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Love Is Better Than War

September 13, 2011
By DCBUCKS3 BRONZE, New Palestine, Indiana
DCBUCKS3 BRONZE, New Palestine, Indiana
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“Captain we need you in the HQ.” said Private Johnson
“What do you need Private” said Captain Rush with an annoyed tone.
“You used to live in Indiana right,” said Private
“Ya, why is something wrong Private,” said Captain
“We just got a package from your wife back in Indiana.” said Private
“Ok leave me to my peace so I can watch the video on the monitor.” said Captain
Private remarked with a simple “yes sir” and he was out of my bunker when I opened the package I was a little worried, cause I usually don’t get stuff from home except for food and simple stuff like that but I could tell something was wrong, it was a video so I put the disc into the monitor and waited patiently for it to load. When it finally loaded up on the screen I was scared cause two men with ski masks on moved to the side and Katie showed up tied to a chair with duck tape on her mouth, hands, and feet. The men slapped her across the face and demanded that she start talking.
“If you want to see me again you should come to a warehouse on 20th street in downtown Indianapolis don’t bother calling the cops if you do I will be immediately killed and you will never hear from me again.” said Katie
I could tell she was told to say all those things.
“Private I’m going to go get Kaitlin don’t ask any questions, all I need right now is help,” said Captain Rush
“I know a guy that could help you with your “problem” his name is Bosco he retired long ago he was shot in war a long time ago and now he’s in Washington, I heard he’s rich too.” Said Private Johnson
“Thanks I could really use the help, I’ll hopefully see you later some day,”
“Same for you to Captain,”
“Please call me Trent.”

It was a long plane ride back to Washington to meet Bosco I hope he is not a crazy lunatic and winds up killing me. When I walked up to his door I realized private was right this guy was rich he had four muscle cars, a sports car, and a helicopter. I walked up to his door and rang the doorbell it had an annoying chime to it and next thing I heard was a grumpy man say,
“Meg who is at the bloody door, and hurry up and answer it you old bat,”
I was starting to regret coming here cause Bosco sounded like he was in a bad mood but it was too late to turn back now cause Meg had just opened the door and responded with a cold “What do you want,”
I responded with a “I need to talk to your friend Bosco”
“I suppose that’s alright but he’s in a bad mood right now” said Meg
“What could you possibly want with me.” said Bosco
“I would like to talk in a more private area if that’s ok with you” I said
“I suppose that’s ok,” said Bosco

As we were walking around his house down to his library where I thought would be the most secure posisition to talk.
“Hi my name is Captain Trent Rush of the United States Marines Corp and my wife was recently kidnapped and I wanted to know if you could help me get her back it would be greatly appreciated if you supplied me with weapons to get her back.”
“Of course I will help you my wife was kidnapped and I never saw her again that’s how I got stuck with this horrible maid Meg.”
“Come out back to my shed I’ve got a surprise for you.” Said Bosco

When I went back to the shed I saw a whole shed full of guns there was also grenades and knives. He said one of his hobbies was to collect guns but this wasn’t a hobby this was like his whole life’s work there was at least one hundred guns. We were finally off to 20th street and we were stacked with guns we had machine guns, pistols, snipers, and grenades. We had scoped out the region, it was time to go in.

“Ok Bosco I’m going to go take out the guard over there with my knife have my back with your sniper.”

As I walked over to take down the guard I kept remembering that video of Kacie, I had to get it out of my head if I were going to get out of here alive. I quickly rushed the guard and silenced him with my knife. I motioned for Bosco to come in and we threw grenades into the warehouse and heard screams we figured we killed a lot of people so we charged with our machine guns and bullet shells were flying everywhere but then Bosco was hit by a bullet in the leg and was bleeding bad so I pulled him to the side and tossed my grenade and got at least five more kills.

“Bosco are you ok,” I said
“Yeah I’ll be fine I don’t think there are anymore guards you will be fine just go in there and get her before they send backup.”

Then I charged in cautiously and I saw her and I began to untie her but then I heard a bang! Katie had been shot in the arm by some guy on the ground. Then I heard another bang! With his last breathe, that crazy Bosco had taken out the last kidnapper, assuring that Katie and I would walk out together.

The author's comments:
This was a really fun piece of work to write about.

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