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Oji's Adventure

September 12, 2011
By ConnorM. SILVER, Brighton, Michigan
ConnorM. SILVER, Brighton, Michigan
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“You will leave now, Oji!” the evil villain Buce cried as he leapt in the air. “Or I will destroy you!” Oji jumped aside, using a series of handsprings and flips to evade Buce’s assault.

“Not today, Buce!” countered Oji, throwing a small knife at the villain as he attacked with a tornado kick. He then threw a quick smoke grenade, and ran up the grand staircase of Hugo Manor toward Buce’s laboratory.

Oji could hear Buce screaming downstairs, so he dropped a small firebomb to block the staircase. He then raced through the halls, occasionally stopping to set more traps, to slow Buce down.

He darted into the final room in the hall, seeing that it was the lab. He examined the vials, pocketing one and tossing the rest out a nearby window. It’ll be a while before he realizes I took it, Oji assured himself. He then dropped a mine, and jumped out the window. He sprinted back to home base.

The Council looked at Oji, examining the potion he had stolen from Buce. “Well done, Oji,” said the highest member of the Council, the founder of the Order. “You must locate Buce’s agents so we can capture them.”

“Yes, Chief,” replied Oji. “I will start researching immediately.”

“Report back when you are prepared to depart,” the Chief told him. “After you have performed a stakeout, report back and we’ll send in the Spec. Ops.”

“Very good, sir,” Oji told him. “I will ready myself immediately.”

“Here is a list of your targets,” said the Chief, handing him a sheet of paper.

Later, at his quarters, he selected his vehicle and weapons, and his first target. BRANDON YOUNG, read the screen. ACCUSED OF BREAKING INTO TOP-SECRET GOVERNMENT LABORATORY, BUT THIS HAS NEVER BEEN CONFIRMED.

“Brandon Young, eh?” muttered Oji. “If he lives up to his name, this might be easy. ALSO ACCUSED OF SELLING GOVERNMENT SECRETS TO AN UNKNOWN ACCOSIATE.

“That would probably be Buce,” said Oji. ADDRESS: 6938 SECOND STREET. “I love the Internet,” said Oji with a smirk. He pulled out his cell phone.

