The bottle of Unopened Secrets

August 10, 2011
By MitsieFriend BRONZE, Toronto, Other
MitsieFriend BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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..............“Amanda? Is that you?” asked Justin, cautiously coming down the slanting pyramid floors. Justin quietly muttered under his breath as he crouched apprehensively behind the sand walls. Peeking out from the rear, he looked for the din of an explosion near the entrance in which he had heard earlier. All of a sudden, he saw a contour of an unknown brute stature overhead of him. Before he could turn his back, someone had pierced a dagger through his neck and his world went void.....................

Somewhere under the heat of the melting desert sun, an exploration squad worked under the order of a 17 year old, affluent, and adolescent woman. “Okay, search crew! I covet you to classify that object hanging over there right this instant!” Abby stood, hollering under the pressure of finding The Bottle – The Bottle of Unopened Secrets. Without any signs of grumbling, the team went back to scrutinize over the neglected quarters. With a trivial sign of liberation, Abby Thereto sat back into the carroty coloured folding chair and turned on her Green Apple laptop. She wiped a bead of sweat off her chin and began to seek for The Bottle of Unopened Secrets in the Google SEARCHBOX. Abby read silently in her mind:

“According to the Egyptian tale, legend has it that during an era even before the universe was created, God decided to put all of his secrets into a bottle, sealed away from the world. As he fashioned each of the planets one by one, Earth was chosen to become the preserver of The Bottle. Having Adam and Eve take the bottle down to Earth, they were prearranged to hide the secrets away from the voracious hands of human civilization. Although God tried hiding it away, he selectively chose people that he trusted, to take on the challenge of finding The Bottle. Unfortunately, the ‘Chosen Ones’ failed without success, and centuries have passed without a single attempt in the search…”

“Not until now,” Abby acknowledged impudently to herself, “Because I’m going to be the 1st to unearth The Bottle.” Abby was a pompous New York citizen, and she wouldn’t let anyone come into her path. Brushing her strawberry blonde hair with her fingertips, she already perceived that someone was tracking her down. Obviously, being in one of the richest humans of the U.S. didn’t make her situation appear any better. ‘Anyways, it’s not like I care.’ Abby put into consideration. Taking off her tee, she revealed a metallic tank top underneath. In addition, she took off her sunglasses presenting her clear emerald green eyes.

“Hey you, Abby!” A few people from behind her called out. Abby turned around and looking composed, she greeted the never before seen co-workers. A supercilious 19 year old immature man with cold blue eyes and jet black hair stated, “I’m Justin Aberdeen.” A 15 year old medium build stocky girl with short chestnut hair and eyes to match introduced herself as, “Amanda Millais, nice to meet you!” Finally, a precarious looking, 21 year old, male with cropped sandy blonde hair and almost-gray eyes stared piercingly at Abby before he replied saying, “Drake Jones.”
There was something about Drake that she didn’t trust, and that came straight from her gut, Abby pretended to disregard him for now. Abby exclaimed, “Well, you guys are my new co-workers, and we’re working on the search of ‘The Bottle of Unopened Secrets.’ I’ll touch up more on the subject while going to…….the next destination.” The threesome followed Abby to an old canvas covered Jeep and hopped into the musty smelling truck. Justin took over at the wheel with Abby sitting at the front.

“Where to?” asked Justin. “Just go up to the Pirnetos’s Pyramid about a 2 hour drive from here,” replied Abby feeling the temperature in the Egypt desert rise 10 degrees. Once they had arrived 400 yards from the pyramid, Justin turned off the engine and put the keys into his pocket. Drake took the first move out of the Jeep, but doing so he must have sensed something because he was moving in a jumping fashion. Amanda followed his every step and hid behind the bushes. Abby was about to take her 1st step when Justin caught her in mid-air and pointed to land mines positioned right below Abby’s footing.

Without a sound, they moved closer to the entrance which was heavily guarded with Egyptian security. Amanda quickly scanned the entire surrounding, but something was wrong, there were already a group of people inside the pyramid looking up and down for the bottle. Abby immediately assumed these people were the ones tracking her, as soon as she took in the realization; Abby took matters in her own hands. “Amanda and Justin, you guys find a way in. Drake and I will vouch for ourselves. If you run into trouble, you’ll fight for each other. Got it?” Abby asked. They parted ways, and immediately using the X-ray lenses, Drake pointed silently to a small opening fit for the 2 of us.

