to disable whatever the Russians were working on. Finally, Alex and Kevin would try to get out from there as safely as possible.
As the bell, on the clock, rang twelve times, both men knew it was time for work. Kevin wore a Russian colonel uniform designed by the American spies. Alex wore a white lab coat that made him look like a doctor.
They went into the bakery where there were rumors going around that the Soviets were going in, but never coming out.
These are smart communists, Kevin thought, building a lab under the bakery shop.
The baker told them to pick a number and magic happened: stairs leading down to the basement came into view. As Alex and Kevin went down into the winding stairs, they were welcomed by the Russian language.
“Hello Colonel Stovisky”, said the leader of the Red Army, Nikita Khrushchev.
“Hello”, Kevin replied.
“We are about to change history today. We will be making nuclear weapons!”
“What kind of chemical will you use?”
“The world, as we know it, will know Russians made the first hydrogen bomb.”
While Alex and Khrushchev were chatting in Russian. Kevin went around the massive room, which was bigger than five football fields. Kevin got to the lower level and was greeted by massive bombs and missiles that had black and yellow radiation marks. As Kevin was about to report back to HQ, he heard shots ringing. Immediately he called for backups.
It all happened so fast. Communists were shooting the intruding Americans.
The Navy Seals and their famous silenced weapon and tactics trying to overwhelm the Spetsnaz and their famous Kalashnikov or the AK. Well both sides could not fire much due to nuclear bombs all over them so most of the special force units decided to go hand-to-hand combat. The Russians weren’t thought close ranged battles. As things were going strong and nice for the Navy Seals, Alex was shot right in the heart. Blood streaming out from his right side.
He’s not going to make it, Kevin thought. Good bye old friend. Rest in peace.
The causalities, mostly Russian, were dead. Alex was gone along with few other Americans.
Two years later……..
Kevin is still working with the secret agent. Trying to find out what went wrong and how Alex died. What Kevin found out was Alex’s DNA was never found in the scene.

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