“Chief, this is Agent Oji. I am preparing for departure, and will need to have a disguised hovercraft equipped with machine guns ready to go, along with the standard knife kit, a small handgun, and a couple of stun and frag grenades,” requested Oji.
“Of course,” replied the Chief.
Oji ran to his new Jeep Wrangler, leaping in as soon as he got close enough. He pressed a button, and the hidden lasers popped up, and with the pull of a concealed trigger, fired a ray that sliced a new door in the wall. He turned on the antigravity, and blasted twenty feet in the air, coming down with a thump! He then checked to make sure everything that he had requested was there before driving off into the desert.
Oji pulled up to the small house in the middle of a small subdivision in a small town. It looks kinda small for a criminal trying to evade the police, thought Oji. But here it is, 9138 Orion Drive. He walked up to the door, ignoring the No Solicitors sign. He rang the doorbell. About five seconds later, a man of about twenty answered the door. “Can’t you read?” he demanded. “No solicitors!”
“But, sir,” he replied. “I have a very special offer to make you. Are you Brandon Young?”
“Yes, that’d be me.” he said. “Now what’s this offer you got?”
“Death!” Oji screamed, attacking him. He fought back, but I dispatched him with a Tornado Kick. Oji tied him up and threw him in the trunk, and then flew back to base.
Oji landed his hovercraft, looking around for the gate guards to let him in. “Guards! Guards!” he called. “Where are you?” Oji leaped over the gate, looking around. “Looks like there was a raid…” he muttered to himself.
Suddenly, a dart whistled past his ear, and he spun around, ducking to minimize the target. He threw a frag grenade, but had to dodge as it was thrown back. Oji drew his pistol, firing up into a tree. He heard a thunk, and thought he had hit something. But when he saw a black cloak, and felt a foot hit him square in the face, Oji knew he had failed.
Oji woke up in a dark interrogation room, one he recognized as being the Chief’s. What am I doing here? Oji wondered. A door slammed open. “He’s awake, sir,” said a familiar voice.
“Good, good. Now we can interrogate him,” said another familiar voice.
Suddenly, a man walked into the room. That’s why the second voice sounded so familiar!
“Well, well, if it isn’t Agent Oji,” sneered the Chief. “We’ve been trying to capture you for a long time.”
“Chief, I don’t know who you mean by ‘we’, but you must let me go! I don’t know what you’re planning, but I know you won’t get away with it, especially if the Council finds out,” Oji told him.
“Oh, Oji,” reassured the Chief, “I have more than enough supporters on the Council to overthrow the Order. I shall make you turn to our side, and if you do not obey our commands, we will destroy you. But if you join me, together we will rule the world!”
“You will never,” replied Oji. I “will stop you. You and I both know I can kill you, and will if I have to.” He struggled against the restraints. “Let me go, and I may not kill you as soon,” Oji threatened.
“Oh, Oji, you may think you can defeat me, but you cannot. You do not know who I truly am. Have you ever seen under my hood?” The Chief asked him. He drew back his hood. Oji gasped.
“It was you the whole time?” he demanded.
“Of course,” said Buce. “You were just helping me in my master plan. You even brought me my greatest enemy, Brandon Young. Thank you for that.”
“I would never mean to help you,” said Oji. “So what is your plan? Use the soldiers of the Order to bring down governments, and step up as the leader?”
“Exactly right,” said Buce. “So, I give you a choice. You can choose option A or option B. Help me, or die. I’ll leave you here to think about it.”
Oji struggled to break free of the bonds, but they were too tight. Then Oji felt something in his pocket. He managed to move his legs enough to get it out of his pocket, and grab it with his toes. He sliced through the bonds, and managed to break free. He instantly saw that he was in an armory as well as an interrogation room. He grabbed a dart gun, an AK-47, and a long knife.
When he opened the door, there was a single guard, drawing a small shotgun. Oji instinctively kicked it away from him, and put a feather dart in his shoulder. The guard barely had time to give a small gasp of surprise before he hit the ground. Oji crept through the corridors, knowing that the Chief, a.k.a. Buce Hugo, would be in his computer room, at the center of the base, just below the Council Hall. Oji silently took out the few guards he encountered, knocking them out before most of them knew anybody was there. By the time he got to the computer room, he had very little darts left and no time to replenish. If there was a time to be a good marksman, it was now.
Oji slipped inside the computer room, drawing his dart gun. Buce spun around as he saw him on the security monitor. He threw a knife at Oji without hesitation. “I see you have chosen option B,” said Buce. “Die.”
“Nope,” Oji told him. “I can choose option C.” He fired a swarm of tranquilizer darts that would have knocked out Buce for a week if he hadn’t dodged them with his lightning speed.
“And what would option C be?” demanded Buce, returning with a volley of darts.
“Stop you, of course,” Oji told him. He put his dart gun away, drawing his knife and charging.
“So you’re out of darts already?” said Buce. “This will be easier than I thought.”
Oji swung the knife with all of his speed and strength, aiming for Buce’s neck. Buce kicked out of Oji’s hands.
“So, what was that vial you had me bring from your laboratory?” demanded Oji.
“Oh, only a secret potion, that makes whoever it touches is forced to obey my every order. Speaking of which, here you are!” Buce replied cheerily. He threw it at Oji, who quickly snatched it out of the air. He threw it at Buce with all his strength, but Buce dodged, and it splashed against a wall. Oji drew his AK-47, but Buce bent the barrel with a well-placed jab, and Oji threw it at him. “Oh, Oji, I knew this would be too easy,” Buce boasted. “All of your weapons are gone already!”
Oji mumbled something.
“What was that?” asked Buce.
Oji whipped out his dart gun and replied: “I said: ‘Who said that I’m out of darts?’” He pulled the trigger rapidly. Buce tried to leap away, but in doing so, the dart hit him squarely between the eyes.


“Great job, Oji. In honor of your bravery, and saving the world, we officially name you Chief of the Order!” the Council told Oji.

“Thank you. I will treasure this position greatly,” said Oji. “I will do my best to protect and defend the world as Chief of the Order.”

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