Inside of the pyramid, Abby lighted a torch and with Drake leading the way straight ahead, Abby did a double check on the hieroglyphics on the walls. They were only retelling the story of ‘The Bottle’ and that we would be risking our lives to go such lengths for unopened secrets. Drake asked, “Which way do we turn now?” Abby looked ahead and saw some small hieroglyphic writing. As she moved forward, Drake stopped her by the collar of her tank top and pointed out,”The booby traps would have employed if you had taken one more step. Then we both would have ended up falling to a bottomless pit.” Abby gulped and she halfheartedly tipped her finger towards the other direction.

Drake offered a half smile that Abby hadn’t expected, but nothing really could be in the expectations of Drake anyways. The darkness crept in and with the torch fading out; Abby caught a hold of Drake’s arm before they moved on. Nonentity could be compared to the darkness in which they were facing this instant. Abby felt a cobweb on the left side of her cheek and involuntarily, she brushed it off. As soon as she did that motion, she noticed that her arm wasn’t around Drake’s anymore. Where was he? Realizing that she had a mini flashlight clipped onto her velvet belt, she flipped the switch on.

In fright, Abby took a few steps back, because the sight in front of her could not be compared to any amusement park. She noticed that the room was stacked with snakes, spiders, a few wild rabid mutts, and most of all, in the middle of the heap lied what looked to be the carcasses and skeletons (or what was left of them) of either the God chosen ones, or the intruders that God had forbade. As lightly as possible, she tried taking toddler steps backwards until she felt her foot sink ½ of an inch down.

Without a warning, spearheads started to shoot straight for Abby. “Ahhhhhhh!” Abby screamed as she lay as flat on the floor as feasible. Once she heard the animals and insects making predator-like sounds, Abby couldn’t stand the representation of her body rotting away, and so she ran as fast as she could, because her life depended on it. One of the spearheads jabbed into her right arm, making her gasp because of lack of blood. As soon as she rounded the corner, the walls began to close in on her. Abby did not want to die with animals feasting over her body and so, taking one of her boots off, she threw it as far as her power allowed with her working left hand. However, her throw did not reach the direct middle, but it went past. Abby only had 3 ft of space left and with her right arm bleeding heavily, how was she going to make the cut?

Suddenly, a hand pulled her through just in the nick of time. Abby raised her face and saw….Amanda? What was she doing here? Shouldn’t she be on the other side of the pyramid with Justin? “Thanks Amanda.” Abby sighed in relief. “Here’s your boot Abby,” Amanda eagerly added. “Have you guys uncovered everything? Where’s Justin? Have you Seen Drake? Why are we…?” Abby started, but Amanda just said, “Whoa, 1 question at a time Abby!” Amanda continued,”We’ve located the hiding spot and it should be somewhere. Justin actually betrayed us saying he was on our side, while he was one of those that were tracking us down. I haven’t seen Drake and we are on the 6th floor of the pyramids.” Amanda finishes. Then Abby noticed a gash on the top of Amanda’s left brow, and that she was holding a jagged dagger in her fingertips.

Getting up, both ladies were greeted by Drake as he stood panting in front of the 20th chamber. What was he holding? “Hey Drake, wait until you have heard our story…..Is that the bottle?” Abby asked. Taking ‘The Bottle’ in both of her hands, Abby looked down at the primordial looking piece of history that she’d ever seen. Examining the almost cracked edges, with the cork browning a bit, Abby finally put a true smile to her lips. The treasure that her mother had died trying to seek was finally in her palms.

Walking into the hallways, Abby lighted a torch and saw Justin dead in a pool of blood. He had a jagged cut through his neck, resembling Amanda’s dagger.
Amanda killed Justin. She killed him to get to us. I grab a hold of Drake because he understands all too well. We have to get out. Fast.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in seventh grade, inspired by a piature of footprints. Eventually the clue was leaked that the picture was of terra cotta soldiers. Just a little something I thought of, after reading so many adventure/romance novels :)

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