Every Day

July 26, 2011
I fell to my knees, battered and beaten. Every inch of me hurt, but I couldn't leave her. She was to little. So I crawled over to her, her green eyes closed, blonde, curly hair loose and cried. I picked her up and struggled to my feet. Then I heard it. A trumpet. Fear coursed through my veins and strength poured into my body. I ran into the forest and climbed a tree, jumping from tree to tree till I came to a lake. I saw a old kayak on the shore and clambered into it.
With tears running down my face I paddled on, fatigue finally came. I peered through the coming darkness and saw a sandbar. I brought the kayak to the shore.
Every day I live in fear, since my parents were arrested and the police on my tail. The King is ruthless and kill girls who have no use. Namely, my little sister and I. Our older brother was taken. He was strong. So they took him.
My name is Fira, or Fire... my sisters name is Lily. She's the little girl in my arms. She is only five years old.
This is too much for a thirteen year old to handle. But I must.

I will fight till forever, every day for our freedom. No one can take that away.

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